Class action Lawsuit against Direct TV

Posted on Saturday, March 10th, 2007 at 9:28pm CST by 31904190

Company: Class action Lawsuit against Direct TV

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We have had their service for many years

we then converted to their new service which was Ultimate TV again we had no

problem, but then they called a few months ago and told us how the system

was out dated and that we should convert over to their own DVR system, it

was less money and a far better system.

this is where the problems began.

We did just that we arranged to have two systems delivered and installed!

the party got started....

The first system just didn't work at all, they sent a new one saying that

the system for some reason would not take the software upgrade.

the second one arrived and worked to a fashion for a few weeks, mean while

we were paying for the service. Not cheep i might add.

The technical support system by now was on speed dial on the phone, and it

became a bit of a joke just waiting to see how long it was until they told

us to press that button and reset the system, loosing all the programming

that we had paid to save!

Anyway this went on for about a month, so enough was enough!

I called and said that it was not working out for me. they sent not one! but

two units that never didn't get opened as a their one had already arrived at

the door the day before.

Funny thing was that they still could not get them to work, and billed me

for the additional units, that are still on our credit card.

I called and spoke to a supervisor, who was more than likly the janitor, he

talked me into purchasing their newest greates uotodate, no one had one they

were so in demand, we counldent gold plate them due to gorentment

restrictions latest and gratest HD DVR!

this unit has never had a problem, and it wont its just that good, but, and

here was the stinger its $400,00

I was so pissed at this stage I went ahead and said yes, they said great! it

will be with you when its off back order sometime in the summer.....

oh I was extatic.

I did foind one in merrillville, and bouaght it with a big old smile on my


Got it home and have had the same problem with it.

now i want my money back, who do i talk to

is anyone else having the same problem?

Tony Morris


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62b4a0de, 2007-09-20, 04:09PM CDT

Yes Yes and Yes!!!!

We have had a problem since day one of the install still fighting with them. Cancelled service just so we could get a picture back on our tv!

b8e84777, 2008-03-16, 01:09PM CDT


34324ae0, 2008-04-08, 09:25AM CDT

Letme know if you need someone to join with you on a class action lawsuit, planning on starting one in Daytona Beach, FL area. Direct TV withdrew almost 500 dollars without my authorization/knowledge. They got and kept my financial information even though they have argued with me and 2 state attorney generals stating that they don't. I have circled and underlined a statement that appears on the bills (front or back) showing that they do keep financial information.

88c058df, 2008-04-13, 12:24PM CDT

I did not have that type of problem but am now having a huge problem with Direct TV. My mother had Dish tv for 5 years and decided to switch to save herself money. When Direct came to install they never alerted her about needing a 5th line ran for her tv in the kitchen. So when the man left he told her that she would be able to use her kitchen TV but it would run off the other receiver. When I came to check it , it did not work. So when I called and explained the situation they told me that she would have to have a 5th line ran and pay 80.00 for that & 70.00 for another receiver + 20.00 shipping & another 50.00 for what I am still unsure of. All of this because of their installers neglect. So she decided to just cancel it (Direct & Verizon bundle) and called Direct & Verizon to see if this was possible given that it already 24 hours past the cancellation termination fee. They told her that since it was their neglect that they would cancel it for no fee and that she would receive a 14.02 credit check in the mail in 2-3 weeks. This phone call took place on March 31st & I called back to be sure on Aplril first at 8:45 am.Now Saturday April 12th we received a 416.83 cancellation fee. I called Direct TV and spoke to 3 supervisors and had given them the employeee # of the gentleman who told me that she would not have a cancellation fee. And do you know what they told me? Well maam there is no employee here with a # even resembling that and our serice reps would never tell you that! WTF???!!!! I was flabbergasted! I checked and double checked 2 times on April 1st before I cancelled to make sure I had everyones #s correct and had received the correct info.They told me that I would now have to file a dispute of bill to Direct TV. DIRECT TV is EVIL and I pray that for every person they mislead they get punished is return 3 fold!!!

Its things such as this that Direct TV needs to be punished on top of them misleading my mother! LOL

b43e086a, 2008-04-25, 02:21PM CDT

I have never had sattelite tv before and signed up with Direct TV when I moved to Florida. When the idiots told me they were going to charge me to install another TV because I didn't tell them about it when I signed up (but I did!), I told them I was going to cancel their service. At this point, they informed me that I had a two year contract. Bullcrap! You don't sign people up on a two year contract without telling them! That's illegal and wrong. So I cancelled them. They think I owe them a cancellation fee. Ha! They won't get any more of my money. I want to sue them. They suck!!!

d4b4f357, 2008-04-30, 06:43PM CDT

I am having problems with them too. I moved last Aug. 2007 from TN and requested a move/ transfer of my services. The service was never moved or transferred to my new address. However, I was still getting billed for services in TN. I have called, sent documentation emailed and etc. I am being told I have to pay over a $100.00 before they will connect my service to my new home (transferred to NM) with my bundle package from Quest Communications. Today I spoke again with a customer service rep. who did more than just tell me I had to pay the bill. She went the extra mile help me. She connected me with the disconnect department. I spoke with another very helpful customer service rep. who found the mistake that Direct TV made but he could not help me. His supervisor told me I had to call the collections agency it was sent to in order to get it cleared up. I did and they told me they received my documents and sent my account back to Direct TV because I had obviously not been treated right. Direct TV will not credit my account nor accept responsibility for their mistake. I have to "TAKE IT UP WITH THE DISPUT DPARTMENT AT THE CORPRET OFFICE". Now, what good is it going to do for me to write a letter to a company who is not honest?! I'd like to join this Law Suite that is going on!!!! I have my documents to prove the hassle I have been going through. This is very back customer service. No way to treat customers at all.

Roxanne E. Chandler

206b6c54, 2008-05-12, 10:02PM CDT

Wow! I thought I was the only one getting the royal shaft from Direct TV.

I think we should all go one step further. Send this link to everyone in your e-mail address book and tell them to avoid Direct TV like the plague. Then ask them to forward to all their friends, and so on, and so on.....

See also

5fc9086d, 2008-05-17, 12:33PM CDT

I got screwed by DirecTV in 2005. They promised me HDTV signal in Seattle so I bought the equipement and signed up. After installation I was told that my area Seattle does not yet have HD signal and they don't know when it will. So I broke the "contract" and cancelled. I wrote a formal complaint and submitted it twice. DirectTV only responded by charging me a fine for breaking the contract. I refused to pay (even to this day) and now it is in collection and on my credit report. I have all the documentation for this exchange. I will gladly provide it to anyone considering a class action law suit.

c2250bf9, 2008-05-20, 11:14AM CDT

YES!!! We have had the same problem, and we even sent the boxes back to them they sent us a bill for over $900 for the 2 boxes and keep calling saying we owe them for canceling. What a crock. WE all need to form a class action against them for this, after all it's fraud! They got us to go back with them under a false advertisement letter they sent to us and after we got the first bill with no discounts for the so called promotions we called them and canceled and they told us we couldn't because of a 2 year contract that we didn't sign. What a bunch of crapt this people are. Lies & fraud that is direct TV. WE are never going to pay that fee. They got their equipment back and we didn't get anything we signed up for so anyone else having the same problem we seriously need to do this class action against them and stop them from doing this to anyone else. Who wants to join in with us? Let us know.

591ced0b, 2008-05-29, 06:18PM CDT

Same and more. Got signed up for 2 more years automatically when they replaced defective equipment. Spent hours on the phone and got nowhere. Would love to be part of a class action suit and TELL EVERYONE THAT THIS IS A BAD, HORRIBLE COMPANY TO DEAL WITH!

bcbeda25, 2008-05-31, 11:14AM CDT

We are in Michigan and are expierencing the same issues. We changed when we bought a new t.v. from Best Buy because they told us it would be better than what we had. So the fun began... We got the new service there were all kinds of promotionals attached, (for 6 months free, then it is up to you to call and cancel) the problem is you don't even know what is on there to cancel, they just add them when they want. Finally get them off, 6 months later the receiver went bad, the service tech came out changed the receiver told us that there would be no service charge, there equipment was bad. He also signed the work order saying this would not renew our contract but would continue from the orginal date. WRONG.... my husband gets the bill and there is a service charge, the new date for the contract and some more promotional charges! He calls them explains everything, they say they will take the service charge off, remove the promotional channels, but they are sorry they can not do anything about the renewal of the contract. THIS IS BULL CRAP! There receivers doesn't last 2 years, so they have to come out and replace and this "renews" your contract. How in the heck are you ever suppose to be able to cancel their service without having to pay $300.00 to leave them because you are a dissatisfied customer? How can they just renew your contract when you blatenly tell them you DO NOT want to renew but they renew you anyhow. I am sure on the "recorded" conversations with the so called customer service department they have MANY NO's to the renewals. We'd be happy to join a class action lawsuit! How do we get one started? The sooner the better so we don't have to donate anymore of our funds to them!

43e0042e, 2008-06-02, 12:04PM CDT

I recently cancelled my service to Directv as well, for reason of that we just couldn't afford to have their service anymore. They went into my account only 1 day later and withdrew $326 for my final bill, WITHOUT authorization. I fought it with my bank, and won, but not even 2 days after that fraud dispute was complete, they charged me AGAIN!!! So, I of course fought it again. I was looking at my bank account last night to balance my checkbook, and low and behold, ANOTHER charge for $470!!!! How on gods green earth do I go from $326 to $470!?!?!?!

I haven't received a statement, my fraud charge for the second "issue" isn't even complete, and they are charging me again. Nice. They have no problem while you are a customer to call and offer a "payment plan", but boy, the minute that you don't or can't have their services anymore, they become the biggest JERKS in the world. I have no problem paying the final bill, however, who has placed them in the position to one, keep any of my account information (keep in mind, after the second charge, I cancelled my debit card and got a new one), and two, to just go into my account without my authorization to take money? How about calling the consumer and asking whether the funds are available and give someone the option?

Now, remember, I said that I had cancelled my debit card? Guess how they charged the account this time...ready for this....they used an old authorization code from before, and forced it through!!! How appropriate is this? Talk about great customer service. And when I contact them to speak with them, they say that it is according to their contract, that I never signed, that they can take a card off record and charge where does it say that they can rerun auth codes. I say that a class action is appropriate for the whole company on their billing policies. And it should affect everyone in the US that is having problems, not just specific areas, ie NE, SE, NW etc. Please let me know if anyone starts this, cause I would so LOVE to be involved!!!

df4b8993, 2008-06-18, 03:20PM CDT

I have had nothing but problems trying to get my account with DTV corrected. They sent me a com e back offer and not honored for the 10 months I have been back. Every month I have called and tried to get it fixed and every one is always saying it is. But it's not and my sat gets turned off for non payment of the excess over what I am paying,I pay the amt I am suppose to, but they don't post the credits. Anyway If you want to discontinue service they want you to pay $500 bucks. They raise their rates 4 mos into this and that's ok according to them. They can do what they want and consumer's can't. And trying to talk to the right person, you might as well talk to the toilet

Anonymous, 2008-06-20, 10:51PM CDT

We need to report them to the better business agency. This is sad. I have the DVR and it has been down for 3 months. They have been charging me and won't send me out another box. I have been on the phone with them for 8 hours over a two week period trying to fight this. No wonder people switch back to cable. Direct tv has gotten to big for their own good. I will have to go back a look at my bills I was wondering why it cost me 238 for one month they tried telling me it was service and fee charges, monthly bill plus box fees. INTERESTING!!!! I think I am going to start a clas action suit against them.

24cb95f6, 2008-07-02, 02:44PM CDT

My problem with them is a s follows.. Recently Direct Tv Called to inform us one off our 3 HDTV boxes was out datted. We ordered a new on FREE, we had payed for the other units at $800 each. When the tech arrived to install he did not know which one was out datted. They just picked one and changed it out. We still got billed for four program serbices now. They did not discontinue the replaced unit. We received a credtit after 3 months of phone calls. Next all three units stopped receiving signal, I called for service and was informed I would have to pay for the service call $79.95 or purchase equipment insurance of $5.95 per-month. They only cover equipment for 90 days. Even if it is there's, they require us to insure it or pay for repairs. I'm in for a class action if it is filled.

980b2019, 2008-07-08, 05:13PM CDT

We had the satellite removed from the roof temporarily to replace the roof. When I had them come out to reattach it, they couldn't get a clear line of sight. Since it couldn't be reinstalled, I cancelled the service right then. I even had the installation tech tell them the problem. the tech told them the neighbor's trees had grown too tall in two and a half years, and I couldn't trim their trees. They told me growing trees are a problem they could not have foreseen. I told them that it was the nature of trees to grow. They told me that was my opinion. They are holding me to the next 18 months of the contract even though they cannot deliver the service. Help!


60c66f45, 2008-07-28, 11:03PM CDT


In a Nut shell It happen to me to. Customer of 4 years had a broken receiver was issued a new receiver all I had to pay for was shipping and handling, I was told. Sent me out another broken receiver. 4 days into this and I had it. I canceled my services, took a look at my account and they took $338.32 out. Oh My GOD.. I called them spoke to three different people. Nothing... Any Lawyers out there who want to take this on please help us. I have contacted 5 on your side in my town, BBB, And THE FTC. Get this the woman at the FTC( Federal Trade Commission)say she has been hearing this alot about direct tv. very important that you file a claim with them. phone number is 877-382-4357. Also your local BBB. also Consumer Protection, in your area, the FTC can give you the number. Direct TV will be giving me my money back, how about you. Call your Attorney General. If you are interested contact me remember there is strength in numbers.

There are hundreds of us in the same boat. I am looking for an Attorney. I am in NC, where are you? My story in a nut shell and what I have done to far. I am looking for about 3-5 people with like stories to take to an attorney for a class action law suit. let's keep in touch with info, if your interested. Please file all the claims it will take about 30-45 mins of your time keep good records and names of everyone you speak to with dates and times. [email protected]

1f04a56f, 2008-09-12, 08:10AM CDT

I want to sue Direct TV..... They overcharge me every month!!!! Then trying to get them to credit me?? Good luck! This is EXTORTION!!!

Noreen Snawder

e1f5a5a8, 2008-09-27, 06:09PM CDT

My husband and I were out of work and fell behind in our bills. We did not cancel Direct Tv but they turned off our service. Two months after turning our service off they sent us empty boxes with no letter attached. We looked at our bank account and the had withdrawn $787. That was the money we had saved for rent after being unemployed. We did not have any money left to even spend for gas. They would not assist us and our bank would not get involved since it was a debit card charge. We did not authorized it. Direct TV refused to assist us saying that it is on their website and we participate in their service. We immediately shipped the receivers and request they return the money for the receivers but refused until they could actually see it.

bf774eeb, 2008-10-03, 09:25PM CDT

Oh my God! Direct TV scewed me out of $905. They took it out of my account too without any communication what so ever. I had to take out a loan so I could pay my mortage. I have called several times, written to the dispute department (you can only communicate with them in writing). I cancelled my service in 12/07 because I was moving out of state. I thought I was good but then in 8/08 I looked at my checking account and $905 was deducted. They are saying that I didn't return my equipment, I did have that done so they have their equip. back so I was supposed to get $433 back for that and I asked it to be deposited in my account within 8 days.I wrote a dispute letter and had to call them after the 21 day period and they basically said that I had just suspended my account and therefore it was reactivated in 5/08 so I owe for that. Just today I called because it has been 9 days and no $433 in my account. Well, now they are saying I will only get $366 because they downloaded PPV movies off the receiver??? I never cry but I have been crying all day because I feel like I have nowhere to go for help. I am so frustrated and broke! I am having anxiety from this and it is really destressing. Does anyone have any info that could help me fight this??

Thanks so much for reading (listening)

fa25bf9e, 2008-11-07, 10:01PM CST

all I can say is sign me up I'm with you on this. It's time for Direct TV to stop fraud...It happened to me as well.

Lydia Littrell

b74662a5, 2008-11-17, 01:49PM CST

It is imperative that everyone contact their local BBB, Attorney General for your state,

The Federal Trade Commission,

and the better business bureau

You can also file a small claims suit which is very easy to do and you CAN get your money back!

Let's take a stand against this monster!

Simply google "Small Claims Suit" and add your state name i.e. Small Claims Suit California and you wll get a listing and instructions. It is an easy process and if enough of these cases end up in small claims maybe the government will step in.

There is also a class action in California - here is the info -

I don't know who can qualify, but worth looking into. LET"S STOP DIRECT TV!!!!!!!!!!

7c9d4aab, 2008-12-05, 08:44PM CST

i called to get a deal and they offered me a 39.99 plan for 12 months,and gave me movie channels for 3 months four months later i finally get a bill and they are charging me 54.00 and 39.99 for the movie channels they said the price for service was a rebate that had tobe filledout online and it says it in the fine print on the flyer,well guess what i called about offers never had no flyer and the sales rep didnt tell me the conditions and to top it all off i dont have internet access and they wont do anything for me except force me to pay the bill or charge me 475 for canceling

688ae535, 2008-12-17, 06:36AM CST

I checked my bank account to find that Direct Tv removed 307.17 unauthourized. This happenend only after I used my card to pay my on dad's account. I called and could not speak with a supervisor. I was told the computer automatically deducts the money. I asked why they waited 2 months. I told them I knew it was human intervention because I had just received a new card and account number. Although they have in bold lettering on the bill that they will take the amount due out of your bank account is unfair and unjust. The only one I know to do that is IRS. That money was for my medications and now I have to do without because of a TV bill. Also, I am power of attorney over my dad and they won't let me change programming. I am the one who set up the account and even asked if they wanted me to fax the legal documents. They refused saying they needed to speak with him to add me to the account. I asked why did they allow me to set up the account without speaking to him and of course they had no answer. I need help with suing Directtv. They are money scoundrels and should not be allowed to tap into people's bank accounts unauthourized. That is just too much power for one company to have over people's lives.

8b2e99f0, 2008-12-19, 11:42AM CST

My problem with Direct TV is fraudlent advertising. I was going to cancel the service and switch for a better deal with Dishnet. When I call Direct to cancel, they offered me a better deal. I agreed, but the "new" terms never took effect and Direct TV just plain denied them even when I could give them a name and exact date the conversation occured. I have since spoken/emailed at least 8 different persons, but they NEVER give me the guy that made the initial offer! I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN A CLASS ACTION SUIT....HEY, HUNGRY ATTORNEYS, WHERE ARE YOU??

William Ford

a192b6b2, 2009-01-06, 09:13AM CST

we had almost the same problem,,we ordered new service back last yr it took them four tries to finally get out to our house to install after standing us up 4X s then they gave us broker equipment,,that took 2 more standups and a world of phone calls to get someone out just to tell us it was not working,,,they said they were ordering us new boxes and to call them back when it came in, so they could instal it, never would answer calls and no more shows,,,this went on for months,,,then i got mad and told them to just take it back sence i wasn't getting service anyyway,,,they charged my account 779.00 without approval!! and said they never recieved the equipment back that was sent to them!!!

410879c4, 2009-01-24, 09:42AM CST

Here's a good website to start.

b561a72f, 2009-01-25, 01:52PM CST

I have been going round and round with direct tv for over 8 months now. In August they overcharged me by over $300.00. Every month, my bill is at least 30 to 50 dollars more than it should be and they NEVER explain why. Calling them and talking to their customer service reps is the phone equivalent of having your teeth pulled. They are absolutely ignorant! I called to complain that they had been charging me for the NFL Sunday Ticket, something I neither wanted nor ordered. After fifteen minutes of arguing with the guy, he finally admits they made a mistake and promised they would credit me my money (right!)...then he asks me if I would be intersted in purchasing their special TV offer of the NFL Sunday Ticket!!!!!!I thought he was messing with me, but he wasn't. That's how stupid they are. I'm suing them in small claims court if I don't get a satisfactory answer from them within two weeks on why I was charged so much.

a16a24ad, 2009-01-28, 01:11AM CST

1/27/2009 Boston MA

I am writing to protest most strongly and urgently about Direct TV. Unfortunately their system does not function as claimed, had problems from the first day of installation. Cancelled the service after few days. We were misinformed about any cancellation fees ($415.01).

I have spoken to customer service on several occasions... NO HELP AT ALL!!! I am urging the Attorney General to have this situation investigated.

Mr&Mrs, Taibi.

9ddd884b, 2009-02-04, 10:56AM CST

I too have been burned by Direct TV. I even went to the BBB and they havnt helped. I am extremely interested in getting a class action suit together. Anyone interested in joining and helping out, send me an email: [email protected]

490f0172, 2009-02-19, 06:02PM CST


That is my BBB case number. I was set up on autopay; they charged me a few months while my account was voluntarily suspended (I suspended it while building my house). So since 10/07 I've been fighting them for a refund- on the phone, on the internet, through the mail. Let's sue!

b893124a, 2009-06-24, 08:01AM CDT

man, you dont have to tell me about direct tv,we cancelled them after many ,many, problems, then they said that they would send us a bill for remaining bal.this morning my wife went to check the balance in our checking acct only to find out that dir. tv or better known as the assholes.illeagally used her debit card without authersation and took more money than was on the balance out of the account causing us to bounce checks out the ass, when she called they would not reason with her the just said that its there policy and refused to let her talk to a manager,,, WE ARE GOING TO PERSUE THIS TO THE END!!! THEY ARE DOING THIS TO ALOT OF PEOPLE AND ITS TIME IT STOPS.. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!!!!! SO BEWARE

71bbde3c, 2009-07-06, 11:36PM CDT

I am on board.Direct tv scammed me out 591$ twice.I didn't give them permission to take money out of my account and they did it even after my bank stop them the first time.I didn't even have their service for a week (due to a in the line of site problem)in which I was told negated my early termination fee of 531$.I want to take them down and hit them hard so that no one else will have to go through the hell I am going through right now.My account is overdrawn,I work as a teachers assistant and due to school being out until late August I do not have money to eat or put gas in my car.Lets get this started right away!If you need in records I have those for you.Obviously I can't afford a lawyer, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to slay this beast of a service.I hope to hear from you soon.

Billy Haywood.

f7d593fe, 2009-07-10, 11:58AM CDT

Direct TV sent me a box to send my receivers back on the 24th, on the 26th they took 300 some dollars out of my back account without my permision. On the 29th I checked my bank account noticing that is was -270 some dollars I checked to find 2 seperate charges from Direct TV that I didn't athorize. This overdrafted my account. Their reason was that the receivers wern't recieved... The message on the box stated that I needed to send them within 7 days of receiving the package. So I called the customer service line on the 29th and got to speak to a supervisor that told me that when they got the receivers in the mail they would refund my 270 some dollars to my debit card. I was rest assured by him that the refund would accour the same day they go them, that it "used to take 7 days but now its same day refund". On the 6th, 4 days after they should had received the receivers, I called again to talk to a person that informed me they would refund my money on the 9th... I called today the 10th to be put on hold for over 30 minutes while someone looked for a supervisor... I got so tired of waisting my cell minuites that I simply called back. This time I was told that its their policy to refund my money by mail 6-8 weeks after they got the boxes. I was infuriated to say the least and for some odd reason no supervisors were available to taspeak with. The customer service line says that all calls are recored for quaility assurence. Where are all the Lawsuits!?!?! Please let me know by Email if anyone is interesed.

cded462a, 2009-07-10, 01:48PM CDT

We also had Direct tv for years and them some of the trees grew and blocked the line of site and the system started acting up. one of their own installers came out and said that our line of site was being interupted by the trees.(I LIVE IN A FORESTED AREA)

and the only time it would work was if the trees blew back out of the way we would get a signal for maybe a minuit.

we have done everything and contacted everyone that I know to. but direct tv will not budge. THEY WANT US TO PAY $445.00 FOR A SERVICE THAT THEY CANNOT PROVIDE! NOW WE ARE GETTING ALL KINDS OF CALLS FROM COLLECTIONS AND THREATS TO RUIN OUR CREDIT.





6ca53bff, 2009-07-16, 10:47AM CDT

I have had similar problems with this company. A Direct TV class action lawsuit was file in Ohio and in California on behaf of all DIrect TV customers on February 24, 2008. The suit was brought by Chicago-based Wexler Toriseva Wallace LLP, also includes CE retailer Best Buy. The case, filed in Los Angeles, is Case No. CV08-00906 ABC (PJWx).

15c2078c, 2009-07-19, 04:16PM CDT

I am a 100% disabled Vet and live in the sticks, therefore I need my local area TV stations. DirecTV assured me that I would receive these. When DirecTV was installed I didn't see my local channels. The installer told me to call DirecTV. I did, they assured me not to worry that I would have the local channels within 45 days. All of this happened on Nov 27, 2007. DirecTV told me that would take of this problem. Well I called DircTV on or about 4 Jan 2008 to confirm of receiving the local channels, someone just laughed and said:"These channels are not available in your area". I cancelled DirecTV immediately. DirecTV took $415.00 without my permission from my credit card their comment early cancellation fee. I had enough proof for the Credit Card Co. showing them how dishonest DirecTV is and received the $415.00 back. I started a file on DirecTV I also notified government officials about DirecTV. DirecTV has given my case to one credit collector to another. I think they owe me $415.00 for harrasment, pain and suffering. DirecTV told me that they would arrange for a waiver in order for me to get the local channels. My only mistake was that I did not write the name of the person down, who promised that, who by the say was located either in India or in the Phillipines. That's how DirecTV saves money also hire outside of the USA. When I called my local channels in re DirecTV they just laughed, they told me in a certain language that they want nothing to do with DirecTV. Can I participate in a class action suit please notify me. Thank you.

03cb366b, 2009-07-28, 10:47AM CDT

I had DirecTV for 15 yrs& when I called to cancel they said I was still under a 2 yr contract that I was unaware of. I had upgraded my channels and no one bothered to tell me at that time that I was automatically put under a contract! DirecTV is now threatening to sue me for 191.00 plus 100.00 attorneys fees! Help? What do I do? I am one that pays my bills-but not when I feel like I am being taken advantage of.

c5eb8802, 2009-08-02, 08:46AM CDT

I'm having with Direct TV service Billing.....they bill 21 days increments why?...this is so that they can charge you fees and make it so confusing that it is impossible to catch up..and they price keeps going up every billing cycle..

Is any one else having this problem?

1c31224d, 2009-08-21, 04:42PM CDT

I have had similar problems, but my main problem is that they put me under a 2 year contract without my knowledge, and now I've come to understand that if I move prior to the 2 years, the contract not only moves with me, but it starts all over again. Or, I can buy myself out of the contract out right or I can pay $20 every month for 2 years. Or else they will mess my credit up.

I want out of this stupid contract, but can't get out without paying a ton of money, which I don't have, or losing my credit score.

25fdde03, 2009-09-04, 06:12PM CDT

Its amazing how many people DTV has screwed The exact same thing has happened to me But they went in my account and took 811.00.

45307576, 2009-09-16, 11:14PM CDT

Yeah, were having a problem with these a@@holes. We just signed up with them last month with our AT&T DirectTV bundle for 29.99 a month (This is in California), and just this week when I contacted them to get a TV Guide a recorded message said that our account balance was 119.00 and 55.00 was past due??? Past due we just got this service in August and haven't even received a bill yet. They also said when we signed up we would get a 50 dollar rebate, which when we went online to sign up it said we were ineligble. Also they said we were going to get 16.00 off a month for 12 mos. Well so much for that. When I called them they said we signed up for their Choice Package. ??? When I asked for the salesman who sold us this BS and they said they don't know anyone with that employee ID number. Also they were extremely rude, would not let us speak with a manager. Reduced our service so were not even getting the channels on the $29.99 service. We just filed a complaint with the FCC and the California State Attorney General's Office. They are currently going through a Class Action Lawsuit. Big Surprise. PacBell pulled this shit 12 months before they went out of business. Don't get Direct TV they are asses.

996e1639, 2009-09-18, 10:58AM CDT

I went back to Directv after 3 yrs leaving them for Comcast. Had problems with comcast and then went back to Directv. I told the sales rep that I wanted On Demand with Kabillion for my daughter. Never receieved the box for it. Fought with them for a week trying to cancel. They said if I canceled they would charge me $460.00 for one week of service. How can they get away with this when I didn't get what I was promised. They hold you hostage. At least Comcast has a 30 day cancelletion policy. Directv doesn't and now I'm stuck with them for the next 2 yrs. I want to sue them to get out of the contract... Can I? Anyone know if I can?

8afbc2d8, 2009-09-18, 04:06PM CDT

We are having problems with Direct TV (DTV) also. Our solution was to call up the credit card and inform them it had been misplaced. They issued a new card and DTV could not charge any more on it. They are still threatning to turn us in to the credit and companies and have done so in the past. We kept the letters of complaint and sent them by certified mail to their previous collection agency and did not hear anything until just recently from a different collection agency. So here we go again. Have you heard anything about a class action lawsuit against DTV in Texas? It seems something can be done about their unprofessional, demoralizing conduct. Sincerely, Doug

eab64fd6, 2009-09-20, 09:34AM CDT

I had signed with Direct tv Aug 2008.

My bill after 5 months was to be $95.00 for the remainder of the term.

However, every bill that they sent me from Aug 2008 has had different amounts. no bill sent me was the same. I never added or removed any programming nor did I change any equipment. There would be no reason for the bill to change.

I have never had a problem with anyone else in my entire life, they just put me on a merry go round. I am tired of attempting to correct this month after month and would like to sue them to terminate their service.

I have all my documentation even letters written to them that I was forced to send along with my bill as I have no address for them but the PO box that the payments are sent to.

I can not find a place to even have them served with small claims court papers.

Talking with them only compounds the problem.

Can someone help?


53b18a16, 2009-09-20, 10:28AM CDT

I have the same problem with these thieves...

Have you had any luck?

Please let me know what to do, I can't even find an address to serve them small claims court papers.

c9b799ce, 2009-09-21, 09:56AM CDT

I pay $400 a year for 16 Sundays of NFL HD package. Yesterday, 9/20/2009 i did not have any NFL package. After rebooting i did get Standard def. but no HD NFL all day. I tried to call Customer Support.. staying online for hours.. system was busy most of day.. when you did get in.. after 30 minutes or so.. doing thru menus, etc. it would throw you back out to dial tone. etc. Anyway.. this morning.. Monday i called them.. They acknowledge NFL HD was not working.. but.. refused to credit and/or compensate me. They also tried to "claim".. the wait time was only 30 minutes.. TOTAL BS.. Anyway.. I believe this same LOSS of service.. which we paid for.. must of happened to 100s of thousands of Direct TV customers.. NET:: We need to go after these criminals.

e2130729, 2009-10-16, 08:52PM CDT

Direct TV

Human Resources

2230 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo CA 90245

This is the address I was given to lodge a formal, written complaint against them.

21616fd4, 2009-11-09, 11:56AM CST

I recently moved to a new apartment complex and had my service transfered, the technition installing my dish determined there was no line if site and had someone else come verify it... they cancelled my service which was fine with me then I got the shock of all shocks $280.25 was debited from my bank account! when I spoke to customer service the said it was an early cancellation fee. WT? yeah! I explained to the rep that I did not cancell my service that Direct TV did , she then told me that it was a system error and the money would be credited to my bank account within 24 hours......yeah that did NOT happen, the next rep I spoke to said he didn't know what I was talking about and treated me like a criminal, after I flipped out on him he transfered me to a sup, that jerk said it would take 8 days....when that didn't happen I spoke to another sup who told me 15 days, as of now still no refund. so today I spoke to a rep who told me I was NOT due a refund and I should write a letter to DIRECT TV......well I went a little postal and demanded a billing sup, he said 8 weeks and I would get my refund ! OMG UGH

a763240c, 2009-11-22, 10:06PM CST



I connected Direct TV on October the 30th, 2006.The installer, came to my home, STOLE THE ADELPHIA (I had Adelphia for 10 years until they went out of business)WIRING (10 FEET) and only plugged my VCR without connection. I had to call few times to the installer for them to sent me another man to connect the VCR. The stolen wiring was not brought back. Today, I received my bill and there is a billing error. I irdered Total Choice package ONLINE, for $39.99 per month plus $100 rebate for 10 months, giving me a total monthly bill of $29.99. Today I received my bill

for $ 40.40. I called your 800 #, I spoke with Tony, and she hang up on me when I asked for a Supervisor. I called back and I spoke with Shameca, she put me on hold for more than 17 minutes and then disconnected me. I called back and I spoke with Andrea and she told me that she was a supervisor but she couldnt help me, that she needed to transfer me to CRG. She then, disconnected me. I AM VERY UNHAPPY WITH YOUR SERVICE AND NOW THIS ERROR IN BILLING. I have the Total Choice package with suppose 155

channels. Many are duplicates (all the networks), I dont have any channel where I can see movies like in Adelphia cable (free channels, like Discovery and so on). Many channels of the 155 are paid programming. When we got into this exchange of emails (I, trying to get them to honor the binding contract) Direct TV changed almost all the channels to "paid programming" leaving us with few commercial ones.

Few days later, they sent me to collections for $192.00 (equipment was returned on time) for "CANCELLATION OF SERVICE" WHEN THEY DISCONNECTED MY SERVICE ON 12/17/2006.

My credit is totally ruined when I have been all my life very conservative and had great credit..

But the main problem is that in my fiedl of work, employers require background investigation and credit check and I lost many jobs because of Direct TV. Right now I am unemployed and looking to bring them to court.

I contacted the LA Attorney General, BBB, the Communications comission, etc etc.

Nobody can do anything.

ba4f7330, 2009-11-22, 04:41PM CST

Directv charged me for the NBA League Pass this years (around $160.00 or more) when I didnt request it. I called customer service to ask why this was on my bill and was told that it was automatically added because I purchased the package last year. I was told that they send out letters to previous purchasers who have to respond and decline or you get the charge. They would not let me cancel because the basketball season had already started. I explained that I was unable to use the package because they dont broadcast my local team on directv in my viewing area. I also did not request or approve the purchase. Their policy is still that they will not remove this from my bill. I was wondering if anyone else is having or has had this problem and if there is anything that I can do. My contract doesnt end until 2011 so leaving them right now is not an option. Is this something that could be a class action suit?

8562807f, 2010-01-04, 05:09PM CST

Please let me know how to join in a class action suit in FL. I'm trying to cancel Direct TV service and since I paid good money for a HD DVR this year they are saying that I automatically am entered into a 2 year contract.

6371745d, 2010-01-08, 04:45PM CST

I was told my service would be 29 a month but no one told me you had to print a rebate. It ended up being 76.00 a month. I moved to an apartment complex that didn't want a dish in front so ther have taken money out of my account 3 different times,costing me overdraft fees arguing with them and my bank, now my rent check will be returned and i will have no where to live. so how do i get in this law suit.

brenda sturm Iowa city ia

3b9d4f3b, 2010-01-12, 11:12AM CST

when I was in high school my mom ordered Directv in my name(8 years ago)...I went on my honeymoon July 2009 and returned to a $400 debit from Directv..mind you I have not lived at my mom's home since 2002..and my mom has let her service get interrupted several times. I called customer service a week straight and everyone gave me the same answer..they could not discuss the account with me because my name is not on it but my mom received her bill every month with my name on it. I got fed up and called headquarters in CA..the young man explained to me that Directv had a new policy that once you are a month behind they automatically debit whatever card you have on file...I said ok but I have never paid my mom's bill so how did you get my card number..well, in 2007 my mom ordered a new box and she does not use cards so I paid for the box on my card..Directv then put my card on my mom's account. So I told the gentleman to close the account because I don't live with my mom and am not responsible for that bill, he then stated that there is no need to close the account..I'm no longer responsible, my name and card has been removed. My mom got service back. This happened first week August 2009.

January 2010-My husband and I just purchased home and called good ole Directv..they took my social ran it and said I didnt have to pay a deposit..just for my I paid $105.93 and set up my install appointment. Technician came to my home Jan. 11 and was there from 9:46 until 2:37, he was a very nice man. I ordred service for 6 rooms..he completed the install and when he tried to activate receviers it would not work so he called in. they asked to speak to me, I was then TOLD that I need to pay $190.51 and I asked why, the rep told me that Directv has a new policy...anyone that is related to someone owing a past due balance will be unable to establish service until bill is paid...I asked WTF??? and how do you know who is related to whom and she told me something about public records. I said let me speak to a super...Super gets on the phone and says that I have to pay the bill because it's in my name..i tell her the story of July and she just keeps asking how I'm going to pay-debit, credit, or check...I said well just put the account in my husband's name...she said no because im still avoiding the debt..I told her Im not pay shit and they are crazy..just refund my money for DVR and I'm calling Dish Network. She said sorry to lose you as a customer and we will not refund your your financial institution.

Once they put my social in their sysytem shouldn't they have informed then of the "new family policy" instead of taking my $105.93...If anyone has advice or know what I can do, please email me.

1c20f561, 2010-02-05, 11:12AM CST

I had Direct TV for the two years agreed. When I bought a new tv for my bedroom I called and asked for HD in that room. They sent the box but before I activated it I was told I would have to sign up for two more years in a contract. When asked why they said that was their policy or I couldn't up grade. I said no. I left the box unopened and called back, told them I would be sending back the receiver, all was good. I stepped out one day and when I got home I found the receiver hooked up and activated, how I don't know because NO ONE has authority on my account to do anything. Then a part arrived so that the receiver could work and that I did not order. When I called and explained to them that not only that I called and explained that I did not want another contract nor the receiver and that I didn't activate the box nor order anything they refused to let me out of it. I told them whomever did this was not me nor authorized to do so and that they are in violation....they did nothing. Now I am in collections for early cancellation. And they went and charged my credit card and maxed it out. I found out when I went to use it and was denied. Called my credit card folks and they said that Direct TV charged what I had remaining on mycard. When I tried to reverse the credit charged DTV fought it and I ended up with the fees. I am so into getting this company for apparently alot of BS they are doing to alot of folks. Please let me know who starts this lawsuit so I can jump on the wagon. I may seek one myself and let everyone know here. Please talk to me if you have any info.

c08b343a, 2010-02-16, 03:53PM CST

To send a valentine to DirecTV's CEO, Chase Carey, email [email protected]

The corporate switchboard is 310-964-5000. You might be able to get to his secretary by calling that number and saying, "Carey's office, please," in a professional and composed tone.

Once there, compliment him on his exquisite mustachio. ? BEN POPKEN

28ee0c4d, 2010-02-18, 07:23PM CST

I have only been a residential customer of Direct TV since Jan. 3, 2010. I have delt with them for 2 years on a Hotel Business aspect.The busn. contract was for for different viewing areas and business pkgs. I can tell you that all aspects of DTV, commercial usage & residential usage, is nothing but time consuming BS. On the business account, Direct TV double charged our company for the same 6 receivers for over 6 months. The reason for this was in the manner of how Direct TV set up the initial account. It took me personally 2 1/2 weeks of calling everyday extending to upwards of 4 hours a day.. transferred to 6 different departments untill a conference call with 2 seperate DTV departments to rectify the overcharges & our overpayments which they then finally credited HALF of what they extorted.

Now my personal home account ( which is of course thousands of dollars less a month ) I have had for exactly 1 1/2 months. Since I am in an excluded area of Montana, DTV is the most commonly used and available. Today, Feb. 18, 2010, I had to call because they withdrew $76.27 out of my checking account. When I verbally accepted DTV service on Jan. 3rd this year, my total charges that was to withdrawn is $53.47 per verbal and written contract. You know those specials they run. Free Showtime.. 2 DVRs..all included in the unbelievable price of $39.99. I agreeded to autopay because they were issuing an $100.00 visa gift card. Once I reserched all there "autopay" withdrawls they have already stolen $234.some odd cents from my account as of today. Of course I called Direct TV immediately. I was on my cell phone for over 3 1/2 hours today with a Supervisor ID# X3667 named Brandon who resides in the Fraud & Disputes area of DTV. I asked the gentleman to take me off of autopay since they must have incorrectly entered my monthly costs per the customer agreement of which I have. The funny part of all of this is the simply fact HE stated I wasn't even on Autopay. He then got extremely rude and said he was not going to refund my overpayments to my checking and I need to put a stop payment on the last withdrawl DTV imposed. He then continued to state he is cancelling my service and charging me an additional $500.00 for breach of contract. So I called my fantastic bank back and not to my surprise Bank of America told me that this is not uncommon practice by Direct TV. "..8 out of 10 calls to us are in regards to fradulant access charges from DTV.." I have cancelled the credit card on which DTV has been accessing my account through and now I am looking to file grievence with the State of Montana about Fraudulant access of personal accounts by Direct TV. Is it Bait & Switch? or is it just plain fraud. This excerpt is from MT LAW:

27-1-602. Cause of action for breach of promise abolished -- right to damages for fraud and unjust enrichment preserved. All causes of action for breach of contract to marry are hereby abolished. However, where a plaintiff has suffered actual damage due to fraud or deceit or a defendant has been unjustly enriched, the plaintiff may maintain an action for fraud or deceit or unjust enrichment and recover therein only the actual damage proved or for the benefit wrongfully obtained or restitution of property wrongfully withheld where such action otherwise is maintainable under existing law.

History: En. Sec. 2, Ch. 200, L. 1963; R.C.M. 1947, 17-1202.

99ec6137, 2010-02-27, 09:06AM CST

Anyone that has a problem with directv needs to file a complaint with the BBB , Directv hates this infact they have had a record for complaints in 1 area , like 20,000 , and they say only 10% on average customers complain thats scary.Then contact your local atty general as I did , this will lead to possibly a pattern in State so there can be a class action lawsuit.Then complain on the trade commission website , this also will start a pattern and maybe lead to later problems for directv.Then complaint to congress , senate , secretary of state , local govenor anyone who will listen.

Anonymous, 2010-03-30, 04:55PM CDT

My girlfriend ordered direct TV for me in August for the up coming football season. They told her that it would be 59.99 for five months and 99 for the other seven months. She clicked on the 199 DVR with the instant 99 rebate so she thought she bought it. Come to find out she had to pay 81.84 per month. When she called they said it was the average of the two over twelve months so she said okay. She was laid off in October and I was laid off in November. Everything seemed fine until after the five months when our payment jumped to 137.64 which of course was direct withdrawl and left us 4 dollars and change in the account. When we called they said there was nothing they could do and tried to explain the fees but really couldn't. We found out that we didn't buy the DVR, that we were renting it for 10 a month plus 10 for HD channels we don't watch. We had it turned of for February, which was the only thing they were honest about, that you could put it on hold at no charge. We had the minimal turned back on in March for 68.99. The direct withdrawl was 127.99!?!?!?! Of course when we called they said there was nothing they could do and it would take 480 to cancel the contract which is only for 4 1/2 more months???? So now we find we own no equipment, are being over charged and forced to have 480 reported to the credit bureau or forced to carry on a contract we can not afford!!!!!

f714168d, 2010-04-15, 07:40PM CDT

Hi there.

I knew i wouldn't be the only one with this problem!

I personally hate verizon but that's all we can get for phone service in the california redwoods. They also told me that they could hook me up with Direct TV. Because of my low income, i was told the phone would run $18/month and that Direct TV would be $50/month FOR a ONE YEAR contract.

This was back in November that i hooked up. Since then, EVERY SINGLE MONTH my bill for BOTH is HIGHER & HIGHER. I wrote both companies a letter in March complaining that each month my bill gets higher and higher, told them to fix their billing problem, and that if they didn't, i would stop service and then take directtv to court to get out of the one year contract.

So far - nothing.

In addition, i have friends with Direct TV that tell me their bill is EXACTLY THE SAME EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

SO why the hell is my bill higher and higher every single month?

I refuse to pay it.

I'm seeking class action law suit.



25cee05f, 2010-05-26, 02:27PM CDT

I was a customer of Direct for over 2 yrs. I moved my daddy into my home with a transfer of Direct Tv Sept 2009, as well to the new location with their moving pkg of $79 DVR 3 rms reciever free movie channels as well as the football sp going on. I asked them when do I call back so I can cancel the extra package deal and lower my bill from $79 to 29 due to my daddy's passing away. They told me Mar 19th or before so I marked my calendar so I would not for get This call was in Feb 2010. When I got my bill in March it was $177 and it was not March 19th it was around March 2nd cause I refered my son so we could recieve that $100 that is advertise on tv as a refer a friend. I called them very worried that with the death of my daddy that I had forgot to pay the bill due. I was then told that the sp moving pkg has expired and it went to regular price which was $100 more. I threw a fit and spoke to the so called Supervisior and got no where. I missed my expiration pkg deal to call to cancel 5 days so they prorated and still left me owing $108. Where my bill was $79. So I steamed and let it be shut off so maybe they would come off this bull since I had been a faithful customer for over 2 yrs. Then I just paid the bill. I could not get that $100 referral friend because I had the wrong pkg it didn't quaiify for. So I told them how much money do you think I can keep just letting you take from me before I stop it? I told them if they did make things right I would go to Dish and they did not care so I cancelled service and move to Dish. My son was signed up for the lowest pkg of 29.95 monthly. 1st bill was for pkg deal $59. so I get back on the phone with them and backed it back down to 29.95 with $10 refer a friend discount-$5 discount for email address- $5 discount new member-the discounts = $20 which left the bill being $9.99 for 4 months then it would go to $29.95. July is the 4th month. May's bill is back up to $49 and claims have not received no payments on this account. And now today when I called to discuss this account they informed me the only discounts allowed for this pkg is a total $15. They make the rules up as they can and want cause it changes from call to call and it does no good to talk to a Supervisor. I would like to get my son out from under this money hungry company contract. I'm out from under mine.

25cee05f, 2010-07-06, 11:15AM CDT

I have just got through stopping my credit card that was on Direct TV's file that was for a deposit only to set up my daughter-in-law's account with a paper billing after the inital set up. Well direct never got their account with my daughter in law right from the beginning. They sat up for $29 pkg. was billed $59 on the lst month. I recalled them back and they did as they promised this time. Next month it was for $49 and still getting the same channels that was set up for $29. So they quit paying their account to Direct TV. So Thursday July 1st, Direct hit my Credit Card for $118.86, with out any knowledge to me. I was out of money and knew I shouldn't be. I called my bank on July 3rd, and was told Direct Tv had done this. Another $95.02 was pending for Tuesday since the holiday was Monday. I called Direct Tv and for over an hr I had spoke to 4 different rep. 1 supervisor and then billing to be set up for a refund of this $118.86. Then today, July 7th, Tuesday set on the phone for over an hr. again with Direct TV. 3 of the 5 people I talked to hung up on me. Finally billing made the 2 refunds for the amounts of the credit card hits on Saturday for 76.04 and then Tuesday for 95.08. They told me that it would take at least 72 hrs to reach my bank and I would have to send a fax to them with my name and those amounts taken out with my daughter in law's account #. Had I gave in Sat and then again today I would have lost a total of $289.98 that was wrongfully charged to me. There ought to be something that could be done to them for this illegal action they do to so many folks that don't know to fight and stay on them and don't take NO FOR ANY ANSWER!!!

4be5667a, 2010-07-15, 10:33PM CDT

Hi Tony,

Have you EVER re-read what you wrote? It's called proofreading!

How can anyone take your writing seriously, and I quote (Copied, & pasted from your writing above) "greates uotodate, no one had one they

were so in demand, we counldent gold plate them due to gorentment

restrictions latest and gratest HD DVR!" Or are you illiterate, or lazy?

981dcc4c, 2010-07-30, 08:46AM CDT

We had dtv installed this month. We signed up for direct billing (7/14/10) using a credit card. This is a new card and the first time we have set up a direct bill account. Two days after set up (7/16/10) someone started using our card in California (we live in GA) charging airline tickets and other purchases. Our cc card fraud div. froze the account which reversed dtv's second payment. When dealing with them to change this to a paper bill and file a complaint with their fraud department, I spent 30 min. on the phone with their call center (located in the Philippines. After explaining the problem three to four times, the operated said she could not help me. I had asked for a supervisor many times. She finally connect me with someone stateside. I went through my story another couple of times before she stated she could not help. I kept insisting on speaking with supervisor in the fraud department. She told me their lines were busy and I was on hold for over 30 min. I asked several times if they could call me back and she said no. By now I was getting quite upset. The rep came back on the line and stated she spoke with her supervisor, informed her of the problem. Since I had been on hold a very long time, she said they would call me back. That was Monday 7/6/10, it's now friday. I was looking for an address to file a formal complaint and found this site.

P. Anderson

816e8bd5, 2010-10-22, 12:40PM CDT


57ffe634, 2010-10-22, 07:25PM CDT

We de-activated our account with DIRECT TV 5 months ago. And then all of the sudden out of no where they charged my bank account for a service that I not only didn't use anymore, but had moved to a different house and had basic TV instead. We argued on the phone with DIRECT TV for an hour and a half and they said they can't give us our money back because they have no recollection of this "Cancellation". My husband specifically told them 5 months ago to CANCEL our account with them. We are in the process of getting our attorney involved.

53ad001a, 2010-12-13, 01:16PM CST

I am joining this lawsuit

8d3a12d0, 2010-12-27, 04:59PM CST

I have Direct TV on my boat, and was told that I could record programs while I was in port and play them back while we were out cruising. This was a baltant lie. Unless you are hooked to a working dish, which is on the dock, you will get nothing. When I asked them about this, they told me that I must have misunderstood. Also, I originally signed up for $39/mo for 12 months, and they went right to $80.00 the first month and up from there. When I asked them why they said that I must have misunderstood. Long story short, they lied about everything from the hook up and keep right on going.

f1d63a97, 2011-01-10, 07:44PM CST

I have had direct for a long time never changed or added anything to the service but the bill got higher and higher but everytime I call they say that they will fix the bill but the next month it was higher and they charged 5 dollars for every box i had and they said it was mine but when i cancelled it they wanted the boxes back

915b86c7, 2011-01-16, 12:46PM CST

I work at DISH Network and absolutely believe in our product and pricing strategy, it is the best in the industry. We offer free HD for Life to new and EXISTING customers. We offer free HD equipment upgrades for new customers and EXISTING customers with good credit history for DISH. We have live customer service agents 24 hours a day who can provide you with pricing, package information, and technology advice. Did you know DIRECTTV is tied up in court litigation to face charges of unfair sales practices, including hiding fees, planned rate changes, and terms that call for automatic renewal? For more information visit DISHs website at and then call DISHs excellent customer service staff at 1.800.333.3474. You can file a complaint with the BBB or the Attorney Generals office. If you are DISH network subscriber contact me directly and I would be glad to look into your concern personally!

fb7c5700, 2011-08-28, 03:51PM CDT

direct tv are nothing more then a game

of scams they treat haddicaped people the same who ever you are it does not matter. You ever wonder why they do give you the CORPORATE OFFICES PHONE NUMBER OR E-MAIL ADDRESS ????




e8727af4, 2011-10-09, 01:12PM CDT

same thing happened to me but husband died 4 years ago unknown to me left a 800& debt with verizon and when I applied this month for service with Direct tv I passed the credit check set up install date, pushed my calender around now understand I<m a senior dis-abled never had any cable service since my husbands death live in an area where antenna don,t work, so I get a call the day before install time informed I need to pay them 800& on a 4 year old debt my husband left I was like what the hell oh hell no, you take it up with him in the heavens, the woman told me well maam gues if you can,t afford to hand over 800 to us guess you can,t afford our service, so now I<m back to iffy TV

5c18c420, 2012-03-20, 03:04PM CDT

yes i did they went to my bank and took 302 out of my account and the bad part is that they put me in overdraft with my bank and direct tv said that my problem not theres they got there money that what count what i was told

7d08c106, 2015-03-04, 12:54PM CST

direct Tv is worst for americans than the gangs in American

why does some one not shut them down??

why is there not a class action suit against them

a934eae2, 2013-11-03, 03:43PM CST

We had Direct tv until we moved to this house 2002 and because cable came out and was going to disconnect the old customers service and offered us a better deal we took it ...After a year and 3 hurricanes and a week without service we decided to call direct back and get into their new deal which we were told that because we had had an account with them before, we did not qualify, so we decided to go to Dish and have been allowed to get different deals every 3 to 6 months....then our daughter had Direct about a year ago. I allowed her to use our combined card to let her get it hooked up sooner......about 4 months later the were out of work and could not pay there bill of $177...Instead of just taking that out of the account ..they attacked my card for about $800...praise the Lord for Bank of America went too bat for us and after 2 to 3 months of haggling took the charges of my which time I took her name of my card and reported the card missing got a new number .....Just so they could not do anything again...they told us all kind of things and did not follow through wit them until my credit card got involved...the anguish this caused me I certainly would join a class action if they would take me...They should never be able to do anything with out a signed contract and all they offer is a generic contract on line

a69a5a80, 2014-12-10, 05:51PM CST

I have been with Direct TV for two yrs and I didn't have any problem not until today 12/10/14 and notice that Direct TV took $545.36 without my authorization. I was so surprise,and so pissed off because that money is for my rent. If I can't pay my land lord I can be evicted and I have 4 kids.I decided to give it up because I switch to Verizon because it's much cheaper. My Direct TV contract for 2yrs is over, but when I added a DVR they said that I have a new contract with them again and I hate it. they said that I owe them because I didn't finish my contract and end up early termanation and I need to pay them that I owe.I get that I owe them but don't they supposed to let me know or at least ask my authorization to get money from my debit card. They said I owed them $600 from the months I didn't pay plus the equipment. So I had return the equipment and that I will get a credit back but it will be deduct from what I owe them. I called them to complain why did they deduct money from my acct which I had no authorize them to do so. Plus their were no agreement in my end. I called Direct TV and spoke to the rep and the rep was apoligizing to me about the situation that's their policy. Bull shit, that's a fraud to what they did to me. Taking money out of someones acct without authorization it. The rep said I have to talk to the supervisor and that he/she will call me but until now I haven't receive any calls from them. I want my money back. Direct TV is sucks and fraud company. They no such a good cable company at all. I hope someone can help me with my situation. I'm no happy at all with their services.

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