Panasonic Microwave NN-SN756B

Posted on Friday, June 8th, 2007 at 2:23pm CDT by b93cf11b

Company: Panasonic Microwave NN-SN756B

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I had a bad experience trying to bake a potato using the 1.6-cubic foot,

NN-SN756B panasonic microwave. The surface of the potato was lightly

perforated with a fork and placed on the microwave tray (what i mean to

say is that I adhered by all the rules to bake a potato in a microwave).

There is a "side dish" option and the first choice is "Potato". The

sensor automatically senses the size or quantity of the potato and bakes

it. I have baked potato atleast a hundred times in 6 months using the

"side idsh" option but one day my luck ran out. The potato was charred,

the inside light of the microwave went out and the microwave glass tray

was split in half and there were strong fumes. I contacted the panasonic

service center (it was under the 1 year limited warranty). They said

they cannot do anything as the problem is due to "food fire" and it is

excluded under warranty. I said that i did not know that the potato was

combustible (another fuel alternative) and i have baked potato like this

at - least 100 times using this microwave. They said they cannot do

anything but offered me to replaceme the microwave but i have to pay a

discounted price of $125 or $104 respectively for similar models. (i had

paid $100 at TARGET to buy the brand new one).

Saurav Roychoudhury


e09ee592, 2008-07-04, 11:41PM CDT

At least you got to bake potatos = Mine never worked right from the day I bought it. It would shut itself off if defrosting (or doing anything) longer than about 3 minutes. Unfortunately the box (and receipt inside) were lost shortly after I brought it home, and as I travel a lot, I didn't realize what a lemon I had till too late. Piece of crap lasted less than 8 months and quit completely, (OK, that's a little unfair. The clock still works...)

72c3e6ae, 2009-02-12, 12:34AM CST



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