Sears - (Sears) Replacement Windows

Posted on Tuesday, June 12th, 2007 at 11:25pm CDT by 3e706806

Product: Replacement Windows

Company: Sears

Category: Building, Construction

my complaint is I always trusted Sears product,and own sears products until i purched some replacement windows. they were the most beautiful and worked good for a year. I told my sister and a few friends who also got some but have the same problems. I would not put and sears replacement windows in my Dog house. out of the 9 windows after a year only one still works good the other 8 have to put a block under them to keep them up. now i know why sears is'nt a trust worthly as they use to be. they should sell out and go out of business with a good name because at the rate they going people are thinking they are selling junk. you might as well get stuff from the dollar store than at sears. I thank you. William


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