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Posted on Tuesday, June 5th, 2007 at 3:37pm CDT by 5eb6cf65

Company: Bradford & Kent Builders

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I am looking for anyone that has had work done by or considered having work

done by Bradford & Kent Builders of Downer's Grove, IL and has been less than

happy. It is my opinion that the allowances given to us for fixtures such

as cabinetry, faucets and tile were very low, allowing us only a small

percentage of choices from the hundreds available, was done to get us to sign the

contract. It is my understanding that it is not until you have signed the

contract that the pricing for these items at their design showroom is made

available to you. If you have had a similar experience, I would appreciate knowing

about it.

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Al N., 2012-08-06, 10:46AM CDT

when was the last time a salesmen included every option at the saleprice

? Don't know any companies that could survive that kind of sale event...

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