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Wilmington Nissan

5406 Market street

Wilmington NC 284105


On Tuesday, June 19th, 2007, I made my sixth trip to Wilmington Nissan, the

third in the same day, to discuss actual terms of buying a Versa hatchback.

The salesman, Jim Sessoms, refused to discuss figures. On Wednesday, I

called the dealership and asked if anyone there was interested in selling me a

car. I got an immediate appointment, discussed price, terms, etc., and on

Thursday left my car as a trade, and presented a cashier's check for the

remainder, payment in full, with the promise that I could pick up the car on Friday

the 22nd. I was told by the salesman, Fred Cobbs, he would call on Friday to

let me know when I should come, and he allowed me a loaner since he insisted

that my trade now belonged to Wilmington Nissan.

Friday--No call.

Saturday--No call.

I called the dealership and asked to speak to the salesman, and immediately,

Scott Amedy, the General Manager came to the phone and proceeded to tell me

that the deal was off. He was canceling the contract and I should come

immediately to pick up my car, title, and money.

No explanation was offered.

The salesman called within five minutes and said he could salvage the

deal...that he would call at 7pm on Saturday night.

No call.

The dealership was closed on Sunday.

Monday--no call.

Today, I went to pick up my car, title, and check, and was denied the

opportunity to speak to anyone in authority, and denied any information as to whom

I should direct my complaint and disappointment. At no time was I offered an

explanation, or apology. I was told I could not get my money refunded until

my cashier's check cleared, at least ten days.

When I advised that I would not leave the lot and that I was calling the

newspaper, the local television stations, and the police, they promptly refunded

my money.

While I was never given an explanation, I assume the same car was sold to

two people and it was their original plan to string me along until they could

talk me into something else, or find a replacement for what I had purchased.

Needless to say, I am disappointed in the outcome, given the time, homework,

trips, effort, inconvenience, but more so I am beyond angry over the

deception, the lies, and the verbal abuse. How can a business break a contract

without even an explanation and then verbally, hostilely abuse a customer?

I will not own a Nissan, ever. I hope to prevent/protect as many people as

possible from suffering the same nightmare I have experienced.

Thank you,

Matt Doyle

50 Holland Drive

Castle Hayne, NC 28429


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