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Posted on Wednesday, June 13th, 2007 at 3:55pm CDT by 7e05947f

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2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS and only 18,000 miles on these Kumho Ecsta ASX tires that are totally worn out. Discount Tires advertises 45,000 mile tire life on these tires. And now they blame the premature wear on the frame characteristics of the car!! I seriously doubt it!

These tires are JUNK (and don't let Discount Tires try to advise you that these are quality tires)!! And all along, I thought the Cooper tires that gave us 30K miles on the car when we purchased the car were absolutely pitiful. Needless to say, the tread on the Kumho's is completely gone, despite being rotated on a recommended basis (6,000 mile rotations). I cannot recommend these tires to anyone seeking economy and cost effectiveness although noise and handling characteristics of these tires were a little over average (but definitely not

worth the initial savings or cost of these tires).

Unfortunately, to compound issues, personnel at the Longmont, CO Discount Tire store were unable to demonstrate much in the way of customer service or even mechanical aptitude for that matter nor did they provide any alternative which would give better road wear. To justify my accusation of their ineptitude.....during the life of these tires my daughter had developed a flat on one of the rear tires which turned out to be caused by a nail. I had recently replaced the front pads and machined the rotors, and decided to go ahead and rotate the front tires to the rear since they were already off the hubs and also due to unusual and premature wear on the front tires. The front tires would've worn through the fiber had I left them on the front hubs before the next 6,000 mile interval. Well, while the

flat was being fixed at Discount Tires the moron who filled out the service request for the road hazard warranty service on the tire with the nail in it actually told my daughter that the rear tires were worn out due to the frame design of the car (as is usual on Honda Civics, Mitsubishi Eclipses, etc etc), assuming that the wear had come while the tires were installed on the rear, not even taking into consideration that the rear tires had really been rotated to the front hubs less than a hundred miles ago. I told her that she could NOT drive away from Discount Tires fast enough dealing with such a dangerous idiot making such an outrageous assumption (and fairy tale) in what he had stated. Long story short, I'll probably end up over at Big O Tires buying Big O brand tires since they have been most responsible

to my tire needs in the past and don't throw LAME excuses that cannot possibly exist

since they don't tend to make LAME assumptions that just aren't true. Why I ever thought I could save money going to another tire company when I had never been mistreated by Big O in the past is a true testiment to a sucker being born every minute..........yep, that's me!!




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