Pizza Hut in Montgomery AL

Posted on Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 at 4:56pm CDT by 2c469079

Company: Pizza Hut in Montgomery AL

Category: Other

I recently received a mail offer from Pizza Hut to get a hand tossed pizza for $10.99. On 31 May I called 334-265-6000 as noted in the offer and was told that they were all out of hand tossed crust but that I could get another pizza for $20.99. I complained that this seemed to be a bait and switch and wished to file a complaint. I then called 800-948-8488 and spoke with a rep who answered as Arsenio. He assured me someone would respond. After not hearing from anyone I again called on Jun 5 and spoke with Yanira who assured me someone would call me by 7:25 that night. They did not call as promised.


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e83c0396, 2008-08-24, 02:23PM CDT

OMG! I just spent 1 1/2 hours getting the worst service in Montgomery. Finally when time to leave the cashier rang up more than $20 too much. My total was $30.98 and I had a 15% off card. I could see he was having trouble so I very calmly tried to explain that the total could not be over $30.98 if I had 15% off at which time he put his finger up in front of my face and told me to "just hold on." I was absolutely flabbergasted and immediately offered to pay whatever he asked so I could get myself and my family out of the restaurant as quickly as possible.

Did I mention there were only 10 people in the entire store and one group left after they waited at least 20 minutes without ordering.

Caution...don't go to the Atlanta Hwy Pizza Hut.

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