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I purchased a vehicle from

South Town Hyundai in Stone Mountain ( a 2006 Chrysler 300 touring) on

06/06/06. I Purchased the vehicle use but with a warranty. Three days

after I got the car it shut down and Chrysler had to have the car towed

in to Ed Voyels Chrysler, because after getting to work the car shut

down, and would not start. After getting to the dealer I was asked what

key did I use to start the car and I gave the tech the key. The tech

then asked was that the only key that I had I told him no they gave me

another key that was for unlocking the doors. He then ask did I try to

start the car with the key I told him no the key was not with me. The

tech then told me I had to have used the wrong key to the car and that

was what shut the car down. I paid for that out of my pocket. (They kept

my car 1 day with no transportation for me)

Now two months later the traction light,ESP,BAS,and Brake came on and

the car started shaking as if it was going to shut down. The problem

with this was the fact that the car was in park at the gas station.

After letting the car sit a while the lights went back out,and I went

home. The very next morning I took the car back to ED Voyels and told

them about the problems that had happened the day before. They kept my

car two days and when I went back I was told the brake module was

shorting the cars system out so they replaced it. (They kept my car 2

days) with no transportation for me.

When Now going on two months ago the car was towed in by Chrysler to the

dealer in Stone Mountain Georgia on HWY 78 because I came out to go to

work and the car had shut down again. This time I was told the security

system was what was causing the car to short out and they had to order a

sensor to fix the car (they kept my car for 3 days with no

transportation for me), and gave the car back. a week and 1/2 later the

same traction ,ESP,BAS,BRAKE lights came on again again before the car

shut down on me again I just took the car back to the Stone Mountain

Dealer. I took the car back this time I was told the car was now out of

warranty and I would have to pay for any repairs done to the car. ( When

I was told the brake module,and security system were the problem my

warranty covered them.) I ask the manager Chaz why would I have to pay

if these where problems that they were suppose to fix while it was under

warranty and they had not. I was told the computer was giving they new

reasons for the stalling, and lights on the dash.So that was why I had

To pay 700 to get the car fixed. I ask him If I paid him what would

happen if the car did the same thing again. I was then told per chaz

that I would have to pay for any more repairs. I was also told by Chaz

that I should not be Upset, and to just pay the money because the cars

are man made and things happen.

Now with all of this being said when I called Chrysler to talk to them

in re: the car I was given a case code and a case manager Larry McLane.

I have left a number of messages on his voice mail and got no answer.I

have talked to a number of customer service reps and when I ask to speak

to a manager I have been told a few time I could not talk to a manager,

and some will give me there manager, and the manager will tell me all I

can do is transfer you to the case manager there's nothing we can do. I

have told them about me leaving messages and they keep telling me there

is nothing that they can do. I have asked to speak to a manager for the

case managers and have been told I would have to leave a message with

the case manager.( the same one that I have been calling for going on 2

months now and have not gotten a call). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP

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