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Posted on Saturday, June 23rd, 2007 at 2:51pm CDT by 5bab8d2d

Company: Club Administrative Services

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I joined a gym in Carrboro, NC called AC Fitness (now called Carolina Fitness) over two years ago and it was explained to me that my membership would expire two years after I joined. When the two year mark was approaching, I called the gym on two different occasions to ask and see if there was anything that I needed to do and I was told TWICE that once the membership expired that I was finished and my account would no longer be charged. I certainly expected an honest and knowledgeable answer from the staff at the gym so I thought that I was finished.

About a month and a half after my membership was supposed to have expired, I saw on my bank statement that I was still being charged on my account. I immediately contacted the gym and the first person that I spoke to seemed surprised that I was still being charged and said he didn't know why. He gave to phone to his "superior" and I was told that my membership converted to a 'month to month' membership after two years. He also claimed that this "may not have been explained to me when I joined". I demanded that my membership be canceled and he said that he could not do that and that I would have to write a "cancellation request" to the agency that does billing.

I got the phone number to the billing agency (Club Administrative Services, PO BOX 2826, Columbus GA 31902) and called. I stated that I wanted my membership canceled and was told by Ashlee Bass that she could not do anything and that I would have to send a written request. Realizing the futility of arguing, I immediately wrote out a letter with all the info that was required and mailed it that day. This was 6/11/07. I received a letter from Club Administrative Services stating that my membership would be canceled on 7/31/07 after another payment of $39.00 will be deducted on 7/05/07. The only contact info that was on the letter was a phone number that no one ever answered (1-800-734-7405, ext. 142). I also tried to find out more info about the company by using Google and could find nothing. The only address on the letter was a PO Box.

Please beware of any health/fitness club that does billing through Club Administrative Services of Columbus, GA.

John P


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2209b205, 2008-01-07, 05:44PM CST

I had a very similar experience with Club Administrative Services (CAS). I joined the AC Fitness Club in Greensboro, NC in 2006. I knew I was not going to stay there for more than 1 year so I specifically declined the 1-year membership special offer and paid extra dollars for monthly membership. I asked the person helping me several times to make sure that I am under no contract. He told me that there will be no problem and I can stop my membership at any time I want.

When I decided to cancel my membership, the gym referred me to CAS in Columbia, GA. I could not reach anyone on phone after several attempts and finally I got to speak to Ashlee Bass. She told me that she could not cancel my membership because I was in a 24-months contract with the gym. I was not aware of it at all. She said that the only way to cancel the membership is by providing proof that I have relocated to another town that does not have CAS gyms or I have a medical condition that does not permit me to use the gym. As I had relocated, I sent her a copy of my rental lease. After that she asked me to pay $ 50 as cancellation fee and my monthly membership was being charged to my bank account until I paid this amount. I called her again and she threatened me that she will send my file to a collection center and they will deal with my case. I was confident that CAS was cheating many this way as in their correspondence, they even wrote that if you stop the automatic payment, you will be charged $ 20 in excess of your monthly bill not paid in time. All this proved us that they have had many people complaining, they had written the fine print all too well and made us sign wherever they wanted us to. This episode taught me a lesson that never trust any person trying to sell especially gym membership and always read the fine print before signing any documents.

62d2a56d, 2008-09-16, 03:52PM CDT

I too have had the horrible expireience with MS Short at Club Administrative. I was a member of AC fitness and poof the gym closed. I stopped billing with my checking account becasue i had no correspondance with the company. A few months later I get collection letters advising me I am late on my payment. I contact the number and Ms Short told me I had to pay becasue I was late. This makes no sense to me at all. I was never late on a payment and the doors are closed and I am suppose to pay these theives.

I decided after cooling off to pay the bill and I payed 100.00 of the past due amount. Within 8 days they have taken 280.00 from my account without my consent. I advised I would pay but I never authorized the payament infact I won the dispute with the bank and they credited me back the funds that were taken from AC fitness to begin with.

This is a horible thing for anyone to go through. I am closing on my house next month and I did not need this agrivation. Please consumers, do not do autobilling for anything. Do not pay the bills through your accounts, if you want to pay -pay with a money order to prevent this form hapening to you.

4d154a06, 2010-04-13, 09:02AM CDT

The Fax Number For the Administrative Services of Columbus, GA. is (706) 322-2042.

I would recommend faxing the crap out of them and mailing in a cancellation form.

I called this number 1-800-734-7405 and press 5... just leave a message and the "woman" will call you back.

44380e27, 2010-05-11, 01:11PM CDT

I am currently dealing with a similar situation. I have called and emailed my side of the argument to them on three different occasions and still receive letters stating that I owe money.

My club stopped billing exactly 2 years after I joined, and now 5 months after the fact I've started to get notices from CAS about my account being passed due. Even though I have tried to tell them I am not responsible for their billing errors, they still keep saying they will turn me over to collections.

How did y'all handle your situations?

2b6855fc, 2010-05-24, 04:47PM CDT

Same story. I am looking at my Fax Confirmation that I saved. I happen to live in Columbus, GA (Fort Benning) and will walk my paperwork down to their offices.

This is after they failed to honor my first faxed request to cancel. Attempts to confront them on the phone have ended in one associate after another stating that the cannot help me but will transfer me to someone who can... and getting an answering machine again and again. They've played pass the buck up their chain for weeks now. They have sent collection notices and I've filed for fraud with my bank. Bank of America has refunded every EFT charge I've contested.

The BBB shows an A+ rating with 12 complaints and 12 successfully resolved. I doubt my complaint will be resolved successfully.

NEVER use any club affiliated with Club Administrative Services!

f789c140, 2010-07-28, 09:59AM CDT

I am experiencing a similar situation. We are moving out of the state of GA and I had to send in documentation and the form required to cancel. Three weeks later I received a letter stating that I had to send in a $50 cancellation fee check before the end of the month...which was in 3 days. I called CAS and talked to the receptionist and a very power-happy Mrs. Gunter to see if I could physically drop off the check since I lived in Columbus as well. They were very rude and told me I could not drop off the check at their corporate office. They would not even confirm their physical address...which is 233 12th Street Columbus, GA 31901-2426 - (706) 322-7311. I finally talked to Crystal, the floor manager. She was very nice and professional and told me that I could drop it off with the receptionist at the front desk at the corporate office. We'll see what happens.

c3648b07, 2010-08-09, 01:21AM CDT

I am going thru the same crap!! They charged me 240 2 X's for personal training that was only suppossed to be for 3 months. I put a stop payment on the company before the second payment as I had mailed in a cancelation request but was told they would not cancel until the following month. The stop payment didn't hit in time. It did hit in time for the next month though and so the following month they changed a little bit of there business info and charged me $280; $40 for the late fee!!!!!

There has to be something we can do!!! Some kind of class action law suit!!!

35d51150, 2010-08-24, 03:53PM CDT

People amaze me. I am friends with an attorney that handles some situations like the ones listed for Club Admin Services. The consumer always loses because they sign contracts and depend on the sales person to explain every detail of it. Thats dumb. Do any of you people out there read a contract before you sign it? Club Admin Services is contracted by health clubs to bill for that health club. They don't have anything to do with the actual gym except for the billing. The gym sends the billing info to Club Admin and they bill the customers. Most gym memberships have an auto renewal clause no matter what the term is. Wake up people and read before signing. Also people why don't you check your bank statements monthly so you will know who is taking money out! Don't assume you know who it is. People complain that they have been charged for a membership for 3 years and didn't know it. Wake up and look at your bank statement. You deserve to pay for 3 years if you don't have enough sense to look and see who is taking money out of your account. Take up your issues at your local gym until they fix it for you. Don't let them blame the billing company. Thats just a way for the gym to not have to deal with it!

23ae18af, 2010-11-04, 11:35AM CDT

I can (sadly) top all of you: I just discovered Experian shows I have an account in collections with Club Administrative Services despite the fact I HAVEN'T BEEN A MEMBER OF ANY GYM IN SEVERAL YEARS. I have also never received a single bill, letter or phone call from anyone about anything pertaining to the matter. And yet, somehow, on some random day in July 2009, a collection agency called CRI in Augusta, GA reported to Experian that I have a CAS account in collections. The alleged overdue balance: $239.

This, in itself, is aggravating enough. But considering I discovered this mistake while getting PRE-APPROVED FOR A MORTGAGE, and that this negative item was lowering my credit score, is infuriating. Nothing makes your blood boil quite like discovering an account that isn't even yours is making your interest rate higher than it should be.

I have filed a dispute with Experian. Hopefully, it disappears the same way it inexplicably appeared last Summer. Here's hoping.

019d7f96, 2012-01-26, 07:30AM CST

I live in columbus,ga and i signed a contract to go to fitness for women another CAS owned gym and i cancelled my contract and im going through the same thing except my contract did go into collections and the collection agency the sent my account to was so rude and so nasty they belittled me they almost took me out of character so where i wanted to curse them out they were very agressive condesending and i didnt appreciate they way they did business i reported them to the BBB the collection agent was named paige and the collection manager Cassie they were both rude and nasty and my account got sent back to CAS and i set up a payment plan to pay them but then they threaten me by saying if i didnt pay they would turn my account back over to the collection agency they are so horrible at how they do business

TwLisa W., 2013-02-25, 02:06PM CST

Have that same problem, paid off my membership, then they billed me for additional fees and they want tell me what the fees are. I had the $20.00 month to month membership with no cancellation fees. These people are crazy I sent a complaint to the BBB of Columbus Ga, and into the Federal Trade Commissions office. What is even sadder Ms. Jones at Club Administrative service want even take my calls. so that tells me somethings up. A word of advice seek legal aide and also before you sign up for any gym membership ask who does their billing, and run if they say CAS or Club Administrative Service.

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