Ashley Furniture Homestore/ Furniture Delivery

Posted on Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 at 11:42am CDT by f53b71ca

Company: Ashley Furniture Homestore/ Furniture Delivery

Category: Other

Incident = On March 22, 2007 I placed an order with Ashley Furnitures

sales representative Andreas for the entire Mystic Chocolate collection

for approximately $2400. I was informed that due to several back

ordered items I would not receive my furniture until May 10th which was a

little disappointing but would still arrive in time for the event I was

catering on the 16th of May. Well I received a phone call on May 9th at

4pm confirming the delivery for the following day and then I received a

voicemail at 6pm stateing that the scheduled delivery was cancelled. At

this time both my husband and I already confirmed the day off and was

growing concerned that I would not receive my items within the allocated

time frame. So I requested to speak with the sales manager to explain

to me what exactly is going on. She apologized for my inconvenience but

could only offer the following business day for redelivery. Well the

following business day the same thing occured and I was out a 2nd days

pay. At this point I very concerned and annoyed that I was being

treated like this and decided to go and speak with the store owner


to explain my concerns. To my surprise the store managerwas of no

assistance and explained to me in front of the other customers that "this

is a money making business and I could kindly take my business elswhere

if I was unsatisfied. He did not care of my inconveince thus far and

emphasized that even if I went somewhere else I more then likely would

not have the furniture in time for my event anyway. The next delivery

date available is May 16. Livid, I decided to cancel my order

immediately and proceeded to take my business elswhere. They informed me

that my

account would be credited back immediately but to my surprise it was

not. So I submitted a credit card dispute inorder to receive my funds to

place an urgent order. So I contacted the store manager of another

Ashley store and explained to him the situation that I was experiencing in

Hasbrook and he kindly took the payment for !

a new or

der that was scheduled to be delivered on Saturdat June 2nd. However, I

recently received a call from the Hasbrook store stating that my order

is now on hold based on the credit dispute at the Hasbrook office.

Apparently the store owner owns both locations and is refusing to ship my

furniture until the credit card company resolves the diputed charge from

Hasbrook. What are my rights if I do not receive my furniture on the

scheduled delivery date?

Damage Resulting = BOth my husband lost to days of work and had to pay

to cater an event outside of our home due to the missing furniture.

Company Name = Ashley Furniture Homestore

Company Contact = Brian, Lauren, Craig, Andreas, Juan

Company Address = 69 Route 17 S

City = Hasbrouck Heights

State/Prov = NJ

Zip2 = 07604

Country = United States

Company phone = 201-462-0505


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