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Posted on Friday, June 8th, 2007 at 11:05pm CDT by 2447b08d

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I purchased from Home Depot Online a Hampton Bay

Callaway II celiling fan, Model 3 526062 on April 27,

2007. Tyhe vendonr Noo. 219030 and the UPS is:

082392460556 {Tex. White. This fan cam with a remote.

It was installed by an electrian and it did work for

about a month or so, but just tonight June 8,2007

about 9:pm the fan itselt stopped and the light did

not go on even though the remote indicated it. This

fan I see was made in Taiwan and just maybe the person

building this fan didn't inspect the fan before it was

shipped out. I am totally disgusted with not only the

fan but with Home Depot to carry such inferior

products. I still have Lifetime Limited Warranty on

this product and if this is not settled to my

satisfaction then I will turn it over to the proper authorities.


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