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Posted on Friday, June 29th, 2007 at 10:12am CDT by 8f99c8d1

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I am offering this complaint to try and warn people that A&E Facotry service is the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with. Hre is a quick summary.

June 8th, service rep came to my home to see what the problem is with my Haier Dryer. Apointment was set for between 8-5, service guys shows up at 4:30. I explain to the rep that the dryer works fiune, it just does not heat up anymore.Service guy says the motor is bad and the Thermal fuse is bad. These are both under warranty, but the charge for labor was $18.00 to install the therman fuse and $169.00 to install the motor. So $199.16 to fix my motor and Thermal fuse that are under Warranty. This makes me supicious since the motor seems ot be working just fine, it is the heating element that does not work, but what do I know. I'm just a consumer, not a repair tech. Ok, he orders the parts and tells me to call when they come in to schedule the appointment. I ask that the parts be delivered to there parts shop and that the maintenance tech bring them with him to my next appointment because my office does not accept packages and I am working when UPS delivers. He says that's

fine and leaves.

June 11, 2007 - UPS tries to deiver motor to office and ofices refuses just like I told A&E they would. Of course I had no idea because nothing was left on my door to say a delivery attempt was made.

June 15, 2007. I called A&E to see what the status was of my part. They tell me the part was delivered and signed for by Voss and that they have scedhuled a repair for June 22nd. A Friday of course. Great, sounds good. I don't know a Voss but I go to the office to retrieve my motor and no package. I call A&E back to as where my part was delivered. They tell me it was delivered to my home. I Ask for the tracking number and looked it up myself. It turns out that Voss was the guy at the place who shipped it. He signed for it because, as indicated on the UPS website in big bold letters RETURNED TO SENDER. Did I not say this would happen? They assure me that they will order the part again and will have it sent to the maint. department. Excellent, this is what I asked for the first time.

June 18, 2007 - I receive the Thermal fuse in the mail. Great, now I just need the motor, which should be coming to A&E. I call A&E to let them know the fuse came.

June 22, 2007- Service guy shows up at the ront gate. Guess what? He does not have the motor part. He says the part was delivered to my home. Am I just talking to a brick on the phone when I cal customer service??

June 23, 2007- I call A&E once again to see what the status of my motor is. I am told they show it was delivered to my home. So now I have to start all over again with the story. This was a Saturday and I am told to call MOnday monring and the service department will emergency order my part and they can install it on June 29th.

June 25, 2007. I call A&E at 6 AM and tell them the story all over again because nobody seems to keep notes. I wish I had names to give. ANyhow, the lady tells me she will Instant Messgae the service dept and have the order shipped. She promises that the dryer will be fixed this coming friday (June 29th). Great!

June 28, 2007. I call A&E to make sure things are still on track for Friday. This time I am told that the part was returned to sender. NO JOKE! Then I am told he shows it as being scheduled for delivery on Monday June 25th to my home. I then said, I will not be home and I asked to have it delivered to the parts department. He tells me he can't do anything because it is being delivered to my home. Ok, I'm ticlked so I hang up. I call back to get a treacking number for the part so I can see where it is at. This time I get a new guy of course, and he tels me the part hasn't bene ordered yet because they can't find a vendor who has it. WHAT!!!!!!! I was just told it was scheduled for delivery 5 mi nutes ago.

Same night, I take the thermal fuse that I got in the mail and install it into my dryer. That was a simple repair that took me all of 5 minutes hich includes the time it took me to take the panel off and put it back on. Guess what, my dryer works perfect!

So now I wonder what is going on? They wanted to charge me $199.16 in labor to change a motor that did not need to be changed and a thermal fuse that took me all of 5 minutes to put in. That sounds to me like a rip off. It is now Friday, June 29th and I fixed my dryer myself, no thanks to them. I do not plan on even calling them back. It's not worth my time since whomever answers the phone will not have a clue what has been going on anyhow. Instead, I will wait to see if they ever call me back about my dryer repair. it has been 21 days from the date of the first visit at this point.

Thanks, from FL


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e2108d56, 2008-03-05, 01:27PM CST

I purchased a Haier America washer/dryer combo last June. I used it once and after one wash cycle the unit broke. I called Haier and told them that the cycle selector knob was stuck and that the unit was not drying clothes properly. I also told them that a bunch of water was left in the drum even though the machine had gone through a dry cycle. An A&E Factory Service repairman was called and when he came out he replaced the timer. He left and the machine did not work when I tried it again.

After about a month Haier sent another repair man from A&E Factory Services who claimed he had never seen this type of machine before and he ordered a new timer and a new motor. He installed these after they arrived and the machine still did not work. Finally Haier called me after two months had gone by saying they would send another repair man out. The new repair man came out and deemed the unit un-repairable. He said that the unit had been flooded and that the electrical system was rusted out. The unit is in my basement so now Haier is claiming that my basement flooded. My basement has never flooded but I am not surprised that the electrical system is rusted. Water was sitting in the machine for five months because nobody they sent out to repair the unit knew what they were doing.

I have tried to call Haier many times to find out what their final decision is. The machine is under warranty for a year and so it should be replaced. I have had so many people telling me the problem would be looked into and I would get a call back but never have.

It has been eight months now of talking to customer service people with no answers as of yet. I am assuming that Haier will not be replacing the machine that is under warranty and that they will continue to make excuses. I will contact my lawyer, the Better Business Bureau, and I will post my nightmare situation all over the internet. I do not recommend that anyone buy Haier products. They do not uphold their warranty and I have since read other reports of similar problems with flawed products.

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