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Posted on Friday, June 22nd, 2007 at 12:42pm CDT by b06930e7

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I rarely ever complain about customer service people because of the stress they have to handle all day everyday. However, today here I am.....My partner and I run a small Automotive Repair shop in Nashville Tennessee, we try our best to take the best care of our customers that we possibly can. I check out on the websites about recalls , keep our customers informed of our rights. Today I had to call Ford Motor Company's Customer Service , I spoke to a woman named , Sheree, She never allowed me to finish a sentence, or express a complete thought. She never answered any of my questions, just gave me the , "Who Cares, I Don't " attitude. Well, Fords are officially off my list of recommended vehicles. If the customer service people can't even be nice, then the whole structure of the company is shaky......



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ae9a3bef, 2008-06-24, 12:01PM CDT

I have to completely agree with you on this susie. I am having a problem with my cluster panel and gas gages. The service departments at the dealerships have taken forever to get my car repaired because they keep messing up the orders. Now with the cluster panels I take it to the dealership in which I bought the car and the service department manager acted as if i did not know what i was talking about and made me feel uneducated. And Ford customer service has not provided much help either they like with you said who cares, i don't sorry we can't help you attitude.

49b07094, 2008-07-20, 03:20PM CDT

I also have a problem with the Ford customer service team. I called the Ford Motor Company's Customer Service team and asked them to give me the Regional Manager name for me to contact. Due to problem I am having with one of their companies. She told me that the information was not available and to ask my local Ford company his name. Of course they won't give it to me since I'm having the problem with them.

3305d726, 2008-09-02, 09:07AM CDT

OMG!! We bought our daughter a brand new Ford escape because I wanted her to be safe on her drive to VA to college. The car just made it to VA with 700 miles on it and the transmission went. 10 days later - still not fixed. No one from the dealership in Management has called us. Ford Motor Co wants us to accept a free oil change in exchange for not suing. And no one has called us back either. And we have been very polite. A new car should not have the transmission go. they should give us a new car just for the good will because now I'm posting blogs, calling newspapers and TV stations. You'll all be hearing from me!!

aa0c1445, 2008-10-04, 02:46PM CDT

I went to Lasco Ford in Fenton, Michigan.They are a bunch of liars and thieves. Don't go there.

I am a honest, hardworking, Registered Nurse.

I walked into there door, with a coupon that they gave me, hoping that i could get out of my lease early. I turned it in 6 months early, and was over on my mileage. They knew this. Matter of fact, my salesman called to see my payoff and overmileage.

I have been getting calls, from my old lease co., that I turned into Ford, Chrysler Financial. This Lasco Ford, told me, that they are only calling me, because they get offended when people lease from others. They were fully aware that they stated that they haven't received this overmileage payment.

Finally, they are now admitting, after 5m months of calls, that they didn't pay this amount, and now, that i owe 2600 dollars, in overmileage!



92086502, 2008-11-01, 06:40PM CDT

I purchased a class 8 semi truck in 1993 and begining 90 days later, had the same problems over and over again for a year in which my credit was ruined

by letting other bills charge off while making sure my truck payments were at least made. My lawyer met with Blackwell Ford reps and regional Ford rep and they promised to help repair the credit problem the truck created. As soon as the meeting was over my lawyer said their word and 50 cents would get me a cup of coffee and he was right, they didn't remember those promises after the truck was paid for. A slick bunch of liars they are along with a Mr. Chamberlain.

932e4be5, 2009-01-05, 03:15PM CST

I have owned new fords since 1994. I have had 10 ford trucks!! I am a very dissatisfied customer. I went to take my F450 2003 Dump truck in for service. I was informed the first appt was a week out. I took the truck on the first available appointment.... However, I was informed my truck needed extensive engine work, and my warranty was one day over the 5 year plan I purchased with the truck. This truck only has 23,000 miles on it, so you can understand my concern A. That there is a problem at all with the engine and B. That Ford Motor Company is unwilling to help me!! I can't imagine, after my long history with Ford how your company couldn't fix this issue. I have already spoken with several people and no one person has been willing to help.

I would appreciate greatly some help with this problem. I can't just accept that there isn't a solution here somewhere?


Cale Houston


6b9474b1, 2009-02-20, 12:15PM CST

I've just bought my last Ford product. I found their Customer Service to be exceptionally polite as they tell you they will not honor the warranty. They still don't get it and that is why the Japanese will continue to eat their lunch! Easy to blame the union and why their costs aren't competitive -- it goes well beyond that.

e7bf0992, 2009-06-17, 10:57PM CDT

Well, I am not complaining about customer service. My complaint is about my 2000 Expedition 5.4 As many of you have complain before about the coil packs and how often they go out. With all of the complaints why haven't Ford have a recall on this expensive problem? or is that the reason why they don't have a recall!

236976f6, 2009-10-24, 05:27PM CDT

Hello, I purchased a 2003 Ford Explorer and my heat have stopped working, I took my vehicle to a mechanic and I found out that many of Fords automobiles are having the same problems, the air is blowing but no heat, which I was told that it is the blend door which is very, very hard to get to, so if this is such a problem why haven't there been a recall on this issue, this is an accident waiting!

2b6fb442, 2009-12-20, 11:59AM CST

not just that i have a 99 expedition. I have had 2 plugs blow out and screwed the coil packs up also. If i am able to get rid of this hunk junk i will never ever buy another RAGGEDY FORD again!!!! The heads should be recalled. Fords suck!!!!!!!!!!!

d6b767d8, 2009-12-21, 06:30AM CST

We have dealt with Ford Motor Company for over 20 years, The Customer Service and financial dept has always been exceptionally good to us, we have an 2000 expedition with over 200,000 miles and very little repairs except the normal oil, tires. We also have a Ford Fusion 2006 now without any problems, so far.There have been times in past when we couldn't make our payment and they always have helped. Sorry about the bad experiences you have had but We won't buy anything but Ford because of their caring nature when we've been in a bind. Most companys don't care.

Melanie Miller

LaBelle, Fla

1ef9f990, 2010-04-14, 06:15PM CDT


5004a48f, 2010-04-22, 09:29AM CDT

ell dont your car to southgate ford,,worst service dept in michigan,,all get is the run around,,hung up on,,,no one ever calls when you leave messages,,or when my car is finished,,buncha lazy ass service writers,,no help at all,,never answer phone,,when i walk in there they are sittin round BSing not doin anything..

f503c53f, 2010-06-03, 01:15AM CDT

I am having an issue with Ford customer service also. The paint is falling off of my 06 Mercury Grand Marquis. The dealer I bought it from admits it was not painted correctly (faulty paint job-paint not adhering to primer) and Ford should be responsible for it. But since it is 7 months past the 3 yr warranty, the dealer says Ford customer service is who I must talk to. They of course give you the run around. The first guy sends me back to the dealer to inspect the car. They say yes the paint is faulty. Then of course you can't talk to the same customer service person again. They say they don't have extension numbers. Christopher, the second one I talked to was absolutely rude. He told me point blank they weren't doing anything for me and i was wasting his time. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said he didn't have one. Now get real. In a company as big as FORD, I'm supposed to fall for that. I kept arguing until someone named Joel came on the phone and said he was the supervisor but I highly doubt this. His solution to my problem was sending me a certificate for $1,000 off a new Ford or Mercury. Like I want another when the paint is falling off this one!!!!!!!!!!!!! No thanks. Then I look on the internet tonight and find out they are going to stop making Mercurys at the end of the year......Anyway...I agree customer service sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fa4b105d, 2010-06-06, 05:58PM CDT

Why does everyone complain about small little problems . If you guys think you have problems with ford vehicles and their dealerships then maybe you should go to general motors or chrysler then you will have lots of magor issues believe me i know . I have had a lot of cars and trucks from other brands but from the last ten years its been all ford . Can't beat the product or the service . ford is an excellent product !!!!!

62368469, 2010-06-27, 05:14PM CDT

Traded a 95 Taurus to Morries Ford in Buffalo MN - very reliable but a newer car desired. Bought a 2002 Bonniville on last Tuesday drove it 26 miles parked in the garage and it would not start on Sat. evening. I am ex sales management for ESSEX INTERNATIONAL!!!! FIX THIS DEALER PLS Thank You David E. Cesaretti

83f38873, 2010-06-30, 01:42AM CDT

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ad1c59ff, 2010-07-23, 06:04AM CDT

Why would Ford pay for something that they are now responsible for? When YOU bought YOUR vehicle, you signed a warranty for 3yrs 36000miles, once its outside of that its your responsibility. You're a bitch ass dude, plus paint is not a warrantable repair with any company! If you bought a Honda or Toyota it would be the same way. You're a loser stop being cheap

6c38e9d2, 2010-08-19, 09:20AM CDT


I have been a Ford customer for the last 10 years. I went to Indianapolis back in June and my F-350 broke down and I had it towed to Paul Harvey Ford.They replaced my EGR cooler but failed to replace the oil cooler at that time (although a FORD Technical services bulletin dated April 09 says to replace both when you replace one).i flew up to Indy 10 days after I came home just to get my truck. On the way home i started to smell the odor of Coolant burning. I made it to Memphis that night and called the folowing morning and was told by the service guy that it was "just residue ". On the 5th of August I had the same exact problem-Heavy white smoke and the truck began to overheat. I had it towed to Dobbs Ford on hwy 64. the service guys there are phenomenal.The EGR cooler had burnt again but FORD would not honor the warranty(12,000 miles parts and service)because the oil cooler had not been replaced by Paul Harvey Ford in Indianapolis. Now you know the rest of the story..... I have to pay for the repair a second time because it was a workmanship issue not a FORD issue. The service manager, Ron Beckman is nothing short of a crook and needs to change his title to Customer service gouger. There is absolutely no reason for an aotomobile dealer to get by with this crap.

b9162dde, 2011-01-19, 07:24AM CST

Hello, I am a very dedicated customer who has onlt bought Fords, both cars and trucks , for the past 27 years. I own my own company in Hong Kong; became seriously ill last year in may, and was in the hospital in HK for several months. I tried to talk with your Ford Motor Credit staff in August, and they promised to work with me, not repossess my brand new, ranger pick-up. I heard nothing, no warning, and came home with the money to pay up the balance. However, 3 minutes after we got home from the airport, a man came up and took the tag off my truck, said "sign this, and I am taking your truck!' Now, I have to look at toyota trucks,GMC trucks, and anything but Ford. I will never be able to trust your company again! I can't understand why you think this is a good way to run a business. I don't treat my customers this way! Good luck with your future business. I know you are too big to care about me, but I know alot of wealthy business people who listen to my opinions on products. I will start telling them to also look at other vehicles when they buy new ones. Thankyou for all the good cars and trucks , but goodbye forever! Your ex- loyal customer, scott Wray

0944b582, 2011-07-14, 03:10PM CDT

Had the same experience with the service dept. for Golden Circle Ford in Bolivar, TN. The lady screamed at me and would not let me finish a sentence. I had my car towed to a different garage and ford is also officially off my list for future service or sales. Ford lost a dedicated customer today.

Sam Pirtle

e4da74cd, 2011-11-22, 07:36AM CST

I agree , the big 3 and it's dealership have a lot to learn about this, When someone spends 30K on a vehicle and has to put up with these idiots, it reflects on the company name, Seems like Ford and the others dont take this seriously, they could learn from their competitiors,

0e530466, 2012-02-08, 05:59AM CST

hi i have a 2001 forcus this car is such a HEADACHE i have put sooooooooo much money and without a car since i got it. why am i complaining now once again my car is need of repair i probly have spent a good 7000 in the last 11 yrs its unreal. i am only guessing the the price but betwwen repair and trying to get back and forth to work when car is in shop its probly that much. this car has been a lemon from day one. i have replaced parts i never herad of. every so many months the car needs work by now i probly have a new car. which is crazy. when my car is running good i love it but is rare.

william m., 2012-08-04, 06:15PM CDT

Warning to all Timbrook ford Customers they are not what they promise : they want to sand a 2012 ford focus with less than 1000 miles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tom H., 2012-10-17, 09:51AM CDT

I am not complaining about the Dealership. Everyone at Ganley Ford, in Cleveland, has always been helpful and respectful.

I am concerned that a 2 and 1/4 year old Escape with 45,000 miles would have a "PURGE VALVE" fail and cause me a lot of concern....especially 300 miles from home...and charge me $240.05 for the Parts and Labor. Whatever happened to accountability. And who has ever had a "faulty purge valve?"

The free oil change was earned and I understand paying for a filter...but a PURGE VALVE?

If I do not hear from someone soon, this will be our last Ford product....ever.

Invoice#213633 date of service 11Oct12

Robert Allyn L., 2012-10-17, 02:02PM CDT

Purge Valve?

Have had to replace 3 in the last 8 years.

1 on my Oldsmobile winter car

1 on my dads Toyota

1 on my sisters Furd

They do go bad but other than expensive and a pain not a big deal.

I thought emisions equipment was covered for 50,000 by LAW you should check into that. Maybe you shouldn't have had to pay at all!

125fdeac, 2013-01-07, 07:57AM CST

bought a new f-150 eco boost. it has been in the shop 3 times in less than a year for the same issue. it shudders like it is going to come apart. the first time it needed a computer upgrade the second time it needed a deflector to keep water from getting to engine, the third time it needs an inner cooler for the turbo. i think it`s the transmission but they don`t. it has been in the shop for three weeks waiting on a part they undoubtedly don`t make anymore. it has been in shop a month out of the last 12. plan to check lemon laws and get rid of asap!

77628046, 2013-02-04, 03:14PM CST

I am having a real problem with Ford customer service, in that they refuse to do any warranty work on my brand new 2012 f150 transmission until they can duplicate the problem, meanwhile, I have to drive an unreliable and unsafe vehicle. They refuse to step out of their script and try to solve my problem. They refuse to get the Ford engineers involved, and they refuse to try anything at all. They have pretty much said that while they can't imagine the problem persisting until the warranty runs out without a major breakdown that they can identify, they understand my concern that at 5 years or 60,000 miles, the repairs that they didn't try will suddenly be on me - out of my pocket. And still they refuse to do anything until they can duplicate the problem. I have described the problem to a fine T and no one can get a clue. You'd think this would prompt them to consult the engineers, but no, it's not in the script!

cfffe748, 2013-02-05, 01:49PM CST

I purchased a2013 ford escape from knox ford in Radcliff ky. the sales person ptomised to show me controleslike garageb door opner and telephome hook up. i dont believe he knows how. he is ereal good in promising. TOOK THE CAR TO SERVICE AND TOLD THEM THE TIRES BOUNCING AND DIDINT DRIVE RIGHT. WENT BACK TO PICK IT UP AND SERVICE MGR SAID THAT THE RIMS ON DRIVER SID WERE BENT AN THE TIRES WERE DAMAGED. I TOOK IT THE FIRSTONE TIRE AND HE BALSNCED THE WHEELS AND NO DAMAGE.the dralership got my complaint monday and i havent heard fom

56244f59, 2013-04-23, 09:26AM CDT

I am amazed that Ford motor company continues to install some engines that fail after an average of 106,000 miles. One particular engine is the 1.9 liter engine installed in the 1993 Ford Escort LX. The valve seats crack on the intake valve ,fall out, and in some cases causes severe internal damage to the head, valves, or piston assembly. I am told by several mechanics and from information on the "Web" of this problem occurring often, almost guaranteed for this type of engine.

I am not a person that purchases a new mode of transportation every two years or so ; I expect them to last for a very long time with only moderate repairs. I still own a 1965 F100 I had bought during my earlier years which has served me well as a general maintenance vehicle for trailer pulling ,woodcutting, and other other work which caused great strain on axles and motor.

I am currently considering the purchase of a new vehicle to be utilized as a pulling truck for a newly bought 30 foot trailer. I certainly do not want something that could leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere for days while waiting for repairs. Since the Fird Motor Company appears to be more concerned about huge profits and not quality I will not be even remotely considering purchasing from your company in the future.

I addition, I do my my own repair work on my vehicles and have discovered that the Ford Escort is a pain in the ass to work on.

Sincerely ,Milton K. Beer

ervin g., 2013-09-18, 07:23PM CDT

04 escape bought new nov. 03. never has gotten 18/23 mpg.(14 summer 11-12 winter suburban, hwy 15-19 mpg). since new. previous vehicle got sticker + to apx. 90,000 then again after 100,000 mi. service. i am a light footed driver & go apx. 67 mph. hwy. always maintained. got run around from selling dealer to get me out of warranty.

Donna F., 2013-10-10, 09:52PM CDT

I bought a 2013 Ford Fiesta new off the lot ! I had to have to transmission reprogrammed at 5000 miles still not working at 6500 miles a new transmission and output shaft was installed ! Never been right now been driving even though not shifting right has 8880 miles and took it to dealership and they said nothing is wrong with it ! OMG the gears jammed up row days ago and had to pull over in interstate ! This has got to be against the law ! I am not trying to get money just a car that is working properly ! So out done with Ford Motor Company !

9856bfd5, 2013-11-12, 11:10AM CST

Wish that Ford Motor Co. would have this 2012 Ford Focus stuck up there you know what' I bought it the 6th of Oct off there lot. No heat on the feet, shifts like a farm tractor and is just a lemon. Well they finely got the part for the heater I took it out this morning told them again about the transmission, they said that is the way it is to work. I DON'T THINK SO. I told them two days after I bought this LEMON all this and that I wanted my old car back and all my money. Well they said they could not do this. WHY? I hate this car I have it up for sale and everyone that looks at it says oh no not this model. Last week Rory called from Ford Motor and she said she would take care of this.She was so convincing and said we will take it back. Well this morning she called again and a different story, she said that they would not take this car (Lemon)back all of a sudden she

says a different story. I will never buy another Ford If I Can Get Rid Of This ONe I always had a ford but never again they do not stand back of there cars HATE THIS CAR( LEMON)Someone buy this thing from me Ford Motor Does Not Want It.Oh yes she called and said she would call me again next tue why I don not know for they are not going to do a thing.

9856bfd5, 2013-11-14, 10:21AM CST

I am so mad I just got off of Southworth Ford page well They realy overcharged me The same car is priced at 17000, I had to pay 19995 Is this the way to treat people. No wonder they brought me hot chocolate etc. I fell like I should be given the difference back to me if they are an honest company. Which I will never see they just like to take people for there money even if they take advantage of them. Well Ford Motor Company get off your duff and help me get some of my money back. I doubt if you will do a darn thing just like the women you had call me honey and pie one minute and different the next time she calls you

9856bfd5, 2013-11-15, 04:13PM CST

Well nothing from anyone Hey Jay are you still serving hot chocolate to your customers and sweet talking them oh are you still calling there landlord and telling them you bought a car.

Jane B., 2013-11-18, 04:22PM CST

Please e mail to me the following address and current head of each department.

Pres. of Ford Motor, Head of Customer Service and the head person on the warranty department. My auto shop has done a lot of work. My car is 2004 with not quite 50000 miles on it. It is falling apart.

339017a2, 2014-02-19, 04:10PM CST

I'm driving a 2013 Ford Escape with 9400 miles on it. I'm very unhappy with my mileage. It is suppose to get 32-33 on the highway, well that is a joke. It is the 1.6 ltr and if I'm lucky driving 60mph max, I might get 26 mpg, it is suppose to average that. I've taken it in to 2 different dealers, they have no answers. This say it gets up to 29mpg, maybe for the 2 miles they drove it!! Then Ford needs to show if you drive it 60mph maybe it will get 26, when I drive it on the freeway at 70, I get 22-23 mpg. It will definitely be my last Ford Escape, because of there false advertisement!! I will be taking this further with Ford.

f7a72f78, 2014-04-03, 02:38PM CDT

my 2006 f-150 had 120000 miles on it when my oil pressure dropped out, I thought it was a oil pump but to my surprise I need a new motor! I took it to a local dealer and he stated its a common problem with that motor. the mechanic didn't even remove anything yet he knew I needed a new motor . I took it elsewhere and was told the same thing, I was even told of another truck, a 2010 with 60000 miles going through the same ordeal! the motor is a 5.4 triton flex fuel motor and since I did everything owners are supposed to do [oil changes and such]I think ford designed a flawed engine and when I asked for assistance in replacement charges they did not care so today I paid 7100.00 dollars for an engine. I would like to hear from other owners and maybe ford will help everyone who got burned by ford and this bad designed engine.

Dan J., 2015-06-02, 03:47PM CDT

I have had two Fords and they will be my last. The 2008 Ford Edge has had transmission problems and we have had to replace it not only once but twice and it just went back with the same problem. The replacements were what they call Ford quality products. Just got a call from the dealer and was told that they had found problem,however, the mechanic that works on transmissions is a week behind. I guess it is the Quality in these transmissions. We are out of a car for another week and I am not sure if it will be fixed this time. The Ford F-150 that I have had to have engine replaced. The Quality Ford replacement had problems and had to be replaced again. I am just overwhelmed with all this Quality. I have always been a Ford man but that has come to an end. I advise everyone considering the purchase of a Ford consider the Quality or lack there of.

Mark A., 2015-06-10, 04:03PM CDT

I bought a new 2010 F150 off the lot, and now the paint is literally falling off my truck,of course it is not covered on any warranty, so the dealership will do nothing along with anyone else , who they tell me call up the chain. If anyone is experiencing this problem, please contact us, unfortunately we need to find others with same problem, before a recall can take place of defective paint.

[email protected]

f0a351b0, 2015-06-16, 02:24PM CDT

Hi all,

I am new to this forum and very disappointed with Ford and my 2013 Cmax Energi. Poor MPG (34) and EV is a low of only 8-9 miles here in Michigan sometimes. I paid a lot for this car and it has been a total joke compared to what Ford claims. Myfordmobile has never worked right and Value Charging (off peak) has been intermittent since new and required me to install a 220V timer to prevent car from charging during peak hours. I filed small claims and go to court next week wed 24 June 2015. Is anyone else having these problems in Ann Arbor/Detroit area and interested in being a charater witness to speak to thier same problems with performance against ford?? If so please respond I could really use some help in my fight against these guys. Thanks.

PS I tried to get Ford to reimburse me only $2600 for a two year lease as compensation for poor MPG, Poor EV range, myfordmobile not workinig, and functional problems like smart key and tailgate intermittent, nav problems, etc. there some things I like about the Focus but Ford's lack of ownership for design defects and dismal customer service is not acceptable.

fccd2a2c, 2015-06-16, 03:55PM CDT

I have a Ford F-150 Lariat Supercrew. Recently, the left rear and right front inside door handles fractured under normal wear. These doors are seldom used; this is my work vehicle. When I took it in for repairs, I discovered that all 4 handles had a re- inforcement installed as part of NHTSA recall 11S15; this was to prevent possible ejection due to doors inadvertently opening during crash; caused by fractured inside handles and loss of spring tension. I did find my receipt where work was performed on 6/2/2011 as part of the recall.

It cost me $385 to replace the 2 handles today. The Ford service manager spoke to the recall department with no luck. I then called the recall department and explained that the recall repair of the reinforcement did not work and explained that they should repair them properly at no charge. They declined my efforts. I had to pay the $385 for the same handle replacements with no garuntee that these will properly protect me. As well, I guess I will have to continue to have to buy handles as they break or I buy a vehicle that I don't have to worry about.

I have always had my Ford serviced at the dealership to ensure it is repaired correctly. You website won't let me sign in; used my wife's email address

I am very disappointed in Ford for not paying the expense of replacing a safety hazard as stated by the recall.

d6554cf2, 2015-07-16, 12:51AM CDT

We have the peeling paint problem on our Grand Marquis. I love the solid feel of that car, but it's a disgrace to look at. Twice, I had to scrape and sand, tape up the glass and chrome, rub the bare metal with rubbing alcohol and spray the spots with paint. Isn't that silly? Looks nice when I'm done, for a few months. Moving on, my hubby went and bought a Ford Fiesta, after our granddaughter totaled his 13 year old Nissan 2x2 truck. She was fine, though shaken to the core. But back to the Fiesta, the problem was diagnosed as transmission. It's been in the shop, three times, and they fix it to factory specs but that doesn't help much. I was driving it in winter, because it handles better on snow and ice than the Grand Marquis. But in nice weather, I'm not willing to drive the Fiesta. I feels like the engine is going to die, gives a message, "limp mode." I must agree with most of you, Ford is not that great a product; maybe that's why it's so readily available at Car Max, lol. Live and learn!

1eb072ce, 2015-07-17, 09:49AM CDT

Courtesy Ford in Conyers GA has ripped off my daughter by replacing a blower motor that is not defective, I had them give her the motor after she paid over 400 dollars to fix the faulty AC in her Flex. I checked the motor and also had a local electrical shop check it and it is not defective. The Dealer failed to return my calls and today I went and saw the service manager a Mike Zabarac. He refuses to discuss the issue and treats me like I am a idiot. I have looked everywhere and cannot find the address o0f a Ford rep that I can contact above the dealer level.

It seems like this dealer has no interest in keeping customers. I am at a dead end and my only recourse now is to let everyone know how dishonest Courtesy Ford is.

Robert Allyn L., 2015-07-17, 11:05AM CDT

Advice: File a small claims suit. If you do this correctly its fun!

It takes some time and is a pain, but the pay off is that the dealer has to stand there and explain to a judge why he shouldn't have to refund your money. Or he doesn't show and you get to file a unpaid debt on the dealers credit, that will get him cranked up. ;)

The nice people at the courthouse will help you, make sure you file for every penny they tell you you are allowed to.

If they offer to settle make sure you include your filing costs in their bill.

Good Luck and have fun

Gene E., 2015-10-09, 12:07PM CDT

dear ford I purchased a 2013 ford fusion hybrid paid almost 8k more than the regular ford fusion then find out the gas mileage was not the 47 miles to a gallon but around 40. its sad that people were not reimbursed at least half that money. also just got a letter for emission recall said it would take about half a day to full day to complete. called toward end of day and was told they just finished 1 and three more were ahead of me. then received call that it would take another day. another call and was told there were 3 more recalls on my car that I was never told about. a bolt in steering something to do with airbags and door latches. this is not the kind of service I expect from ford. its sad now I am told my car will be ready Monday or Tuesday.thats almost a week they had my car.

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