HSN - Nextar GPS / HGPS35 purchased from HSN

Posted on Tuesday, June 12th, 2007 at 7:39am CDT by f667d7b1

Product: Nextar GPS / HGPS35

Company: HSN

Location: TAMPA, FL

Category: Stores, Shopping

I purchased a Nextar model HGPS35 from HSN in December of 2006. Everything

worked great until April and then the unit made a loud POP. It would no

longer charge so I contacted Nextar technical support for help. Nextar

stated that the unit would need to be returned so I mailed the unit off on

April 16th. The delivery confirmation stated that the package was delivered on the 18th of April so things were ok, so far. I decided to check the status about 2 weeks later and the tech support rep stated the unit could not be repaired and that they were going to send me a new HGPS35. The tech also stated that an email would be sent with a delivery confirmation in the next day or so. About a week passed and still no email. I called tech support once more and they stated that it was mailed out but they have no tracking/delivery confirmation number. I wait patiently and another few weeks passed. I call tech support once more and finally got a hold of a phone representative that did some investigating. He states that the HGPS35 was a specially built unit for HSN and that they have been back ordered for some time. He asked if it would be possible to send another GPS instead and that he would send the newest model (the X3) to make things right. I agreed and waited once more. About a week and a half after this conversation I finally get a tracking number and a week later my "new" unit arrives. I joyfully open the box only to find that they have sent me a lower model (the W3) and even worse, it is a repaired/used unit with scratches all over the front of the unit itself. I have tried to contact Nextar to resolve this situation but here I sit with a well worn GPS that took almost 2 months to get here. You can be certain I will never buy or promote anything that

Nextar produces or markets.

Thank You,

Frank A.

Tampa, FL


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