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Posted on Friday, June 15th, 2007 at 4:24pm CDT by d72bb9b8

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This is personal account in TWX magazine, someone called me over the phone, offering me this magazine for free subscriptions and stop sending this magazine after the free promo. Now as i checked on my Bank Account, i just noted $50 dollars deduction. I want to cancel this but i could not find Customer Service Number to cancel this account.

Please advise.

Thank You.



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49a0fb36, 2008-01-12, 11:42PM CST

I have a similar problem with TWX for Sports Illustrated and others. I do not recall ever asking for a subscription. If you found any information about how to stop this and cancel please send me an email to the address below.

Paul Anderson

[email protected]

8548ece8, 2008-01-24, 11:38AM CST

I have been charged for Sports Illustrated and did not authorize this. My bank account has been debited for about $70.00. Can you correct this and cancel the subscription for all of this? Thanks in advance for your help. We are on a limited income and can not afford this kind of money.

8548ece8, 2008-01-24, 11:38AM CST

I have been charged for Sports Illustrated and did not authorize this. My bank account has been debited for about $70.00. Can you correct this and cancel the subscription for all of this? Thanks in advance for your help. We are on a limited income and can not afford this kind of money.

7866a6f5, 2008-01-30, 11:12AM CST

try 1-800-528-5000 or

I just had the same problem with this on my bank account & the bank gave me the phone number. Their recording gives you the website. They didn't want to refund my FULL amount, but I told them to refund the FULL amount b/c I didn't ask for it. I've had this problem with PAPA JOHN's & FYE / SAM GOODY adding. It doesn't change the amount due b/c the first whatever months are FREE & THEN they charge the same card used to make the original purchase at the store. SNEAKY PUNKS! I will check ALL of my receipts now. Even if the amount is what I'm expecting.

75a1d93c, 2008-02-04, 12:03PM CST


My name is Jeffrey Shaw and I looked at my bank account this morning and found that you people have taken out $24.95 without my authorization for a subscription. I do not want the subscription, I never wanted the subscription so put that money back into my account and do it now.

Jeff Shaw

fc3fbe9d, 2008-02-08, 04:25AM CST

hey guys

i am working for a credit card company it looks like this is all going via as far as i know....

a558369e, 2008-02-16, 03:55AM CST

Try this number 1-800-205-0415 and they open at 4:30 pacific time.

1d68d224, 2008-03-25, 08:04PM CDT

Hey I had the same problem as everyone else. I went to a Patriots game signed up for a credit card to get a free shirt or something and apparently what they dont tell you is that they also sign you up for 10 free weeks of SI magazine and if you dont call before the 10th week they start to charge you. all you have to do is call 1 800 205 0415 and tell them about it. it was actually really easy they credited me the same amount they took out.

b82ac9ab, 2008-04-04, 04:00PM CDT

I had the same problem and the number I called to cancel and get the refund in my card was 1-888-806-4833

They said that Best Buy were the ones that gave up my information...

53dc4934, 2008-04-08, 12:37PM CDT

Hi i just had the same problem, i checked my bank account and i saw a charhge for $50 don't know how it got there and i never signed up for anything before infact i cut up my credit card.

9fce2f5d, 2008-04-13, 12:03PM CDT

I just checked my bank account online and had a credit card withdrawl from this company for 49.95. How did they get my credit card information??? I have never ordered magazines of ANY kind in my life!!!!

8305c3a4, 2008-04-16, 01:56PM CDT

I also just had this for 24.95 in my credit card today. The customer service people were actually very helpful. When I asked how this happened, apparently it was a purchase I made at Finish Line for of running shoes that had a promo of 2 issues of Sports Illustrated Kids free and then auto renewal for 12 issues. Finish line did not tell me this was happening and I am a very unhappy ex-customer of theirs. (And that explained how SI got my credit-card details) Very bad customer service by the Finish Line cashier/sales rep!!!

18f62cfd, 2008-04-28, 01:00PM CDT

Richard, This comment is for you or anyone with the same problem.My husband and I ordered cd's from Time Life.They said the were going to send Sport Illustrated on a trial basis.We assumed we would goet something in to mail to subscribe to it if we wanted to continue,we were billed on our credit card instead.I just got off the phone with the partner co. of Time Life which we ordered the cd's from.They are going to put our money back into our account. This is the # I called 1-877-813-0320.I hope it helps.

60c18a43, 2008-05-15, 12:25PM CDT

The same thing happened to me! First it was a charge of about 25 dollars that I saw on my statement. I tried to contact my bank about it and had absolutely no luck. "Supposedly" I was suppose to recieve a statement but I never did. So three weeks later once I charged $59 on my credit credit. I figured I could not let this go on so I called my credit card company once again and they gave me the number to contact TWX sports illustrated directly. Aparrently, it happened to alot of people and in order to get them to stop charging it you have to call them with your credit card (since you never ordered it to know you account number). After about 20 minutes they agreed to remove the charges. I was quite upset by the charges since I never authorized it and it was very sneaky of finishline!! the toll free to call them is 1877-747-1054.

18e7ff13, 2008-05-29, 06:14PM CDT

I have received about a dozen of these sports illustrated magazines never knowing where they were coming from. I've been to several web sites and never found a way to cancel them. Finally after about 6 months of these magazines coming in I found a charge for $49.95 on my credit card statement. I called the number provided on my statement(877-747-1054) to complain. I explained to the CS rep that I never made this subscription to SI and that I do not want to pay for these magazines. Within a minute she supplied me with a "cancellation number" and informed me that I will be credited for the amount charged withing 3-5 business days. We'll see.

d915b83e, 2008-06-10, 02:40PM CDT


I found the same problem in my account as well. This was very simple to fix, just go to, scroll down to customer service, then type your account number (which you will find on every magazine you've recieved). Log in then cancel your subscription.

Carlos Benitez

0fc90813, 2008-06-27, 01:52AM CDT

I had a charge for $66.04 on my credit card bill from Sports Illustrated. I did not ask for a subscription nor did I ever receive a magazine. I called my credit card company and they are treating it as a fraudulent charge and are investigating it. I do not have to pay the $66.04.

21009286, 2008-07-02, 07:38PM CDT

Calling that 877 number worked great. The customer service rep was pleasant and canceled the subscription with zero hassle. Easily my easiest cancellation of all time.

dd083218, 2008-07-06, 12:42PM CDT

I have to agrree. They were extremely easy to work with and pleasant. Cancelled the account and refunded the charge with no problem at all. I wish everyone had a customer service dept like SI.

df587782, 2008-08-11, 03:58PM CDT

second time I had to cancel TWX. I ordered a couple of mags from my son's school several years back and started getting this one, even though I did not order it. My bank acct was charged and I called TWX. They refunded the money and was suppose to cancel it then. Another charge on my acct - I called them and they said I bought a pair of shoes from Finish Line back in Oct 07, and I signed up for free issues from TWX at that time. I did not sign up for anything at Finish Line and don't plan to shop there any more. Today they said they would cancel my acct and refund the money. I went a little further and asked the bank to re-issue a new credit card, so hopeully this will block TWX from furture changes. TWX is a spam company. Beware!!!

06800955, 2008-10-26, 11:40AM CDT

just had the same problem, ordered a subscription for my brother a year ago and the guy on the phone tells me it comes wuith an automatic renewal like that is a convenience for me. Would if I wasnt happy with the magazine? Would of I didnt want it anymore, then get this, they tried to sell me two other magazine subscriptions before hanging up with me. Boy, they have balls!!!

d651e21a, 2008-10-30, 07:56AM CDT

I, as well, have just dealt with a similar problem, same company, different magazine. I am getting these random charges on my credit card that unexplained. This is highly unprofessional and has terrible customer service if any at all!

d34eff2c, 2008-11-16, 05:36PM CST

call 1 877 813-0320. You will have to use voice commands to cancel. The "voice" continues to try to sell you more magazines and it will take awhile. Supposedly, it will be credited on my card after "one to two business cycles". I will be making sure this happens!!

76dc3de6, 2008-12-22, 06:27PM CST

yeah, i ordered 5 Men's Health for 5.99 and they told me they would not charge my account without my authority. Today they charged $28 and only gave me the option to cancel (not get my money back). Definitely trying to get your money without you noticing.

d8e5d3ca, 2009-01-27, 12:25PM CST

My name is Timothy Keith Foley and I want to end my subscription for this magazine. What information do you need? Contact me at this e-mail address [email protected]

Thank you,


0966e07d, 2009-02-01, 09:12AM CST

twx issue

I called that number and they said "we cant find your order with your name and address we will need your bank account number to look me up " i said no thanks.I then looked up

I entered my 11 digit account number thats on the magazine label with my name and address and there it was .from there you can cancel.

d69f60ce, 2009-08-11, 11:22AM CDT

Hey Idiots,

TWX is Time Warner. They put out Sports Illustrated as well as a number of other mags. I know you didn't sign up for a subscription, so take a look at your credit card statements. There's a phone number next to your charge: 877 XXX XXXX. Call it, they will refund you your money when you explain that you did not want the mags.

And relax. The people from wherever you got your "Free Trial Subscription", were misinformed and don't know they are making a mess of things. Give 'em a break. Shop at your favorite stores.

998f029f, 2009-09-09, 05:43AM CDT

I am having the same problem except I have never given my credit card info out. I have looked every placefor a number to call to get this taken off my account. Please let me now if it worked for you!!!

372e6680, 2009-09-10, 09:59AM CDT

Wow. This seems to be a recurring event for a lot of people. I just spoke with a representative on the phone to cancel my subscription that I never subscribed to and she also tried to sell me 2 more magazines before she would let me hang up the phone. Absolutely ridiculous. Also I find it amazing that I still got the magazine when the address that they had me signed up for was 90 numbers off from where I live, and my name wasn't even spelled correctly. This company is amazing. (Complete Sarcasm.)

b76d2dbb, 2009-09-20, 12:36PM CDT

wow!! just checked my online banking and these people took out 49.95 on a subscription i never subscribed to!!! I have never heard of these ppl! thieves!

40f5fc97, 2009-11-14, 03:12PM CST

I am going through the same experience right now. How frustrating!

Anonymous, 2009-11-15, 07:23AM CST

I have not order this TWX sport illustrat if you charge is to my master card I will suite you. I dont know how got my card and I dont care but if you charge me I will see you in court and I care how long it atke.

88c9e34b, 2009-11-25, 04:57PM CST

The voice commands dont work... call

TWX Sports Illustrated

Phone: 877-747-1054


225 High Ridge Rd. East Building

Stamford, Connecticut


The lady said I will be refund within 10 buisiness days

UPDATE: I was refund in 2 days.

5ccf818f, 2009-12-10, 09:39AM CST

Mine was Fathead door knocker poster. I signed up for free SI magazine the bill after Fathead on mastercard 39.00 TWX Sports Illustrated. There isn't even any hockey in them.

5ccf818f, 2009-12-10, 09:54AM CST

Mine was Fathead door knocker poster. I signed up for free SI magazine the bill after Fathead on mastercard 39.00 TWX Sports Illustrated. There isn't even any hockey in them.

I called them. Real ethical. said cancelation next 7-10 days.

3ec953b3, 2009-12-11, 02:05PM CST

I had the same problem please tell me how to fix this my e-mail is [email protected]

d243ff2b, 2009-12-14, 12:21PM CST

This happen to me as a result of ordering from BECAREFUL. keep calling 1-877-747-1054 they will answer.

ebebbc7c, 2010-02-10, 03:06PM CST

I am also a victim of their "free subscription". I was trying to call 2 numbers (877) but none of them worked for me. Alright, so here is what I recommend you to do

Go to

You can use you acc info to log on (if any) or you can provide them with your name and address and they will go straight to your acc. In there, you would pick out the unsubscription option on the left hand side. I did that and look like it was fine. But still gotta wait til the beginning of next month to see if they still charge me

Hope you will be successful!


37e927f7, 2010-04-20, 03:42PM CDT

if you sign up for a free 6 months worth of magazines then remember nothing in life is free read all the fine print it will tell you "after the 6 month trial or whatever timeframe they state they will bill the acct we as consumers do not take the time to read all we see is FREE nothing is FREE if you want to call and cancel call 800-973-2664 ask to cancel do not call your bank the banks can not assist with you getting the money back from a trial offer you signed up for

affb8544, 2010-05-12, 12:01AM CDT

I noticed today that my bank account was charged $24.95 from this TWX magazine without my authorization. It is very scary to realize that anybody can have access to your personal information and money accounts.

I think we all should contact the police department, this is FRAUD.


5880eba0, 2010-05-24, 07:44PM CDT

They were totally cool with canceling this for me, since it was under neither my name NOR my address, so they were totally at fault for taking the card in the first place. The money's supposed to be back within 5 days.

They DID try to sell me People and Entertainment Weekly before they let me go though. She was nice about it though.

a5fbc78f, 2010-06-18, 11:40AM CDT

Yeah, I just opened my bank statement this morning to find a charge for this magazine for $66.04. I never subscribed, so I called the number and the lady told me that the "Finish Line" Shoe store signed me up, (Without my permission), for a free 10 month subscription. Then I guess they started charging me. What a scam.

01dea9c3, 2010-09-19, 09:56AM CDT

same problem with me!! i have not signed up for this magazine subscription. i have been charged$ 55 twice. at first i thought may be i have used it somewhere but its the second time. so i have to call them!!!

Ujwal Rai

52fd1870, 2010-10-20, 08:56AM CDT

I had the same $46.00 charge show up, unauthorized, by TWX* Sports Illustrated. I called the number, 1-800-205-9198, and the voice commands would not work. I tried www.magcustomerservice to cancel. It cancels, but I don't think they automatically give you a refund. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!

f708ebac, 2010-11-08, 06:17AM CST

I had the same think happen to me twice. Initially, I had my bank stop the transaction. Then, almost a year later I had to call SI to tell them to cancel the subscription as they charged my account again. This is crazy. I was signed up as a free promo through finishline. Next time I go to finishline I'll pay with cash. This is crazy.

87066a0f, 2010-11-26, 05:08PM CST

On your credit/bank statement there should be a number for TWX magazine to call. When you call, just wait, don't do anything or respond in any way to the automatic answering machine. I only had to wait three minutes or so before getting connected to a LIVE customer service representative, who was very nice and helped me to understand/cancel what I wanted. Good luck, hope this helps.

16d2e1c6, 2010-12-03, 07:23AM CST

I just had the same thing happen. Bought my son a pair of shoes at Finish Line back in the summer, did not sign up for any Sports Illistrated Magazine. I just called the 877-747-1054, a lady answered on the first ring, she said my refund would should up on my card in 10 business days, what a rip off!!!! You can't trust anyone to have your card #!

Anonymous, 2010-12-11, 09:50PM CST

yeah i have the same problem they'r such a liar , the lady told the same thing, if that continue im going to put a demand.

3695a2c2, 2011-01-18, 09:32PM CST

I just noticed a charge from them as well. I called the number from these comments and they said The Finish Line gave it to them. How can a company give your credit card number to other merchants! Is that legal??

36d0f110, 2011-11-23, 10:38AM CST



25df05c7, 2012-01-30, 02:29PM CST

I am being charged over 24$ by


and I signed up for free subscription to magazines from a department store (Goodys) in Millington, TN

be5d26c4, 2012-04-27, 02:22PM CDT

Thanks for posting the ph # for me. I didn't have the mag w/me. C/S was very courteous and helpful. I too got from Finish Line.

6e41f473, 2012-06-11, 01:05PM CDT

Good guidance for canceling. I have just done what you mentioned. A nice lady said the refund will be in 7 to 10 business days.

95eddfec, 2014-09-01, 12:03PM CDT

They charged me too $49.95 I will call to fraud center of my bank. Strange that so far nobody call to police to catch offenders.

a7598cd7, 2015-06-19, 09:08PM CDT

I was charged as well. I have never signed up for magazine subscriptions and I noticed multiple charges from this company was made on my debit card within a week span. These are fraudulent charges and I called my bank about these. An investigation is going on and I requested for a new card

7e119fa7, 2016-01-20, 07:25AM CST

I just found a $27 and some change charge on my account. I bought shoes at finish line and was never told of any charges associated with sports illustrated. This is very bad customer service, and borderline illegal. No one mentioned a fee!

90d730f8, 2016-02-03, 07:43AM CST

Same problem here! Never sign up for this, I thiught Gnc it was send me the magazines since I'm a regular costumer! No idea, how this happeed!

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