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Posted on Friday, June 22nd, 2007 at 3:07pm CDT by 36843038

Company: USAA's Treatment of Veterans

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As a severely-disabled Iraq war era veteran on a very limited income, with a mother in an Alzheimer's Care Center, AND as a 25-year "member" of USAA, I would like to tell you how this insurance company treated me when I requested a return of my subscriber savings account funds (about $4,300) two months early.

My mother's health is rapidly deteriorating and the increased costs for her health care have placed me in a short-term a financial hardship situation.

I wrote to USAA requesting an exception to their policy that they hold on to your money in the subscriber savings account for six months after your policy expires.

Remember, I was asking a multi-billion dollar company with quarterly profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars to let me have MY $4,000 60-days early so that I could pay my mother's nursing home bill until some much needed funds come through in September, if she lasts that long.

Answer from USAA? No answer, really. I let two weeks go by and when I had heard nothing from them, I called under the assumption that they must have lost my letter. I mean, even if they weren't going to honor my request I was sure that after 25-years with USAA they would at least have the common decency to let me know in writing or via a phone call that they couldn't give me my money early.

However, I was mistaken.

When I called their "customer service" department and waited on the phone for about 20 minutes, I was told that yes, they had received my letter but had simply placed it in their file.

No response, no exception, nothing.

I just couldn't believe it. Well, I guess I should have known better than to believe USAA would even have the common courtesy to respond to a severely-disabled veteran with a mother in a nursing home. There just wasn't any profit in it for them.

I did manage to find out that the person responsible for this decision at USAA is Ms. Elizabeth Peterson, a Director in the Virginia office. Her number is (757) 893-5188. You might want to give her a call and tell her how you feel about her treatment of someone who served his country for 21-years and is living on a disability paycheck that doesn't even cover the cost of his mother's monthly nursing home bill.

Howard Schellenberg

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c0eb9069, 2009-07-18, 10:51AM CDT

I am glad it took you all took you time. He was stelaing from his own mother and had plenty of stolen money. He is a fraud and should be in jail. He is a crook and has no integrity for his fellow man. I am surprised that he is a Veteran. He must of cheated the systme to collect this. He is a lyer and a cheet. He left me and his children for love of greed. I know he will have his day before his God. If he has one. Be carefull of manipulatng people like him.

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