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Posted on Wednesday, June 13th, 2007 at 9:41pm CDT by 0decec74

Company: International Academy of design and technology

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To Long to explain.

I need an attorney that will listen to my case and help me file a class

action lawsuit against The International Academy Of Design and Technology

Tampa and maybe the Nashville location too.

Short version... My credits will not transfer to the same school just a

different campus including my Gen Eds. I spoke with a State University about

trying to transfer there and will not take any of my credits and they said

that is because IADT is not an accredited college. I have been doing some

research and I have found numerous class action lawsuits that have been

filed against IADT (all locations) For all of the same reasons.

I feel they misrepresented their school to me. They told me they were a top

4 accredited college. They are not!!

I have allot of money I in federal pall grants, parent loans, and Stafford

loans that I am not at all confident went towards my education.

One of the reports I just came crossed on IADT said that the president of

the Pittsburg location was just recently arrested for embezzlement.

I was told by the admissions rep for this school that all of my teachers

would be the best of the best with masters degrees in their field or at

least ten years of experience to back them up. That was also a lie.

I am going for Graphic Design and My sister has worked in that industry for

10 years I had her come to class with me one night and 1 the teacher that

quarter was not a graphic designer nor did he have a degree in the field his

degree was in Audio Production (What is a music teacher doing teaching a

Photoshop class?)

I wish I had put two and two together before I gave them all this money and

wasted three years of my life expecting an education that would help me

succeed now all I have is a whole lot of debt and a really bad he ache that

will not go away. All I really want is my money back and to forget I ever

went to this faux college.

If you are a past or present student of IADT (any location) and are having

the same or any issues like this please email me back and maybe we can take

action together. The only way we can stop this place from stealing peoples

money and giving them false hope is to take action.

Please help me I do not know where to turn.



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7bf823a1, 2007-12-03, 01:53AM CST

CEC Truth Advocate3rd December 2007, 08:50

CEC has many law suits against them and they're in a lot of trouble with The Educational Department and current investigations into CEC practices. CEC schools are losing accreditations and losing credibility in the career world if their was any credibility in the first place. CEC is a corporation that oviously is more interested in making money for it's (CECO) stocks than offering a an education that prepares students for the real world.

We have a Law Group and a news investigation team here in Tampa, Florida and if your interested in joining we do urge you to do so. CEC ripped off enough students and made enough money and they need to pay for their illegal practices.

Here is the link for the CBS 60 Minutes Investigation:


If you're interested in joining our cause please contact me through these




ff6e3f1d, 2009-02-10, 07:03PM CST

I would join with you , because I am in the exact situation, my money and time is wasted seriouly.

ae434c50, 2009-02-25, 09:42PM CST

Here's the horrible experiences I'd like to contribute to ANYONE EVER CONSIDERING THIS SCHOOL:

I never became a graphic designer after attaining my degree. I looked for almost a year. I couldn't even get anything related to design. At one promising interview, at a company about 10 minutes away from IADT Seattle, the design director scanned my resume after seeing my portfolio and was very cordial - until he read the "IADT Seattle" part. "IADT?" he asked, "what's that?" I told him it was an art school down the road, and he replied with, "I know about all the good schools in the area, and have never heard about IADT...why would you choose to go there?"

I was humiliated. He didn't mean to insult me, but the degree I worked so hard for apparently didn't impress anyone it should have. I worked full-time all throughout school and still made the honor roll, which wasn't easy - yet I don't feel like I accomplished much now.

I wish that was the worst of it. If it was, I wouldn't be posting this. I'd be like a lot of other recent college graduates and just suck it up. But, it gets even better...

From out of nowhere, about 6 months after graduation, I got a call from their financial aid dept about an 'outstanding balance' of over $500. Apparently they didn't apply it correctly (part of last semester's tuition) to my student loan(s). So, I was told to pay up or it goes to collections. No apologies, no mention of it being their error. They treated it as if I had been fully aware of this all along...

They warned me that collections would tarnish my credit, especially as a recent graduate with over $15,000 in unpaid loans. I knew they were right, but there is something very tacky about a threat like that, which I believe was intentially done to alarm me.

But the icing on the cake is when my co-signer recently discovered his credit has been trashed...courtesy of IADT's incompetent financial aid team. (Sallie Mae's infamously inefficient way of operation probably didn't help either, to be fair.) What happened? TWO delinquent accounts have just been 'discovered' and show up on his credit reports now. Those two accounts do not exist under my name. They went delinquent because I was never sent anything in regards to their balance(s). We went back and forth with SM because things didn't add up, and never got a straight answer. Why was he getting all the "Your account is X days delinquent" calls? I called SM to make a payment once and asked if I was doing anything that could hurt my co-signer. They said, No of course not - you'd be aware of anything like that. Still the "delinquent" calls kept coming to him, and only him. It didn't make any sense until now.

Moral of the story? Don't go to IADT unless you think you're somehow different from everyone else who's been burned by them. Trust me, successful graduates are a complete coincidence. And for every 1 of them, there are probably 30 with similar stories as mine.

Any action taken against them I will wholeheartedly back up. They exploit people who sincerely wish to better themselves through schooling, just to make a profit. And they do it with a fake smile on their face the entire time.

49a3397d, 2009-11-11, 11:48AM CST

Hello, I am having the same problem as you. IADT has sucessfully ruined my life for now anyways. Please email if you have anymore info or you want to take action together. [email protected]

Thanks so much.

e463c432, 2010-07-10, 02:30PM CDT

Hi I went to IADT-Detroit. Does anyone know if anyone has went forward with this? I too had a terrible expierence the teachers didnt even have teaching degrees. False advertisement and dumbed down classes. I went for 3 semesters and had enough, the school is a scam and I have not heard of one positive thing from them, nor do I know anyone who has recieved a job from this school. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF ANYONE KNOWS ANY INFO ON ANY CLASS ACTION SUIT.

[email protected]

e21c880b, 2011-05-17, 02:06PM CDT

i attend the sacramento campus. i was just wondering if you went forward with this and what the turnout was because i dont know what to do and im in the same situation

3eec4fde, 2011-09-12, 03:09PM CDT

I would like to join this lawsuit because I went to IADT Tampa.. and they told me the same thing.. however, I couldn't finish my degree because they stop approving me the student loans.. at the middle of my degree, I couldn't find a job to keep going to school. please please please, contact me at 787-590-6188, my name is Edgar.. BTW, i went to that school in June 2007 to June 2009, if I can do something to pay the student loan because I can not pay them, please contact me... I would appreciate that a lot!!!...

be9e2544, 2011-10-11, 03:52PM CDT

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tara, I am at the beginning stages of filing a class action lawsuit against this school. I went to IADT in Chicago and as you all have mentioned, I too have had problems with this school. If you want to be apart of this, email me and let me know. Spread the word and have them all email me. I will update you on what my plans are or what I have done via email. The more people, the more chance we have of winning. I will tell you this...I do not want to pay for an education that has done me more harm than good. Sallie Mae is on the list too!! So if you do not want to pay for something you didn't receive, email me ASAP!! Amanda, let me know if you are still interested.

p.s., This is serious, I am serious.


49a3397d, 2012-03-20, 01:17PM CDT

Hello again Tara! I am terribly sorry we have lost contact. It took me FOREVER to find a job and I have been without phone and internet. I am still interested in working with you on this and hopefully it is not too late. I've tried to email you but unfortunately somehow I do not have your actually email address. I have just talked with Edgar also and he is still in need of help. Please contact me via email again or just call me 352-442-8062.

Levi, 2013-08-01, 04:47PM CDT

These Guys have a big class action Lawsuit going on now I am about to get on board, same story, IADT screwed me. or call Candace (813) 639-9366

c3a839e9, 2013-11-22, 11:00AM CST

I found out this week at my new college when I tried to transfer my degree from IADT?? despite all the promises and alluring tic-toc talk I find out the school isn't properly accredited. . They point blank lied to my face. From day one they knew I wanted to get a large education that I could continue on and I thought maybe this was a good place to start. they had a wonderful sales pitch that came with a blind fold and a leash. They ripped me off 39k for a fake degree. In the professional world if u mention IADT.. u get laughed out of the conversation/interview? trust me. It was a scam and they've ruined me financially. Nothing transfers anywhere except to other IADT campuses. The degree is useless. Trust me I graduated from there.. its a financial nightmare and a waste. I've had to actually start all over this year at a real school. Ill never be free of debt because of the IADT scam. HELP!

dc366b03, 2014-01-14, 04:06PM CST

I wouldn't bother with or call Candace (813) 639-9366

They aren't able to do anything for people outside of Florida and they pretty much told me that they aren't able to get around the arbitration clause that we all signed when enrolling at IADT. If anyone knows a serious attorney in the Chicago area, please post their contact info. Thanks!

c0c42437, 2014-03-18, 10:43PM CDT

Omg if it not too late to join in please put me apart of this, it's been a year I haven't got a job I did get a job as a seamstress and I got fired because the school didn't taught me anything and they want me to pay $60,000 I'm so mad I really want to sue them. Contact me on Facebook : [email protected] alias name on Facebook: Evening Artemis. My default picture is wicked witch from once upon a time

Garrett W., 2014-06-17, 09:08PM CDT

I would like to join if its not too late also. I'm still paying for this so called education. What a joke. I totally gave up on the industry after this. A job at Kinkos. Seriously? I work gas pipeline construction now and I don't know how someone working at Kinkos could pay my loans. I tried getting my transcripts from them for an interview they wouldn't release them. They said I had unpaid dues. Never sent a bill, but made sure the credit companies knew I owed them. Does wonders for my credit report.

krystal, 2014-09-22, 08:17PM CDT

I'm also in the same boat as all of you. I went to IADT Tampa and graduated with my bfa in interior design in Dec 2006.. I've yet to get a job in my field and my student loans keep going up.. i talked to someone at Sallie Mae today and i was so digusted with how they treat people. I had a rate reduction plan with sallie mae or so i thought..turns out they cancelled my payment and said b/c it wasnt enough.. and I'm here scratching my head like what? Who cancels an automatic payment.. they're ripping me off so badly and i curse myself everyday for even entering IADT..i wanted to get my masters but i cant afford to keep going to that crummy school and my credits wont transfer anywhere so i dont even know how I'm supposed to pay sallie mae $109,356.12

My original loan was around 60,000 so as u can see interest is killing me and i dont see a light at the end of the tunnel..

3e4e21d5, 2014-11-07, 03:19PM CST

I am a past Student of IADT Chicago Interior Design Program. I am CURRENTLY seeking a attorney to hear my case against this shcool. IADT has changed their name to Sanford-Brown and I am trying to get my UNofficial transcripts from this location. I am get a run around from the registar's office about getting a copy of them.

I stopped attending this school in July of 2012 when they informed us that due to low enrollment they would no longer offer the Interior Design Program. They "Solution" was to transfer to Harrington College of Design and where I currently was 6 months away from my Bachelors, I would have 2 more years @ Harrington due to the semester vs Quarter set up. Needless to say as a full time student in Chicago economy, I couldnt continue to live minimum wage on Chicago's South side, so I withdrew and moved back home to Missouri. I tried to look into other schools that would take my credits but the only school that would I was looking to lose 80 credits. My only recourse is to start ALL the way over and pay out of pocket WHILE ALSO owing the loans that IADT recieved which is 45,000 occuring interest as we speak.. I want to sue this school so bad I can taste it. If anyone can help me I would so appreciate the assistance and Thank you.

Ronald S., 2014-11-18, 08:26AM CST

I am a past student of IADT-Tampa, and I just learned a week or so ago that they are now calling themselves Sanford-Brown. My wife co-signed on part of my laons and when things got out of hand, Sallie Mae started calling and harassing her on her job, threatening wage garnishment and forced us into a monthly payment for the part of the loan she is on.

A post a little up on this page reads that the Florida attorneys are having a difficult time getting around the arbitration clause. They may have an "arbitration clause" but if they misrepresented themselves, then that should, could and must be struck down. How can any court uphold a contract that allows a group of people to engage in intentional wrongdoing? And then when they are uncovered use that as a "legal shield" to keep raking in loan money???

I am going to call the attorneys anyway, and see what is going on. I pray that things have changed and they have a method of relief for wronged students.

( or call Candace (813) 639-9366)

If anyone has any more information on lawsuits, actual student relief or any advice, please share it.


Ron - Brandon, FL

jo c., 2014-11-23, 11:14AM CST

how do I join the class action lawsuit against this school. I want to aggressively pursue this

de321a2c, 2015-01-20, 12:38AM CST

I am a graduate of IADT Schaumburg with a "Bachelor in Merchandising Management" Graduating in spring of 2013 I have yet to find a career in my field. My student loans that I have been deferring add up to $80,000 with $730 monthly payments. I would be happy to pay off the loans if they help me find a job that could assist me with the payments, but as everyone knows IADT is now Stanford Brown so ALL of the Alumni numbers and emails have been disconnected. I'm freaking out because I don't want to be another statistic. My mom was my co signer and is Paying of her Parent Plus Loan as we speak but I have no idea how I'm going to pay off my portion. I'm currently working part time with an income of $500 every 2 weeks. How I'm supposed to pay off this $80,000 is beyond me. I cant defer my loans much more. If anyone has ANY suggestions please email me at [email protected]

92215f6f, 2015-03-03, 02:45PM CST

I have a bachelor degree in merchandise management from international academy of design and technology in Chicago and have not yet found a job. I graduated in summer of 08 and I wish I hadnot. I owe a student loan debt of 80,000 dollars abut I have arthitis and they are paying it for me. I am still looking for a job in my field. I would love for Florida lawyers to give me a call. I have a friend that might can help with the arbitration clause. I would love to work with you

Candace to get some justice. I will be contacting you but you can call me at 773 396 6040.

Sincerely Beverly Tottance

92215f6f, 2015-03-07, 04:05PM CST

I went to International Academy of design and Technology in Chicago and graduated in 2008 with a bachelor in Merchandise marketing. I have not been able to find a job since and was promise from the career center at the college that I would be. I 0we 80,000 dollars in loan money 2,000 dollars I got from the college. In order for them to help me pay it back because I had a low paying job and could not afford to I had to sigh a form stating I would not take action against them. I am still looking for a job in my field. I will love to work with someone to help wrongful students get results.

Sinceraly Beverly Torrance

92215f6f, 2015-03-07, 04:09PM CST

I went to International Academy of design and Technology in Chicago and graduated in 2008 with a bachelor in Merchandise marketing. I have not been able to find a job since and was promise from the career center at the college that I would be. I 0we 80,000 dollars in loan money 2,000 dollars I got from the college. In order for them to help me pay it back because I had a low paying job and could not afford to I had to sigh a form stating I would not take action against them. I am still looking for a job in my field. I will love to work with someone to help wrongful students get results.

Sinceraly Beverly Torrance

jo c., 2015-03-04, 09:52AM CST

I want to sue them also. They raped me with loans that are worth nothing!!!!!

Sam M., 2015-03-23, 01:26AM CDT

Ways out of an arbitration clause:

Limitation on Remedy: If the arbitration agreement significantly limits possible remedies to an unfair extent, it will likely not be deemed acceptable. So, for example, if the arbitration agreement said, ?The most an arbitrator could give the winning employer or employee is $1,? it would be almost surely deemed void.

vii. Unreasonable Costs: If the arbitration agreement required the employee to pay many thousands of dollars to file the claim and/or have the claim resolved, especially if the employee did not make a lot of money, then the arbitration agreement could be considered void.

My name is Sam, and I went to IADT Orlando from 2006-2009. I too was glamorized into the school originally for "Game Design". Then I realized that the program sucked, instead of just counting my losses and leaving, I decided to move to the Marketing Program. Well, I graduated in 2009 and originally owed $80,000. Now its about $120,000. I joined the military in 2010 and have had my loan in deferment since. I cant afford $1200 payment, so there is nothing I can do but let interest grow. Its a really shitty cycle. I wasnt able to find work in Marketing other than $10 an hour jobs. I cant get a Masters Degree anywhere. Google Masters Degree's that accept National Accrediation or Nationally Accredited Master Degree Programs. Nothing comes up! So this degree is worthless. I couldnt find work and I cant further my education. My credit is in the low 500's. Im surprised it not lower. I wont be able to send my kids to school, or ever buy a house. That place and all its affliliates has literally ruined my financial life. I still keep my head up though. Life is short, Enjoy your life. If anyone is planning on a lawsuit or anything, let me know, [email protected] Also, not too sure about Class Action Lawsuits, from what I have seen, the firms representing the people take like 60% to 80% of the winnings leaving the people with tiny checks that doesnt fix their problems.

jo c., 2015-03-23, 01:46PM CDT

i have posted several times on here. I got ripped off by this school just like Amanda and many others. ho dop we join together to sue this shool and recover some of our money. please email me at [email protected]


jo anne c.

14c8e648, 2015-06-24, 12:29AM CDT

I'm in the same boat. Please contact me at [email protected] IADT needs to go down.

Toliy P., 2015-07-08, 01:36PM CDT

Critical thinking teacher from IADT Schaumburg told our class that to win in life, you have to bullshit. The way she bullshitted was printing a teaching certificate template from online and submitting it with her resume. She told us that we won't know the truth because she could be bullshitting. Then digital photography teacher never read or heard of Shakespeare when we asked her. Whole class was dead silent. School loans are fucked... The minimum payments we make are only interest, so these past 4 years the debt isn't reducing. The $8k we paid already hasn't dented the whole amount at all... its depressing. We dont know what to do.... we need help..... fuck this school.... email me: [email protected]

8b611663, 2015-08-07, 10:22PM CDT

my e-mail is [email protected], I was in the Photography program at IADT-Tampa when i was three classes away from getting my A.A. and now i find that i paid 2000 dollars for class credits that can't be used anywhere and they want money from me? no. Let me know what i can do to help so we can all get our lives back on track.

Sam M., 2015-08-26, 11:37AM CDT

So in all reality, is there anything that can be done? Has anyone actually been apart of a class action lawsuit and gotten enough money to pay off the loans?? Cause to me it seem like a waste of time and money. I don't want to win a class action lawsuit and get a $200 check. That doesn't solve any problems. Something has to be done about predatory lending. I just don't know what. And before any of you give me crap about it being my fault for taking the loans, I agree with you, but I was still taken for a fool. I was just trying to get a decent education. Its not like I bought a house with that money and it went down the drain due to the market or whatever reason. At least they can claim bankruptcy! We are literally stuck with this debt with no way out and no options for affordable payments. I can deal with the federal loans, its the private loans that are the life suckers. Email me at [email protected] if anyone want to talk.

addae387, 2015-12-07, 11:42AM CST

I had a Bachelors degree from UPR graduated magna cum laude, which I was sponsored for by a grant, it is in Hispanic lit, I was working manufacturing boats sadly still am, I should had have the intelligence not to be taken by their bogus promises, of how they will find me employment in this field, graphic design. Yeah there was no end to what I can do with this degree, not the best one to pick, because there are a dime a dozen graphic designers.Did I do my research nope, my bad but their sales pitch was very convincing, promises after promises all lies, when I graduated one of the job placements was as a maid at Disney, no lie, I feel for those poor students that they keep lying, and the price of this so called non college, after I die it will stil linger, why are they allow to rip us off and use our money to do it, Sallie Mae now Navient because after their name is soiled with embarrassment. But don't let that fool you they are out their still sponsoring these schools with Federal money, they are the worst, they need to be dismantled and these non schools, need to disappear. Oh and the "teachers" were they even real ones,for example I had a so called art teacher who wouldn't know art if it hit him in the face, his motto was "sex sells" when it comes to ads,ugh,I can go on and on. I feel so stupid and my loan keeps ballooning. I think that all theses schools either clean their act or go, as for the Navients and other succubus types they should disappear. The President should forgive all loans of these disgusting corporations, students shouldn't pay for their greed. The school that blatantly lied to me and I am sure others is IADT in Orlando.

Ronald S., 2015-12-28, 09:51PM CST

Hello All. This is Ron (IADT Tampa, 2006). I posted on this 11/18/2014. Okay, here are the facts: we can complain and cry on each other's shoulders, or we can stand together and do something about it. What I want to do is get everyone together as a group, as many as we can gather, and approach a law firm to take our case. Nothing beats a failure but a try, so let's try. Together. I am going to put my email address below and I want any and all to write me as we compile a list. In your first email, please put your name, email, phone, current city/state, school's city/state, years attended, degree earned, and outstanding student loan debt. Also write a short summary of why you decided to go (back?) to school, why you decided to go to that school, your experiences attending, and what you ultimately wanted to do with your new education. Please, please, please leave out the profanity and trash-talking. Yes, I totally understand the anger and frustration, and I am 110% with you on it, but we're heading to the offices of a law firm. Cooler heads will prevail. Thank you so much for your time. Be blessed in all that you do! [email protected]

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