Kohler - Kohler Pro Cook Sink K-3396 complaint

Posted on Tuesday, June 19th, 2007 at 5:41pm CDT by 20d36c90

Company: Kohler

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

To all Kohler product consumers,

Typically, I am an advocate of Kohler products, but recent circumstances has caused me to rethink the quality of Kohler's customer service.

I originally purchased a Kohler Pro Cook sink K-3318 a little over a year and a half ago. About six months ago, the steamer stopped draining properly. Kohler stepped in and replaced the unit with an upgraded version since the unit I originally purchased was no longer being made.

Less than 5 months later, the knob that controls the steamer snapped completely in half. I ordered a few replacement knobs thinking that it was just a faulty fixture. Since then, I have gone through five knobs. Each and every one has completely snapped off.

Kohler finally accepted the unit back with the understanding that the controller itself is the problem. Apparently, so did over 120 consumers who purchased this exact product.

It has now been over two months and Kohler cannot provide a projected shipment date for the replacement controllers. They are still "trying to get the parts to resolve the issue". At this point, they cannot even tell me if I will EVER receive a replacement.

If this isn't poor customer service and technical solutions... I don't know what is!

Please consider the possibility of this occurring with any purchased Kohler products. You may wind up with a faulty product that cannot even be replaced by the manufacturer.


Linda B


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b961839e, 2008-05-05, 10:04AM CDT

Apparently Kohler has discontinued this entire "Cooksink" line, apparently because the company that manufactures the heating element has gone out of business (this is from someone at a Kohler company showroom)

4ff0c654, 2008-05-25, 05:43PM CDT

i have people comping to make templates for tge granite in my new home's kitchen. i had planned on a pro cook sink and separate prep sink in the island. is that the item you had so much trouble with, r was it the pro cook center.....it is the unti that has the pot and sink as a single unit? they are scheduled to come up may 27th.

thank you,

vickie falbo

17dc0773, 2008-07-25, 11:42PM CDT

Dear Linda,

I am wondering if your problem was ever solved by Kohler? I've had my eye on this ProCook Sink since last summer and the Chicago Mart Showroom told me that they had removed it from their product line and they were working on fixing something in the heating element, I believe (not certain).

c791a5ab, 2009-07-27, 08:22PM CDT

I purchased the cook sink utensils a while back without having the cook sink. I was "told" that the manufacturer of the cook sink was way behind on production, but could pick these items up then. STUPID ME. Guess I'm stuck with all the accessories, still in the Kohler box. Wish I could find the original receipt. If anyone hears of a class action suit against Kohler, sign me up.

a7b55a01, 2009-10-01, 11:52PM CDT

What kind of cook sink accessories do you still have?

I might be interested in purchase them from you.

Thank you

e3ae1f9f, 2010-07-08, 08:23PM CDT

I have had a similar, unsatisfactory experience with my Pro Cook Sink. It was installed new and stopped heating after 3 years. Kohler customer service referred me to a local, factory authorized repair representative. The initial visit cost almost $200 and resulted in a promise to "make a fuse" and get back promptly. That was 8 months ago and after repeated calls to the local repair guy, still no working pro cook. Calling Kohler did absolutely nothing. They acted like they were doing me a favor by talking to me on the phone and offered no help in motivating the local guy. When I built my house, I put in all Kohler stuff, never again!!!!!

736fb777, 2014-11-19, 08:15PM CST

I have been trying to sell my steamer sink for $200 including matching bar sink. I used it for about a year and did not have any problems except one lid knob broke off. It is cobalt blue and I just wanted a white sink with more room available to wash bigger pots and pans in. I live in New Hampshire. This unit is very heavy for shipping. If I can't sell it I will probably donate it to Habitat for Humanity store.

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