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Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2007 at 9:12pm CDT by 850034a7

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Sopchoppy, Florida

March 12, 2007

Direcway (Hughesnet) charges unreasonable prices for the service they deliver. They have a captive audience, since only those who do not have access to Cable, DSL or other forms of high speed communication are the prime users of Hughesnet satellite services for the home.

If you will notice the speed test on March 12 (labeled "Speed test"), you will see just how bad their services can be during the peak traffic times and how good it can be when traffic is minimal. If Hughesnet would purchase more bandwidth and/or lower their prices, then a reasonable argument could be made for the service they provide based on a value assessment.

You will notice on the list of speed tests that the only times that appear to be frustratingly slow are between 6 PM and 11 PM.

There are many, many complaints against Hughesnet (AKA Direcway) and their response is basically "Tough". Since I live in a rather remote area I don't have a lot of choices but as soon as some opportunities arise, maybe Hughes Satellite will get the message as their customer base will diminish.

I have been a user for over 7 years and have both Direcway TV and computer satellite receivers. I knew I wasn't dealing with a first class outfit when the installer wanted to borrow my chainsaw to dig a ditch for cable burial!

I think nothing will occur until the FCC, or whatever agency regulates satellite companies, get in the loop and start making demands. The outsourcing of technical assistance to India just adds to Hughesnet's poor corporate face to both the home and business communities. I have had to request on several occasions, someone who could speak English after waiting for their first layer of troubleshooting techs to answer the telephone and wading through the list of options.

I also plan to send this to my elected officials and to Hughesnet Corporate headquarters, although, I don't expect much action from either location.

Sopchoppy, Florida

March 12, 2007



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86cfd16f, 2008-06-30, 12:19PM CDT

i too am totally disappointed in hughesnet

i had it installed one week ago and it is not working and it is impossible to get someone to come out and get it to working

my name is leslie akridge i live in center texas if you can get any results please contact me at 936-488-1166


73b0fb86, 2008-08-05, 03:37PM CDT

I signed up for this service in November, 2007 and it is the worst! On the rare occasions when I can get a signal the service is too slow to use. DO NOT EVER FALL FOR THEIR SCAM! I am locked in for 12 months even though they admit not one byte has passed through my account in six months. Calls to customer service are handled by a clerk in a third world country who can barely speak English. I have finally paid the $300 early termination fee to get this nightmare over with.

8e56fb77, 2008-08-30, 04:16PM CDT

I too was not happy with the speed, so I canceled service. The monthly billing was done by credit card. Now even though I canceled they continue to bill me on Master card. Terrible company.

52ed312a, 2008-09-07, 05:27PM CDT

Borrow a chainsaw? This stuff is great.

This should be on Comedy.com


Mel Berry

ca15a5b8, 2009-07-02, 10:34PM CDT

Great points. I had absolutely no issue with my satellite internet when it was DirecWay, only since hughesnet took it over. Being an online instructor I upgraded to the Professional package believing that might help - right, for about a week and now months later it is even worse than being on dialup! Do you have the address for hughesnet corporate headquarters? They refused to give it to me. I think we need a critical mass of people who are dissatisfied (mild word) with this service and willing to work together to get something done. I've had speed tests of 0 for upload and that's anywhere from 6am in the morning to 11pm at night. It seems if you are willing to stay up and make use of their "free time" (2am until ....) you can get your uploads and downloads done, however I a never up during those hours.

Something definitely needs to happen on this!

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