1st financial bank usa

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2007 at 6:25pm CDT by fbc63908

Company: 1st financial bank usa

Category: Other

I have had an account with 1st financial bank usa since my 18th birthday. Last year in February I closed the account and payed most of the balance off. Now my account is up to more than $200.00 and today March 12 2007 I tryed to pay by phone and they wanted to charge me an extra $9.00 just to duplicate a check. I find that hard to believe. So I went to the website and tryed to log in and it asked for my social security number and credit card account number and i entered all my information and submitted it and then i came to find out that it said that their records indicate that the information i entered does not match with what they have on file. I tryed to call the company and they say that there office is close i can never get in touch with them and now i am gonna be sending my pament late because of them.


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