Posted on Tuesday, June 26th, 2007 at 10:14am CDT by b71d9fec


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I went online to looking for price saving on a hotel.

I booked two nights at Holiday Inn, Savannah, GA for $213.94 (or $106.97

per night)

When I checked in hotel I told them I was only staying one night--they

billed me $88.92 for one night--$18.05 less than Priceline's "savings"

per night

When I requested reimbursement for both nights from Priceline since the

hotel had charged me, they had the hotel refund the charge for $88.92

and refused to reimbursement me for the 2nd night (which I had cancelled

upon check-in)

So I ended up paying Priceline a total of $213.94 for a single night.

The hotel charges $88.92 per night totaling $177.84, so in effect

Priceline's "savings" results in costing the consumer $36.10 more for a

two-night stay.



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