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Posted on Wednesday, June 20th, 2007 at 6:37pm CDT by c2c691d0

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I tried to cash $40.00 in travelers at a Citi Bank in Santa Clara CA. As

with Tim the teller asked if I had an account at that bank. My first

question is why would I be cashing travelers checks there if I had an

account there? My second thought was that one gets travelers checks so they

simply counter sign them. I had already cashed a number at local businesses

with no problem. To make a long story short I had to provide a health card

(photo), drivers license (photo) & a credit card along with my finger print.

The teller had me counter sign,sign the back& print my name in the place for

the ceck casher to put their name. I told her that was wrong but she

insisted. I should have left but I had some time & wanted to see what would

transpire. I finally received my $40.00 after 23 minutes. Either American

Express checks are useless or Citi Bank is the worst financial institution

on the planet. I can guarantee you that was my last dealing for whatever

reason with Citi Bank.


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431976be, 2008-12-11, 03:31AM CST

In France you cannot find a place to cash American Express check out side of going to an Am Express office.My bank at the post office here will not accept them because I have an account the other banks will not accept them bevause I do not have an account and will not open an account until I supply them with a financial statement or income report!!!

DO NOT LEAVE HOME WITH AM EXPRESS TRAVEL CHECKS if you want to cash them in France ...outside of PARIS!

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