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Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2007 at 1:57pm CDT by 8ce3f0ae

Company: Carpet- Purchase and Installation

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Name of Company: Prestige Carpet & Tile, 2200 N. University Drive, Sunrise,

FL 33322, Tel# 954-747-8844

I purchased carpet and signed a contract on 4/5/07 with Prestige Carpet and

Tile. The day I was supposed to have my carpet delivered to my new condo, I

was told that the service people would be here between 2PM and 4PM. At 3pm

the service person called and said he and his partner were just getting

something for lunch and would be at my house very soon. At 4pm when they

never showed I called and was told they would be here soon again. At 5 pm I

called the store and was told they'd try and get in touch with the service

people and that the owner, Randy would call me right back. At 5:55 one

service person arrived (his boss wasn't with him) and told me he'd start the

job alone and his partner would meet him at my house. He started to put down

the padding for my carpet. Since the apartment was empty anyway, my sister

and I left him alone and went to dinner. When we came back at 8PM I saw one

guy outside by his truck. I went into my apartment and the other guy still

had just the padding down. The new carpet was still outside in the truck!

The one man said he had had to pick up the boss somewhere else. This went

on and on and the job was not finished until MIDNIGHT (Sat. night). When

they finally finished and called me to come back to the apartment (I was

still living at my old place) it was obviously very dark- there was not much

light and I couldn't see if the whole job was done to my satisfaction.

The 'boss' asked me for the balance due on the job and I said I would come

into the store first thing Monday morning with a check for the balance due

($1,393.65) as I could not physically see that the job was complete to my

satisfaction in the dark!! I signed the receipt as such, saying I would be

in on Monday.

On Sunday morning the owner of the store, Randy, called me and was very

angry and asked why I hadn't paid for the balance of the job. I explained

to him all that had transpired the day and night before and that I couldn't

even see the entire job at MIDNIGHT. His only concern waS getting his

money. He didn't care that these people kept me waiting all day long and

that the job was not done till midnight. Every time I tried to explain how

this was very unsatisfactory, all he kept saying was, "We did the job, and

we want to get paid". These people have absolutely no regard for the

customer and treat the customer horribly.

I told him that yes I would be at the store on Monday, which was the day I

was actually moving into my apartment. He kept on ranting and raving and I

finally had to hang up the phone.

When I got to the store Monday afternoon to pay the balance on my carpet

(the carpet looked fine to me) Randy was very nasty still and made a comment

about being surprised that I actually showed up to pay my bill. He was very

sarcastic and when I tried to explain to him that this whole transaction was

very unsatisfactory- how they could keep telling a customer they would be at

the job, and kept us waiting for so many hours. He had absolutely no

concern about that and he didn't even attempt at any time to make an


Three weeks ago I called the store to please have someone come and fix a

couple of seams that were not meeting properly. Having bought carpet many

times in the past, I knew this was a common repair and not a big deal. When

I called I was told that someone would contact me the next day and that they

would send someone out the same week. I never heard back from anyone.

Last week, I called again on Monday. The person had no record of my call

from the previous week. He said he'd schedule me for Wednesday afternoon

after 2pm, at my request. The service man called me at 4:30 on Wed. to say

he was at my apt and I met him there a few mintues later. He looked at my

carpet and told me that noone told him it waS a repair for the seams. He

said he was told it waS a problem with the carpet bubbling. I showed him

the two seams that were in need of repair and he said he didn't have the

right tools. He asked where Home Depot was and I told him and he said he'd

go there and come right back. That was at 5pm. At 6:30 he hadn't come back

so I called the store and they said they'd get back to me and then the

service 'boss/partner' (same guys who did the installation) said the guy

would not be coming back that day. I asked if this could be set up again

for Saturday and he said yes. When I called the store to confirm this I

spoke to the owner's wife Kathryn, who said that noone was coming here on

Saturday and that they just told me that to shut me up. She said someone

would be here first thing Monday morning. Then I confirmed this again with

the boss/installer and he said yes, he would himself be here first thing on

Monday morning, about 9am.

Well, as I write this it is now Monday afternoon, 1:30 pm, and noone has

been to my apartment. I called the store three times, spoke to Kathryn who

was going to get the installer on the phone and call me back. Never heard

from anyone. Called again and was told the same thing. Everyone keeps

asking me, "You mean you haven't heard from the installer?"...Now I am told

that Kathryn is sending another installer out to my home tomorrow morning,

first thing (about 9am) and that this man will call me first.

This is a prevailing theme with this store. They keep telling you

something, they do not deliver and they keep you waiting and waiting and

waiting. When you get mad at them they tell you that you are crazy to get

mad and that this is a "service business" and things do go wrong

sometimes!!!!! Nothing has gone right at all with this company!!!

What bothers me most is that these people really don't give a damn about the

customer. They have never once apologized for being late or not showing up.

Their attitude is that you are lucky that you get the service from them at

all. How can businesses be allowed to get away with this attitude?


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