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Posted on Sunday, June 24th, 2007 at 5:32pm CDT by 8a700649

Company: 1 & 1

Category: Internet Services

This is an online websitebuilder tool which is very cheap & easy to use if you have 1 domain name and 1 web package. But beware if you try to change/add domain or web package as they completely ignore emails, their call centre is in India & do not understand the english language except fot the words they have been trained to say!!!!!

1. I first registered a domain & got an easy to build website!

2. You pay for it upfront therefore it is best to let it run it's course! Then cancell!!!!

3. Follow procedure as per terms & conditions:but they still take money from your account!!

4. To make it easier on myself & stop the stress: I then cancelled my complete contract with them! They were still allowed to take money from my bank account to which they were not entitled.

5. Ordered a new domain name & shop package at a bargain introductory cost: The nightmare gets worse! believe me!

6. I recieve the welcome email from 1&1.co.uk.

7. So I try to log on using the details supplied for the new registration: they do not work.

8. I phoned India only to be told I had to use my old log in!!

9. But I am starting new because I undertand new!!!

10. So they charged me &#16336.00 to aid my confussion!!!

11. Then they charge me &#16332 to for cancelling

I have phoned the Bank Of Scotland online service & it seems I cannot cancel this illegal debit!! amusingly "I have to report it as a fraudulent transaction! 1and1.co.uk has my money. How inconvenient is this process. I agreed to initial transaction for a service but I most definitely do not agree to them charging me &#16336.00 to cancel when they have a 60 day money back guarantee, ok they can take my initial registration fees & put it down to expenses but to charge me for an misdescribed product is unacceptable.


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