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In 2002, we got Alarm-One security system installed in our home in Hoffman

Estates (IL). The contract for the equipment was signed for 3 yrs, after

which we were told we could cancel at any time. Now (May 2007) we have moved to New Jersey and want to cancel our service. But during this time the accounts in that area have been sold to another company called "Security Networks". We were advised by Alarm-One to now contact Security Networks to cancel. But the customer service at Security Networks told us different things to do every time we called in when the service was still not disconnected. We were told to send in mail, e-mails, fax and request cancellation. We have done all of the above but still they haven't taken any action. It has been months and since we are set-up for auto-payment Security Networks is still withdrawing $40 regularly from our account. Every time we call they make us hold for hours and then tell us to fax/e-mail again etc. Also, now they have come up with a new tactic, they are telling us that we are still under contract and we will owe the remainder of the term amount. In spite of the fact that we signed the contract in 2002 and it was over in 2005.

In addition, we have been treated very badly by the customer-service deptt. and have even been asked to "get off my (their) phone". This problem has lead to a wastage of a lot of time and money and not to mention the mental anguish.

If their is anyone planning to get a security system from "Security

Networks" I want to warn you that DONOT ever do that!!!!

Hope this will help some innocent customer before he/she takes the bait.

- Mischa


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4b65892a, 2007-09-12, 03:51PM CDT

I have used security networks for both my home and business for the past 7 years and they have been fantastic!

1a37a96a, 2008-05-25, 08:40PM CDT

I signed on with APX and was sold to Security Networks. I stopped payment when my alarm system stopped working. They say you are to pay them for service provided, but if they are not providing a service they should not get paid. Stop paying them!

e7d65610, 2009-06-24, 03:04PM CDT

In my case, I was charged for the first month of monitoring even though I cancelled the contract, as I have the right, within three business days post installation. American Express will dispute this charge.

To make the story short, a rep from a company named "Siren" came to my house, claiming Siren was promoting equipment at no charge while trying to get business in NJ. Although I was concerned with the very long five-year monitoring contract, I signed up, but cancelled the day after the install as the install was totally unsatisfactory and unsafe. (For more of my experience and from others about this other terrible company, "Siren" go to -not my site, but posted my issues there)

In any event, Security Netorks is the company Siren uses for monitoring at least in NJ, and I was charged the first month of monitoring 3 days after cancelling and having the sytem removed. I have called them to no avail. A new customer has the right to cancel within three business days from the initial installation. A credit is to be expected within ten business days. It is now 23 days past the cancellation and I am yet to see a credit on my Amex report. Amex will dispute the charge but I feel others must be aware of this. For what I see, this company Security Networks is infamous for continuing to charge customers after cancelling or not renewing contracts.

68507823, 2009-06-25, 01:21PM CDT

We signed up with Security networks, LLc and I guess the company contracts out to Vision Security as well, a couple of weeks ago, well two days later we started having problems with the system not working and the numbers we called kept telling us to call the other one to help us solve the problem. When we finally were able to talk to a tech, he didn't have the manual for our system so it was a lot of push this button to see what happens.... and we were told to call back tomorrow to have a tech come out to the house.... I reread the contract and discovered we had 3 days to cancel, I faxed the paper to cancel, even after this, they charged my account the $99 set up fee and first months $45 charge, that I am still waiting to get refunded. They have come out to remove their equipment and let a huge hole in my wall...

Stu J., 2012-08-09, 12:39PM CDT

On Aug 2 1012 Security networks (Vision Security-508 W Orem,UT 84057. Thursday night Mr. Michael Austor a Rep. for Vision Security Systems arrived at my door at 7pm and told my Wife and I that He was here to upgrade our System,he told us that the Security System we Had ( Vivint Security) was a Sub Contracter and was unrelibale and they were here to see that we had an ugrade monitor,a 2 Gig System with Carbon fiber wires in case the Monitor was ripped off the wall,it would alert Vision Security and they could send help. He then told us that our Medical problems would be givin to Vision and they would be awear of our Med problems and could send the correct help to save time. My wife was giving 6 Mo. to live because of her Heart problems as soon as Michael heard this He begain to pray on my wife saying that the Medical pendents that we had from Vinint security were indicating low batters and said that they were to be checked at least every 6 mo. and Vivint failed to keep us up to date. around 10:15 pm a tec. arrived and started to remove the Vivint Monitor from the wall befour we had a chance to even read the contract. Michael insisted that we were making the right decision by the new upgrade System. Once the Monitor was removed from the wall Michael stated "Oh I see that this monitor is a 2 gig monitor also but it is not an upgrade monitor the new monitor will be better for you and your Wife,I want to see that your Wife is takin care of. ect,ect,ect. On Sat my Wife and I decited that we felt scamed by Michael and Vision that we better Cancle it ASAP. I called Vision Cumtomer Service #866-999-5195 and was told that this # is no longer in Service,I then called there Home Office # on there Contract and was told that there working Hr. were from 8am to 6 pm and if there was a problem dail 911. At his time We decited to Call Vivint they told us that it was Iligal to remove there System witout notice, they told me to fax a letter to Vision Cancleing the Contract. On monday 8/6/12 I faxed a letter to Vision from a UPS Sore in my city. I called Vision Security on 8/7/12 and was told that they did not recive the fax,when I had a comformation form the UPS store. I was told to send another fax, I did on 8/8/12 I called again to a comferm that they recived it ,they said yes they did,I said we want Cancelation asap, the rep. told us that we cant that we have been with them since Sept.24th 2011. this is a false statement since there Contract says Aug 2nd 2012. this has been a nightmare. I called Vivint on 8/9/12 and they are to call back from the Retention Dept. in 24hr. we have been with Vivint for 2 years plus and have Bank statments to prove payment since they are takingout Auto.Vivint will take this up with there Security Dept,for legal action and agreed that Vision had scamed us on Aug. 2/12

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