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Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2007 at 9:59am CDT by 05ad6f94

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We have been loyal customers of T-Mobile since the year 2000. I should mention that the current grievance is not the first we have had with T-Mobile; however, for the sake of brevity and succinctness, I am limiting this to the latest problem.

Last December, we purchased a Sidekick for my daughter as a Christmas present. As my wife's phone line was the one that had the best terms for an upgrade, we bought it under her line. We also purchased insurance for the phone. In fact, we have bought insurance for her phones for more than a year, although the upgrade may not have come through her phone number. We were informed yesterday, that the phone is only covered if it was used on the line under which it was purchased. So even though my daughter was the intended end user, the phone was not covered if she was using it, instead of my wife. On the other hand, the phone my wife actually uses is also not covered, as the insurance was not purchased within 14 days of when she purchased her phone. As a result, we have been paying insurance for several months and perhaps years, for a service that could not be applied to any of the phones the family uses. Of course, this is all in the fine print, as T-Mobile customer service staff is quick to inform you now; however, the sales people never inform of you of the limitations. In addition, in the past, when we were able to use the insurance on the phone to which it was applied, the deductible was $75, which is more than the phone was worth.

By the way, my daughter's phone is still covered by the warranty; however,

T-Mobile requires the customer to bring the phone to a T-Mobile store, where they will provide you with a loaner of their choosing-not the actual phone the customer bought. This means that the customer now has to learn an entirely new system for phone use and texting. Under the terms of the warranty, T-Mobile is free to replace the original phone with a new or refurbished one of the same model, and the entire process can take three to four weeks if everything goes smoothly, longer if it does not. In fact, the phone we had bought for her before the Sidekick was a Motorola RAZR. She had to send it back three times, while under warranty, to finally receive one that worked properly. Each time, she had to wait for weeks to receive the replacement, only to find out that it, too, was defective. One can imagine that they just send the defective phone back out to somebody else, hoping that the new recipient will give up and not return it, if the defect is minor enough to be an inconvenience and not an impediment.

When we contacted customer service yesterday, the best they could do, after much haggling and complaining, as a "courtesy" to us, because we have been long-time customers, was to allow us to pay $125 to purchase an insurance policy retroactively for her phone. The reason we were asking about the insurance, was that if the phone is covered under both, warranty and insurance, T-Mobile mails you a replacement phone directly to your house, without having to take the defective phone to the store, get a loaner, and wait three to four weeks for the replacement. Another customer service representative told us that he would contact Asurion, the insurance underwriter, to see "what they can do for you," and promised to return the phone call by the end of the day. Of course, he never returned the call. Another Customer Service Representative made the same type of promise in connection with another grievance in the past. She, too, never called back by the time she said she would, or ever, for that matter.


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fb727d32, 2007-09-16, 07:04PM CDT

Dear sir: "that the phone is only covered if it was used on

the line under which it was purchased."

This is not accurate. I apologize if the situation was not succinctly explained to you - Without knowing specific identifying information I probably can't help you very much but i can try.

In this case you would have needed to ensure that the insurance was added to your daughters line of service in order for the insurance to cover the phone. As long as insurance is on the line of service, whatever phone is on that service REGARDLESS Of if the phone was purchased for use on that line or not would be covered under the insurance. Your sidekick would have a $110.00 deductible associated with it in the event that insurance is used to replace the phone though. Period. End of sentence. No amount of complaining to asurion will lower that so please don't try - it really only ends up frustrating you and the asurion employee more :(

If you want the phone replaced under the warranty there are several criteria that must be met. Because you bought the phn under your wife's line then you would not EVER be able to place another SIM into the phone prior to placing your daughters SIM into it. You also must be sure that you purchased the phone from a DIRECT CORPORATE tmobile location.

Another piece of advice? As "Cool" as the sidekick seems....it is the worst phone ever. If every sidekick on the planet quit working tomorrow I would be ecstatic. They cost far FAR too much for what they are.

Also - you don't say if your sidekick was limited edition or not. IF Tmobile was able to replace the phone for you i'm going to guess that it was not. ALL you pay for with a limited edition sidekick is the fancy paint job.

You may want to check tmobile.com under accessories & Services for the equipment protection program to find out more about insurance etc. It's a good idea to read up on that if you have it on your account anyway.

5dc11360, 2008-11-21, 01:11PM CST

Having problems with a phone sent to T-Mobile Service Center in LaGrance, Georgia? I navigated their telephone system (706) 880-2000 and found the Distribution Supervisor. Contact below.

To navigate their system call the 880-2000 number, ignore the customer service message. Hit 4 to get a list of the company directory. Just start picking departments until someone helps you.

Kristi McCormick

NRC Distribution Supervisor

Business Operations

Office -706-880-2087

Cell -404-519-7592

Larry S., 2012-11-01, 01:49PM CDT

This isn't really a complaint, but a question regarding a refund. On Oct 19,2012 my fone became totaly disabled. I contacted T- Mobile and was advised to contact asurion for a new (refurbished) fone. My 4th REFURBISHED piece of junk. I found the link and filled out the info, and then was advised I owed $130.00 for the "new" fone. I completed the order and then during the weekend found out I could buy a new fone for $54.00. I decided that was a better deal.(not the same fone, but new). When I received the replacement on monday Oct.22,

I called asurion to find out how to return the replacement.After talking to 4 different people, I was advised to send it back to the Ft Worth warehouse, which I did on Oct 23. It was received there on Oct 26, at 10:00 am. UPS tracking 1ZR04V240308999272. Just wondering when the $130.00 would be refunded. Also, I paid the $9.96 to return the fone unopened

Larry S., 2012-11-15, 10:05AM CST

After a month I finally got someone to look at my account and verify I was due a refund. It should be cerdited back to my account in 7-10 days.we'll see

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