Duncan Hines Whipped Frosting

Posted on Saturday, March 10th, 2007 at 7:49pm CST by 42d1f025

Company: Duncan Hines Whipped Frosting

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I purchased the Duncan Hines whipped frosting (white), luckily I tasted it before I frosted the cake, it was the most discusting taste I had ever tasted. I took it back to the store and exchanged it for the chocolate one and when I got that home, it was the same thing. The taste was horrible. My husband also agreed that it was horrible tasting. I don't know who does their taste testing, but they should be fired.


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9ba24856, 2007-11-18, 09:05AM CST

I baked a cake for my son's birthday, made choclate pudding filling and iced it with Duncan Hines Whipped Fluffy White frosting. The first guest at the party showed a horrible look on his face, then the rest of the guests tried to hide it by pushing the cake away. When I finally tasted it to see what was wrong, I was shocked, the icing was horrible. It made you feel like vomiting. I immediately threw out the entire cake and my son had no birthday cake and I (who up to this point has been heralded as a great baker) was totally devastated.

What happened? Where is your quality control? What can you do to try to make it up to my son for ruining his party?

d8c38afb, 2008-02-07, 12:13PM CST

Duncan Hines Whipped Fluffy White Frosting made me VERY sick.

It caused about 5 hours of extreme vomitting and cramps.

I had only eatten two bites, then threw my cake into the garbage.

I'm shocked to find no recall was issued about this terrible frosting.

I found many others were affected the same as I was.

My over 70 year old mother ate a very small piece of the cake

frosted with this frosting too. She did not become as sick, but

did suffer strong cramps which lasted all night.

Why would Duncan Hines sell this? Why has no recall been issued ???

Duncan Hines Whipped Fluffy White Frosting makes people sick.


c99f59cb, 2008-06-10, 03:28PM CDT

i just had a similar problem with the large sized can of whipped chocolate frosting.it tasted like pure sugar all lumpy gross. was more like a crushed glass or sand frosting effect. first time i have had a problem but still have the can.

eb4cded6, 2008-07-16, 09:21PM CDT

My family totally agrees. The Duncan Hines chocolate whipped frosting sucks. Food is supposed to taste good. What is wrong with this company that they don't know this?

eb4cded6, 2008-07-16, 09:38PM CDT

My family totally agrees. I think the taste of Duncan Hines chocolate whipped frosting sucks. My husband said it tastes like asphalt. Food is supposed to taste good. What is wrong with this company that they don't know that?

c6a6ccfd, 2008-11-15, 12:10PM CST

I purchased two can Duncan Hine Whipped Chocolate Frosting to make cupcakes for Halloween for my grandsons. I opened the frosting to spread it and both cans were moldy on top. They had not bee opened. I have one receipt to return one and the other one I can not find. Both were purchased two weeks of one another in October. The cans both had expiration dates, one May 2009, and the other June 2009. Is this a common problem with your whipped frosting? I have used Duncan Hine for years and never had this happen. I will never buy any more whipped frostin from Duncan Hines.

05d7cfe2, 2009-01-04, 12:56AM CST

I just opened a can of Duncan Hines Whipped Chocolate Frosting and found it to be moldy!!The "Best used by Date Reads: May o5 2009 and the Lot # is: 66 E 10:59.I am very disappointed and would like Duncan hines to refund my purchase price, plus tax!

3bb54206, 2015-09-26, 02:38PM CDT

I bought a can of Duncan Hines milk chocolate frosting on September 24th 2015. I was totally shocked to find a weird substance coating the whole top,IT WAS MOLD. Lot# is 10:15. I returned the frosting to the store I purchased it from and told them it was moldy. They just put it in the bin with no comment or marking it at all. I am extremely disappointed with this product.

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