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Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2007 at 11:23pm CDT by 513abd0f

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Below please find a complaint for a purchase we made. Thank You

We purchased a bunch of hair from www.dollyhair.com. It was for a show that was over a month away, plenty of time to receive it. After supplying a fake tracking # and 7 weeks of non reciept, we filed a paypal claim. When the company could not supply proper tracking we were refunded our $436.95. After the owner of www.dollyhair.com, Kristina Amantula, got the compalint we were riddled with harassing emails and phone calls. They called us every name in the book, and posted our name and address on dating and talk sites, and also now we have been getting magazines we did not order in the mail. This has been ongoing now since Christmas time. Yesterday we had 5 different attempts at our door of pizza deliveries. Then, that night, a call, saying in a muffled voice 'Hope it was all worth the hair, honey! Enjoying that pizza, you fat mother F-ing cow''. About a month ago we got some calls from people at 4 in the morning, asking if our orge was still on. As well, people showing up at our door at 7 Am knocking loudly asking where the yard sale is, that they had seen advertised, and were all the free items gone?? And soon after each incident we get a call or email, asking if our hair was worth this.

We have since filed with the attorney general. This is totally uncalled for, as we simply did not get what we paid for and got no help, we had to file a dispute. The owners name is Tina (Kristina) Amantula. if you have had issues as we have please email for a class action law suit. Thank you



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e367ccc1, 2011-10-25, 10:11PM CDT

This post is a fraud, The company that wrote this website is www.internationalwigs.com They are attempting to bring her buisness down for the simple reason of her as well as many others reporting them to the BBB which they deserve, this webiste is a fraud and a scam, however I would be aware of dollyhair.com for the simple reason that she posted a bad review about the and the mysteriously took it back saying "I take back everything I said" and gave them these random good comments when on the previous post she had accused them of the similar things they are trying to accuse her from, If she would of stuck by her word instead of breaking a deal with these scammers I would of supported her but to know that shes willing to give these scammers a good name which they do not deserves proves that she can not be trusted as well


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