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Posted on Friday, June 1st, 2007 at 7:52am CDT by bd61e28c

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June 1st 2007,

This all started 3 months ago when me and my wife went to Finger Furniture to purchase a new bedroom set. Once we found a set we liked the salesman informed us that only two pieces were in stock and the other 3 would be available for delivery in about one month. We decided to go through with the purchase and wait for the other pieces. One month came and went with no calls from the store or our salesman. When we called to check on our furniture we were forced to leave message after message. Finally our salesman called us back to tell us that the furniture did not arrive and pushed the delivery date out a few more weeks.

Once again the date comes, no calls, and we find ourselves leaving messages for management with no return call. We get lucky and the store manager answers the phone giving us the option of taking some of the floor items at a discount. Desperate for our furniture we agree, but ask if someone can look it over and make sure that it is in good condition. He agrees and says there is only some minor scratches. When the furniture arrives we find bent hinges and deep scratches. Simply not worth the discounted price. The delivery driver tries to get us to take the furniture by saying that Fingers will send someone out to repair the damages, which is untrue. As we are considering taking the furniture the driver gets inpatient telling us that we need to decide quickly so he can make his next stop. I refuse the shipment and the furniture goes back.

Another call to management. Management apologizes and tells us that new pieces are due to arrive the first of June and he will put us back on the list for a delivery. Here we are June 1st again no call, no delivery. A call to customer service discovers that we were never put back on any delivery list and in fact do not show any pieces on order.

What happens now??? With two new pieces of furniture we feel a little stuck. Fingers is not interested in servicing a customer after the sale. There website features only links to stores, with no corporate complaint information listed.

Never help feed this monster.



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6bd2ecca, 2007-10-19, 10:05AM CDT

I had a very similar experience with Fingers. I ordered a complete kids bedroom. Set included twin loft bed, chest, desk, ladder, chest of drawers, matresses, bunky boards. I was told the backorder of a few pieces would take about 2-3 weeks. The date came & went, no calls from Fingers. When furniture finally received, it was damaged. I accepted the shipment because I was told a service person would come make repairs the following week. Months came and went with no calls from salesperson or service dept.

In the meantime, I had purchased a dining set (May 2007). Was NOT told at the time of order that the items were not in stock. I had a huge family event planned and needed the furniture in a timely manner. The dining set arrived on the day of my event, the table was broken. I declined the table and kept the chairs. Needless to say it was very embarrasing to have 20 guests in my home and not enough tables to sit & eat.

Now back to the kids bedrm set. Ordered in January 2007. It was now June and I'd had enough of Fingers. When they delivered my table (ordered in May), I had them take back the bedroom set!!! My son had never slept on the bed and was not allowed in the room with the furniture because of all of the splinted wood. It was not safe for a 3yr old, or any child. Now it's July, and the salesperson calls me to try to make things right with the kids bedrm set. After 6 months, no way. I guess the adjustment to his commission check got his attention.

My husband has forbidden me from doing business with Finger Furniture ever again.

bba99ed3, 2007-10-26, 08:45AM CDT

Oh My God!!! I am having the exact same problem with them right now. I placed an order in early september for a living room set. They told me that they didn't have anything in stock but that there was an order that was supposed to arrive within 10 days. I was reassured that I will have my order in 2 weeks at the latest. So I make the full payment, and wait patiently. Two weeks come and go with NO calls whatsoever from anybody. I go up there and talk to the (sleazy) salesman who assured me the merchandise will be in my possession in 2 weeks. He now tells me that there has been some back orders and the merchandise will only be in on October 24th, which is 3 and a half weeks away from my visit (a total of 6 weeks since I have placed the order). Today is October 26th and I have not heard from anybody yet. I am going to cancel the order, get the money refunded and go back to furniture hunting which I abhor... But I am very adamant at letting EVERYBODY know about their utter lack of customer service!!

This is ridiculous!

dae9c70f, 2007-11-02, 12:14AM CDT

I wish I had found this site BEFORE I ordered two full rooms of furniture from Finger's in Houston! I'm having the same nightmare! Ordered living room and bedroom furniture on August 28,2007, long story short, today, Nov 1,2007, I'm still waiting on 3 pieces! This has been an ordeal I'll never forget and will never shop at Finger's again. A letter written to Rodger Finger has not generated any response or even an apology. They take your money and don't care about anything else. If you're in the market for new furniture, please try elsewhere! Do not go through what I've been going through for almost 3 months!

11d08cc4, 2007-11-27, 11:50AM CST

Same problem. Ordered a couch sectional and kitchen island that was not in stock. The Salesman, Jose, told us they would be in stock in three weeks. A month rolls around and we hear nothing. Finally after calling and leaving numerous messages with no reply I went into the store and spoke with the sales associate. Finally we recieved the peices two weeks later, most damged and defective. The kitchen island was suppose to be exchanged three months ago but they never reordered the piece as they told me they had. Now the kitchen island is no longer made by the vendor. I am still waiting to have it returned. Fingers is running a scam in which they delivery defective goods and then ignore you until you give up and are stuck with the garbage. Even the manager Bill at the Sugar Land location is as incompetent as his employees.

57e09576, 2007-12-10, 01:38AM CST

I have had the same problem of dealing with Fingers. I WAS a long term customer. I had never had a problem with them before. In fact was proud to say that I was a very satisfied customer. Their delivery service SUCKS.Their delays in service are completely UNACCEPTABLE. I wish I had read the comments prior to my most recent purchase. It would have saved me a great deal of money.I have spent the past week trying to get my furniture delivered. Their customer service leaves a great deal to be desired. It SUCKS. They aren't interested in the customers side. I will never do business with Fingers again.

6ad91a05, 2008-01-05, 12:29AM CST

This message board has definitely helped me out. I was thinking about buying the matching loveseat for a couch I found in the bargain basement. Their are supposedly 34 loveseats on order... and I would be 19th in line... so I'm guessing I would be lucky to see anything for my money...

e4b290b3, 2008-01-08, 02:36PM CST


Can we sueing fingers since same thing happen to my purchase also? I am planning to complain to BBB first as I already so tired with them. Not only that I am harrased by fingers sales managers.

Fingers are doing business with dishonesty. There is no point to complain their corporate office. I am already went through that. I can feel your pain.

I am thinking to go for something very hard against fingers to stop all these nonsenses.



d8779a57, 2008-01-28, 10:52AM CST

Never never buy from Fingers. The sales person cheats, and management does not care and even being rude as long as they got the money. They never call you back, and keep on cheating and cheating. The furniture they did manage to deliver came with poor quality, and 2 weeks promise delivery time run over to 6 weeks and still without confirmation. We try to cancell the undelivered furniture and turns out that the order was not cancelled even though the store manager said it was cancelled. I have not thought a major retailer could be so shameless. Not sure what to do and would appreciate any advise.

1575e77d, 2008-02-01, 02:23PM CST

My husband and I paid cash for a living room set (sofa, loveseat, chair, and ottoman) in Nov of 2007. We were told some of the items were not in stock, but coming in 10 days and given a delivery date. The items didn't come in nor were we notified, until we called to confirm delivery. I left several messages with my sales rep, all went unanswered. We found all these complaints and an answer from the assistant to the President, Cindy. Whom I called right away. I was told it would be another week until the items would be in the warehouse. I was offered a refund (which I didn't want, I just wanted my furniture) or 10% discount. I accepted the 10% discount and continued to wait. Finally on December 21, I recieved my sofa, chair, ottoman...but no loveseat. I was told the loveseat would be here January 19. In the meantime, I realize I don't have all of my throw pillows and the ottoman has a place where the seam is not completely closed. I again called Cindy and she sent our a repair person to work on the ottoman, which was an unsatisfactory job and said she ordered me pillows. When I made yet another complaint regarding the ottoman, Cindy ordered me a new ottoman. I called on January 21st when I had not heard word on my loveseat only to find out they didn't expect to have it until sometime in March.

My sales rep called to communicate this information and offered a floor model of the loveseat and said he had reserved it. We agreed to take it after we went to the Humble store to inspect the condition. The next day I received a call from the Sales Manager at the location I purchased from called me only to say there were no loveseats in any store....even though the day before, I had sat on it. The manager was to look into this and call me back the next day...which he did not.

My sales rep cooridinated the pick up of the floor model and contacted me with a delivery date of 2/1. In the mean time he pulls the pillows we were missing for us to come to the store and pick them up. 1/31 I recive a call stating my delivery time would be between 11 and 2 on 2/1 (today). Then we get an automated call stating our delivery would be Saturday. Which is it Friday or Saturday?!?!?!?

We call and speak to our sales rep who then explains they are delivery the loveseat Friday (today) and the ottoman Saturday....strange! This morning my husband calls the delivery line and speaks with someone who tells them tehy can combine the items and deliver both today. Great! Except they haven't called or shown up. We have called and got no time on when they are supposed to be here and have even been told the loveseat was still at the other store, even though we had been told earlier it was loaded on a truck.


24809709, 2008-03-06, 09:19PM CST

Well, my problem is a little different but quite a problem. I purchased a living room set on 03-01-08 and we picked up at the warehouse. Oh my gosh....please never go there we waited 2 hours in a line. No organization at all, people were just sitting out on their cars was truly ridiculous. They tell you to call 1 hour ahead of time to pick up but they don't even have it ready. Anyway, we picked up and it was packed very tight with cardboard and plastic. We got home and noticed a defect which was a slit and I called and I was told because we picked up...theres nothing they can do. WOW!!! I wished that I was told that from the salesman and that way I would've gotten it delivered. So, basically we have brand new furniture with a slit thats easy to tell its defective and were stuck out. Ill never do business with them again.

db909263, 2008-03-18, 07:21PM CDT

well, i guess i won't be going to

Fingers this weekend after all.

Thanks for your insight regarding the horrific treatment that you received from this store. It is so unfortunate that you had to experience & i feel for all of you. Better Shopping Elsewhere!

from One Less Customer

fe02a454, 2008-04-02, 09:15AM CDT

I see the same complaint over and over. I'm on the same boat. I would suggest that fingers goes out of business. They obviously do not know how to take care of their customers. I purchased a bedroom set back in January and as of today 4/02/2008 they gave me a delivery of end of April. This after giving me the run around. I don't care if there is snow in China at least that is what they told me.

Fingers needs to get their act together and I will do everything possible to pass on to others what a terrible company they are.

4f3a3021, 2008-04-21, 10:07PM CDT

I agree with your husband to never do business with Fingers Furniture ever again! Their quality of items has gotten poor, needless to say the lousy customer service from the store managers down to the delivery men! They screwed up twice with a simple mattress order for me. The First time they delivered it to an apartment across town; I live in a home on the opposite side of town from where they delivered! The second attempt to deliver; they delivered the wrong mattress!!! I was inconvenienced for 4 days waiting on a very simple order/delivery! They are complete idiots and I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH FINGERS FURNITURE AGAIN!

7ca4a62f, 2008-05-17, 11:51AM CDT

We too have purchased most of our furniture from Finger's over the past 15 years. We ordered a bedroom set in January 2008, and special ordered a low profile footboard. We were told by the salesperson that the set would be delivered in about 4 weeks, but that the fotoboard would be special ordered. At that time, we asked to have everything delivered at one time.

Well, it's now MAY, and we just had the low profile footboard delivered...nothing else was on the truck...just the footboard! Exactly what are we supposed to do with just a footboard? This was AFTER my husband spoke with the delivery scheduler and was told everything would be delivered. Since we've already gotten rid of our current furniture in preparation for this delivery, it's going to be interesting to determine where we sleep. Did I mention that I'm scheduled to have cancer surgery this Wednesday? Needless to say, we are NOT happy.

704147ae, 2008-05-17, 09:29AM CDT

I agree - I wish I had read this BEFORE ordering my furniture. I paid for a Broyhill bedroom set in Jan 2008, was supposed to have been delivered around the first of March. I didn't get it until April - and then the armoire was missing. The chest was defective and they were supposed to replace it and also get the armoire shipped by May 15. I haven't heard back from Fingers at all yet - wish I had listened to my friends and cancelled the order in the first place.

226d06fa, 2008-05-23, 07:12PM CDT

Oh man, I just came back from Fingers furniture. I never thought there was so much complaint against this furniture store.

After strolling around for an hour, I found this bed set with queen size bed, chest, and everything. It took me a week of search to find the bed I wanted. The sales person then took me to the mattress department to buy mattresses for the bed but first stopped by the computer to check if they actually have the bed. it turned out that they have the bed but they don't have the other 3 pieces including the mirror.

Sales person told me that he can deliver the bed and mattress but the other pieces will be delivered by August 2008, almost 2 months later. I am glad I refused and cancelled the order right there and then. If I ordered it, I would have been stuck like the other people in this complaint forum. Thanks

b258b9d3, 2008-05-23, 07:13PM CDT

Oh man, I just came back from Fingers furniture. I never thought there was so much complaint against this furniture store.

After strolling around for an hour, I found this bed set with queen size bed, chest, and everything. It took me a week of search to find the bed I wanted. The sales person then took me to the mattress department to buy mattresses for the bed but first stopped by the computer to check if they actually have the bed. it turned out that they have the bed but they don't have the other 3 pieces including the mirror.

Sales person told me that he can deliver the bed and mattress but the other pieces will be delivered by August 2008, almost 2 months later. I am glad I refused and cancelled the order right there and then. If I ordered it, I would have been stuck like the other people in this complaint forum. Thanks

6c4d9ce6, 2008-06-03, 11:32AM CDT

My mother and I have been shopping at Fingers since I can remember. We have slowed down since our finances have been shortened. We are trying to pay the last few months, but now they are making it very hard to make payments. I thought any business would not refuse money! I guess I'm old fashion. We can not make a payment at the store or over the phone. Since it is an old account, we have to mail it in. It took me 2 days, four different phone numbers and two locations to find this out. Now I will be charged $25.00 for late fee. I will never again give my business to Fingers!!!!!

Finger Furniture makes it so complicated to take their customers money.

What is Finger Furniture's world coming to?


8e8c843a, 2008-06-15, 12:08PM CDT

Fingers is a joke...I am sure there are some good people working there, but the managmenet and the business is a joke. We went there to buy a small breakfast table and set of chairs. It took over an hour just to get the "so-called" sales price. Interestingly enought the sales price was actually higher than a price that was stuck to the table underneath...they did not know it was there and I was not going to tell them. It should be there job to know what prices are and if something is marked or not. The hidden sales price listed the table and 4 chairs almost $200 less than the manager told us "his best price". I was so shocked by the unprofessionalism, mess, disorganization, and the LIE that we left quickly and I will never go back.

60a2aba7, 2008-08-29, 07:56AM CDT

Perhaps you all can find SOME consolence in knowing that fingers is having a 'going out of business sale' this Labor Day weekend! Upon watching the television ad, I thought to come to the Internet to check out the store, and--even though I may be able to claim a purchased piece right off the floor this weekend--I've decided NOT to give them any of my business having reviewed this list of complaints (I don't care how good the 'deal' might be). I hope their shareholders are reading this!

49eb46fe, 2008-09-29, 10:43AM CDT

Fingers Furniture is going out of business does not seem fair to me...they are supposedly giving you 70% off their merchandise...Well this is not 70% off the everyday price but off the price they say was the original price (which is not what they sold the item ever for). I bought a clock that was in need of repair and I was told I was going to get 80% off because it needed clock work, major touch up, and the middle screwed back into place. The sales man told me the store price was 299.00 so I was to get it for 59.70 (which to me seemed a bit pricey even after the discount) I bought it thinking I was getting 80% off of a price that I would normally have to pay. I got it home and started doing repairs....I found the original price and item number written in magic maker on the back top of the clock...price 179.00. I called because I feel I should have gotten 80% off what I would normally pay, or at least thats why I went to the sale. The sales man told me that the 179.00 is the price they sold the clock for but the original price was 299.00. They are giving us 70% off of the suggested retail price. I've never been to a sale like this.... The every day price was 179.00 so I feel I should have gotten the 80% off the price they would have sold it for had they not been going out of business....

I will certainly not go back to get anything else.

I found that their items seemed to me way over prices even with the 70% off...I think I'll shop Hobby Lobby next time...

5c1e033b, 2008-10-07, 03:21PM CDT

I am also purchase a piece of furniture that was not in stock and it been two months and they still don't have a delivery date for me. I called and they always put me on hold for more than 30 minutes, and no one come to the phone and I have to hang up and redial and the same get put on hold again. I will not shop at any shops that associate or relate with Finger too.

1b9a89a5, 2008-10-21, 04:31PM CDT

I have a new TV that I purchased from Fingers it is still under warranty and dead. When I purchased the product I was told that if anything ever went wrong with it they would come to my house to fix it. I have spent over 10 hours in the last 4 days calling Fingers who pushed it off on Mitsubishi and then Mitsubishi who pushed it on Fingers. Finally someone at Mitsubishi scheduled a service call for me and the following day I called the service company only to find out that the service company had never heard of me and would not come to my area. I called Mitsubishi back and they said it would have to be escalated and that I could expect a phone call in the next 48 hours. Exculation means a 2 business day return call period. In the mean time I still owe $1,000 on the TV and I have their collection department looking for payment. I have the option to not pay it at which point they will put it against my credit. I will NEVER do business with Fingers or their new business Ashley furniture or as far as that goes Mitsubishi again. I run my own business and if I treated my clients like they do I would be out of business.

def8f57e, 2009-07-05, 02:59PM CDT

i didn't really know that fingers was acualy that bad thanks for helping me out. thks

00e62660, 2012-01-31, 06:38PM CST

I agree with you 100%. There is no corporate complainat information. I had a bad experience at Fingers and I will never purchase another piece again. I purchased a piece of furniture from Fingers (Gulf Frwy Location) and a few months after purchase I started noticing little small wholes in the furniture. Every morning a new set of wholes. On top of that a screw fail out of my furniture and every time you open the doors the metal would scrape the wood and ruin the piece. I called for someone to come out and it took them two (2) months to come out. When he came out he stayed two (2) minutes and said it does need repairing or replaced. He said he would turn the problem into the store and see what they wanted to do about the problem. He took pictures as well. He said that Fingers would call me in two (2) days. He called me in two (2) days and said he would be back out to fix my furniture that weekend. He never showed up. He said that he apologize but they only work every other weekend. I ageed for the next weekend. He called me that Friday night and said "Someone will be out to your home between 8:30 - 9:30. If this time is inconvenient call me back at the office." I called back to comfirm the appointment and no one answered. I left a message saying please call me back so we can confirm the appointment. He never called me back. I waited and waited all day Saturday. Finally I called him and he was so rude that I could not believe it. He told me that I never called him back and that he called my home two times and I never answered the phone. I called the store and the Customer Service Mgmr.said she would get someone else to come out and fix the piece. They would call me Monday and confirm a date. Today is Tuesday and still not response. I am done. I will never purchase another item from Fingers and I hope they close down again and stay down. I will tell everyone I know not to do business with them. I plan to sell this piece and go somewhere else and purchase me some real furniture. GET LOST FINGERS GULF FWY LOCATION.

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