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Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2007 at 6:55am CDT by 86a71f5a

Company: TATA Indicom and Hathway Bhawani Cable

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Dear Sir,

I happen to be a harrowed customer of TATA Indicom and Hathway Bhawani Cable

internet services. To start off with tata I have been using TATA phones for

3 years or so and till now there were small problems I had to deal with but

since the last ten days I have had to face a problem of peculiar kind where

in as soon as I remove my phone from charging the phone goes dead. Boom and

kaboom nothing happens. I tried calling them and got a response in my

absence the engineer had come and repaired it but surprise surprise the

problems continue but this time the ever helpful customer service (pun

intended) have been of great help by not picking my call every time I cal

them they busy on some other call.

Leave Tata apart Hathway Bhawani Cable have been harassing me physically

mentally and physiologically for the past 4 years now. Every time my net

connection goes boom I have a harrowing time calling them and they do not

even have the common courtesy of talking to you properly we do not get our

bills at our place the reason being that they do not have our address and in

spite of giving our address 7 times on paper nothing has changed and since

5th July 2007 there has been no net till 9th July 2007 and counting

Here I have a few questions which you may be solve

Why all the customers are harrowed so much?

What legal action can I take against Bhawani cabletel?

What is the procedure if a customer is not given the required and

satisfactory service?

Whom should I approach with all the grievances?

I would be really grateful if you can reply to this mail


Ashwin C


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