Hitachi Customer Care Service - Just Pathetic

Posted on Wednesday, June 20th, 2007 at 5:39am CDT by fe14bc1a

Company: Hitachi Customer Care Service - Just Pathetic

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This is classic example of customer getting into trap of Vendor-Dealor. We've bought Hitachi AC ( RAVO24EMDZ1) from Srishti Electronics in Feb'07. Initially it worked ok but gradually it stopped working. We complained to Dealer, he redirected us to Hitachi. He dint bother to call service center but while making the deal the dealer was very nice.

Hitachi guys came and said there is gas leakage problem with the AC. We were surprised that within three months how can it happen.

Then we went to dealer said about this, he simply tried to avoid this situation and asked us to contact Hitachi. Dealer said he can not do anything only Hitachi can do anything. After contacting Hitachi we were redirected to the dealer again. It was disgusting situation.

After writting to their managers and escalating to the higher authority, they bothered to call for the very first time after 20 days. Till that period nobody contacted us.

This is very awful.




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