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Posted on Monday, June 25th, 2007 at 11:41pm CDT by fb038339

Company: earthlink experience

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hi, my name is alina and i'm writing you about my

terrible earthlink experience.after ordering their

services they never showed up to install it and they

would't even bother calling to cancel my appointments

.after many phonecalls and a lot of time wasted i

decided to cancel because i could not longer wait and

had to find another service provider.i called to

cancel and was supposed to get a refund but they said

i had to wait until i sent the package back, and

another 3 weeks after that.i called to ask how it is

possible that my money is taken out in 3 days and it

takes 3 weeks to get it back and the supervisor

(jackie)said she is very sorry but she will make sure

i will get my money as soon as possible. the date has

passed and nothing happened.that means i have to call

again and it will take another hour like every

converstion with them.

my advice is to contact any other service but this

because i garantee you it can't be any worse.they are

unreliable ,from the regular emploee to the supervisor

and is frustrating to hear them that they are sorry

but can't help you in any way.


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