Sprint/Nextal Rebate

Posted on Monday, June 4th, 2007 at 12:29pm CDT by 0a17f620

Company: Sprint/Nextal Rebate

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I recently contracted for 2 years service with Sprint/Nextal wireless service.

The rebate offer was the main priority for choosing Sprint/Nextal.

I was told at the Sprint/Nextal store that I had a 30 day period to cancel my service without a penalty and then I could send in my rebate certificate after the 30 day period.

After the 30 days I started to fill in my rebate certificate and realized the deadline date for sending it in had passed.

Now the Sprint/Nextal store manager or the customer service refuses to help me get my rebate, which is more than $100.00.

Their attitude is "O Well, you should have looked at the certificate and followed the instructions".

I know they could override the deadline but they refuse to do anything


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