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Posted on Thursday, June 14th, 2007 at 12:13pm CDT by a6761db5

Company: Sprint PCS

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I am writing to let EVERYONE know that Sprint PCS is the absolute WORST

wireless company out there. I have been a member of Sprint for over 8 years

but this is my final straw. The customer service is garbage, the

supervisors seem like young hoodlums who just got the job right out of high

school, there are NEVER anyone higher than a supervisor ever on duty, the

tech support dept are a bunch of brainless idiots. The first 4 years I was

with Sprint was great. But lately the service, quality and overall attitude

has completely changed, no matter who I speak to at Sprint. I am very

tempted to just pay the $200 early termination fee just so I don't have to

deal with Sprint anymore.

It takes about 20-30 minutes to talk to a live person. And sometimes they

even hang up on you. It is so frustrating for a consumer to endure.

My latest ordeal had to do with my bill. The representative who switched my

plan about 3 months ago told me that I should cancel the internet package

(since I never use it) and just simply sign up for the $5/month unlimited

picture mail. He informed me that I do not need the internet service for

picture mail. Well I get my bill this month and noticed that there was an

extra PCS DATA charge of $49.98. For what? I NEVER use the internet on my

phone. After calling Spring (took about an hour this time) they informed me

that I will still get charged for sending picture mail since it uses the

internet..exactly the opposite of what the previous representative told me.

I asked to speak to a supervisor (Kim #KBERNA08) who was very rude and acted

like she couldn't give a rat's. She basically told me tough luck and that I

am stuck with the charges, when a SPRING rep told me otherwise.

I will NEVER use this piece of crap wireless company EVER again


Orange County, CA


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