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Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2007 at 7:03pm CDT by dfd71182

Company: Video Professor Photoshop

Category: Games, Gaming Consoles

I got the 3 disc Photoshop and have been charged appx 7 times in

the past 2 months for varies amounts adding up to over $200.00,I called

the toll free phone # that came with it and got a lot of bull and that I

should go to www.videoprofessor.comforward/support and can not find this

site it will not come. why hasn't the government stopped this scam artist from taking hard earned money from us.I want a refund and this man put out of business.



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bec74cb6, 2007-11-23, 11:50AM CST

67df34be, 2008-04-28, 05:29PM CDT

I am currently having a hard time getting my money back from them. They currently owe my bank account $287.70. I can not get in touch with them over the phone and had tried to e-mail them as well. No response or cooperation on thier behalf has come of it. All I want to do is to give them back their merchandise and get my money back. I have never even opened it. How do you do this?

fc605f08, 2008-11-21, 02:00PM CST

the exact same thing happened to me, I researched there company and got the phone number 1-800-525-7763. I talked to a women named Diane, and told her what happened, and let her know to cancel my account with them. She told me to send back one of the three cd's to 2590 W 2ND AVE UNIT#15, DENVER,COLORADO 80219. the catch is: if you dont respond to them within 10 days, they automatically take 189.00 out of your account. Onnce you return the product with your personal code they give you , you will receive your refund within 10-17 business days. SO give them a call!!!

65f39f29, 2010-01-05, 04:31PM CST

I have a similar experience. They billed me twice and both times I had not received the merchandise. I did not accept deliveries from the Post Office. I called them and someone agreed that I am entitled to two refunds. After over 4 months I got one refund but they kept refusing to refund the rest saying that I did not ask for a refund when I first talked to them. What a bunch of bull. How can they charged people for something that had not been delivered.

They should be exposed.

5688cd2e, 2010-02-18, 10:31PM CST

I also got ripped off for disks I didn't want and I never got told that I had to return with in ten days of them shipping the disks to me. They won't give me a return code to ship them back and they charged my credit card $289.95! Of couse that charge didn't show up for two months, so by then, the 20 days grace period had also passed.

3a605d1c, 2010-05-07, 07:06PM CDT

i ordered video professor. found out it was a jip sent it like they said to do. i call they confirmed it was recivied by them (03-08-2010) i was told it would take 1 to 30 days for my refund that i still have not got. now you can only reach by the internet? bull shit i want money i will get a attorny an sue. mad as hell [email protected]

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