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Posted on Tuesday, June 5th, 2007 at 10:42am CDT by 9317ecd0

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I just recently gotten service with sprint pcs . I have yet to be a custmer more than two months and I have already starting having major problems. When we signed up with sprint with our almost 300 dollar fusic phone times two we had talked with a rep about options on plans and such.. Which seemed so easy and resonable at the time. We had asked about text messaging , video mail, and picture mail as options. So we went over prices and things like that.. Ohh only 5 a month per phone for picture mail.. then another 5 per month per phone for video.. I thought what a deal.. But then i asked about internet usage for the video and picture mail. Nope it was covered in the 5 dollars a month .. sweet .. Or so I had thought. So the first month goes buy. we owe 300 for the first month.. !!!! I called sprint.. Get a long winded but yet not so persice enough explination.. okay fine.. pay 100 of the 175 that was owed.. next billing cycle three days later the bill is now 465 dollars

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay.. So wondering what was going on call up. waited another 30 minutes to talk to a real person.. then while on the phone get interupted by rude service person.. "okay moving on" while i was still trying to boggle about the things he was saying... 265 dollars worth of internet usage !!!!!!!!But... but.. Okay so the 5 dollars for each servers for each phone per month did not cover actually sending any of them.. so what is the service good for.. just to siphon money out of unsuspecting people. I mean if they had just told me that i would need an internet per month charge as well.. i would of added it.. instead the wise rep had descieved me telling me that i was covered.. and on top of that.. sprint took another 50 dollars out of my checking account without me authorizing it.. which when i found out they gave me the run around saying that my bank had to take care of it. so.. i guess i wont pay my electric this month.. I am not sure of what i should do

but i do know that I want them to pay for there illegal tactics on getting extra money..


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53c96f19, 2008-05-05, 12:45AM CDT

i work at sprint, your are soooo correct. its unfortuante b ut you are not alone. SPRINT IS GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES!!! their run by escapered nazi war criminals!!!

a372c09a, 2008-07-15, 03:44PM CDT

I am having the same problem. Every month I get charged roaming fees...my plan INCLUDES roaming. They say they are sorry and take off the charges. Last month I switched to a plan that includes picture mail...just got the bill and they charged me $58 for "viewing" the picture mail we opened! I am very upset. I called their corporate office 913-797-0000 and spoke to Marshall, he gave me $100 credit for my trouble. Every month I have to go over every line of my bill and end up disputing at LEAST one charge.

6ebcd676, 2009-08-22, 03:55PM CDT

I pretty much have the same complaint that the other person does. I updated my sprint account, added a new line and upgraded 2 phones. Before I did this I would like to mention that my family was getting our unlimited picture mail that I paid for. Now that we did all this I started getting internet usage charges not just on my cell phone on my whole family!! So I called and asked them and they said only on some of the picture mail the internet will be charged. They said only the pictures that come from the web. They are liers!!! I took a picture and wanted to send it to my grandson and it wouldn't send. I am paying for unlimited picture mail on my monthly bill!! So where is my unlimited picture mail. Can't send any picture mail because for some reason it now needs the internet. It never did before!! Sprint has some kind of scam going on and they need to honor there own contracts dam it!! I pay on my monthly bill for unlimited picture mail dam it give me my unlimited picture mail back!!!!!

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