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Posted on Friday, June 22nd, 2007 at 5:46pm CDT by 4131199a

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Monitronics Home Security Alarm System

June 22, 2007

I have been loyal for 5 years with this alarm system (although I had =

thoughts of cancelling a couple times). Recently I had my home remodeled =

and that is when we discovered the wires from the brain system to all =

panels and sensors were ran and just placed in between my carpet and =

carpet pad, right across my upstairs hallway in between rooms. Since for =

5 years my husband and I trusted that our alarm system was placed =

correctly, when we had our carpets replaced with hardwood, we did not =

know that the wires were just under the carpet that was just about to be =

ripped out. When our carpet and carpet pad was removed, out went all 5 =

wirings of our alarm system . When we called for technical support, we =

were told that we will get a call within 1-3 business days. They have =

instructed me and my husband to have the floor guys to rewire the system =

in which I refused to for liability issues. (Why would you want floor =

guys to mess with wires? Let alone your Security Sytem?) So far it has =

been 7 days that I have not have my alarm system reactivated. They have =

told me that a technician will come over and fix the problem for free if =

I sign up a contract for another 36 months. Or a technician will come =

over and check the damage for a $350 quote and I need to give them the =

check before the technician leaves my property. If the extent of the =

damage requires more time and equipment, I will be charged for more. I =

have decided to switch over to a new company of security alarm for a =

cheaper fixed price and updated equipment. It's pathetic how bad their =

customer service is!!!


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