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Posted on Saturday, June 9th, 2007 at 10:23am CDT by 642962c5

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Just wanted to share, we have had horrible customer service with the Ashley Furniture store on Woodlane Rd. in Mount Holly/Eastampton NJ.

We bought a wine cabinet in Jan. and we were able to pick it up the last week of Jan. 2007 and on Mother's Day (just 4 short months later) the insides collapsed--thank God my son wasn't hurt because there were shattered wine glasses and glass went every where. It could have been worse it the wine bottles had broken! My son was sitting in my lap in the living room when it happened--it really scared both of us a lot. When we called Ashley Furniture, they never once apologized or asked if my son was injuried.

We finally got the piece back today (6/9/2007) after threatening to go to the Better Business Bureau--so that's what it takes to get someone to fix a defective piece of furniture that almost injured my 2 year old son?! If you have no interest in honoring your warrenty, then don't offer one.

I'm so sick of what it took to get our furniture back: the phone calls, the "we can’t find any record of that purchase", the "well, that department just went home," the "well, we're very busy today and can't help you," and the "just leave your phone number and someone will call you back." (Big surprise, no one EVER called us back—and then to add insult to injury, the store manager, Sam, told us today that he had already checked with the warehouse and knew it was fixed and they “should have called.” My point exactly.

My husband and I just went to get it and they claim they fixed it--but the way they did it changes the appearance of the front of the cabinet. Plus there's now a big dent in the side/back and the decorative nails are coming out.

What if it had been a larger piece of furniture? (And this was just a wine cabinet! Imagine something bigger! And something we couldn't move back and forth in our station wagon!)

Eileen Cramer


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