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Company: 1-800-bakery.com

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company: 1-800-bakery.com

My boyfriend's grandfather passed away on Sunday and the funeral and

Shiva was Tuesday. I live in Philadelphia and the funeral was in

Massachusetts. Since it was such short notice I was not able to attend. I

decided I needed to send something, so after some Internet searching I came

across 1-800-bakery.com. It was a great concept, the page is filled with

100% customer satisfaction headlines and it guaranteed overnight delivery if

I ordered by 2pm.

It was 11:00am on Monday and I placed an order for some baked goods and paid

the $20 overnight shipping cost. I received a confirmation email with an

order number and I was so happy that in some small way I could be there for

my boyfriend and his family.

A little after noon on Tuesday I called the 1-800-bakery.com's customer

service number and just asked if it had arrived since I never received a

shipping number to track the order. I was put on hold and then told they

would check on it and get back to me. 10min later I get a call from them

and said it was an "oversight" on there part and thought the order was for

Wednesday delivery. They offered to send it for Wednesday with no charge

but I was so mad, I paid for overnight shipping, I don't understand how that

could have gotten confused for anything but overnight. I was very very

upset. Wednesday was unacceptable, the funeral was Tuesday and they would

have never noticed the error if I never called. I called back and asked to

speak to the manager, the customer service rep gave me the cell phone of the

owner, Steve. I immediately called him and let him have it, saying this is

unacceptable as a business, to guarantee something and then make no attempt

following through with it. I would understand if it was the carriers fault

if the order got out on time, but the order was simply never done. He said

this "usually" doesn't happen. He was very apologetic and said if he was

closer to the destination that he would drive the order there himself. I

told him he has lost a good customer.


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