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Yes it is easy to activate but once you do thats about all you get.I bought a phone thru them and called them to activate and had problems just getting their phone activated. Either its the sim card or your trac phone number or your land line . Whats your land line got to do with the trac phone anyway? You dont need it to activate the trac phone! Any way now that the trac phone is activated it show up on the screen that there is no service. Called the tech line at tracphone and they said that that phone is being taken out of service and I need to buy a new one. LOL I told them I just bought this one and was told they are sorry but still need to get a new phone as this one was being taken out. They will move my added minutes to the new phone but will have to get a new number and the cost of the first new phone will not be refunded. To add to this they tell you that you have to keep buying their cards to refill the units by each expiration date or you have to reactivate

. You loose the number you have and get another number even if you still have units on your present phone. It doesnt matter if you have 1000 units or 5 units it automatically shuts down.

Then to try to get an answer from them , LOL good luck.Try it online and you have to wait to hear from them , which could be anywhere from4 or 5 hrs tp a week later. No matter what the problem is , its always something you did or didnt do , or its with your phone , or your sim card , or your reception . With all this I might as well go to alltel or cellular one or something as it seems to be easier and cheaper in the long run.


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f1beb9e0, 2008-05-21, 11:39AM CDT

i bought a double minute card,now that i had to get a new phone, they won't transfer it. customers should know they seem to make up new rules as they go along.

b89c50a2, 2009-01-07, 10:44AM CST

I had problems initially with double min. for live of phone.

What I did was email the Attorny Generals Office and show prove and a couple calls to their attorneys in Texas and no problems since.

Be pro-active--All companies will try to screw you, especially w/ overseas tech. support--ask for american rep.

87708656, 2009-10-17, 01:25PM CDT

I am having the same problem it says the system is unavailable its a day and half now I am down to 4 minutes. I don't even have enough minutes to call them. I am going to look for a magic jack.Or some alternative phone.

0c2479de, 2011-04-02, 01:47PM CDT

I have had a tracphone for over 4 years now and have had no problems with my service or renewing units, minutes. Usually do this over the internet and immediately have my miniutes added to my phone. Too bad you have had a bad experience. We live in northeast NE, maybe it't the area you live in. I wasn't aware of no service areas until I tried to order a new phone off QVC and they said they couldn't send it because there was not service in my area, however like I said I had a tracphone for over 4 years in my area with no problems. Can't quite figure that one out but anyway didn't get the new phone and "exceptional" deals they were offering. Still happy with what I have. SD in Nebraska

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