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Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2007 at 1:17pm CDT by 6835cabf

Company: Spicy Chicken Meal / Wendy's

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1 Nas Jacksonville # 987, Jacksonville Nas, FL (4.60 miles away)

On the 18th of June 2007, around 3:20pm I went up to the drive through

window at the Wendy's (above address - hope I located the correct one it

is next to target) outside of Naval Air Station base of Roosevelt 17,

Jacksonville, Florida during my lunch break. I asked for a number 6 and

before I can complete how I would like my sandwich the girl snap like

medium or large. I asked her could I complete my order first, she

stated I did you want a number 6, now would you like that medium or

large. I told her that on my number 6 make it plain, and add pickles

and cheese only. As I come to the window to pay, her and another

co-worker was discussing should they take my money, one stating that go

ahead girl be nice, while the other just standing they giggling. I

asked them to not worry about just give me my card and I can go

somewhere else to eat. She stated that it had already gone through, I

stated okay, let your manager know I like to speak with her. At the

pick up window I explain maybe they are not paid enough, or that dealing

with customers it can be long day, but a little bit of customer service

wouldn't hurt. She stated that she was listening on the order and that

is how she is trained. As I am further speaking with the manager she

stated that she is sorry they way I was dealt with but with the

impression as if citing a poem. No concern, could care less... hoping I

just drive off with my food. Speaking on the food, the chicken breast

was dry and over cooked, hard on the edges, not crispy hard either, and

the fries were old and seemed to been re-dipped in the grease, due to

their sogginess and limp appearance. If I had more time for lunch I

would have taken it back to them. Though I discarded it. Not only did

I waste my time, my money, and the fact that I was disrespected is the

worse for that in today society we have to work and I know I do not like

to be treated with such tactics that I received from both the lady that

was placing orders and the manager, And I am sure they too like to be

treated with a little bit of common courtesy as well. If you have any

questions please email me, and if you like to speak with me I will be

more than happy to speak with you, just provide a number that you may be

reached at. Thank you all for your cooperation in this manner. I feel

that sometimes employees get caught up in the fast food chain industry

that they can speak and treat their customers anyway, due to the way

some customers may not protest or complain, but I hope this statement is

false, I hope and I pray that there are more people like me that turn in

those that treat people rude and dissatisfactory behavior. No one

deserves to be treated with such ugliness, ever... I was just trying to

get lunch on my lunch break...=20


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