Great American Steak

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2007 at 2:22pm CDT by 79f62584

Company: Great American Steak

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This is a business that has trucks that drive through neighborhoods and sell

meat and fish combo packages out of their refrigerated truck. They are

called Great American The 2 young men gave me a song and dance

about some woman who cancelled her order and so they had to sell it off

rather than go back to their warehouse? with this order... so they were

selling the steak combo package for less than advertised and throwing in the

seafood combo package for free. Well, the whole thing ended up being $415

because of tax and some one-time 'get you in our system fee' of $25.

I am not unhappy with the meat. I do have some reservations about the

seafood package, not to mention their "a customer cancelled story"

(hindsight is always 20-20). The salmon bleeds out a lot of water when

defrosted. Additionally, there are packages of what appears to be salmon

kabobs. However, when you start cooking them you discover that the pink

color is dye and the fish turns gray. I don't know what kind of fish it

really is. I have called the phone number on their website but always get a

recording. I left a message and hopefully someone will call me back. They

say on the website that they are a family owned business serving California

and Nevada but the Nevada phone number listed is disconnected.

All in all I wouldn't recommend purchasing any of their products.

Charles K. Jackson

Kensington, CA


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cc99355c, 2007-12-30, 01:44PM CST

I completely agree with this review on the Great American Steak & Seafood company. I received the same sales pitch from a driver of a refrigerated Great American Steak/Seafood truck 60 days ago. He informed me that he was always in the neighborhood delivering to a variety of my I allowed him some time to walk me thru his offer. He brought a box of steaks into my garage, laid all of steaks out for me and essentially sold me 8 fillets and 8 NY/KC strips for $60 (which seemed like a good deal at the time). I defrosted the steaks and cooked them that evening and quickly discovered that the meat did not cook like the steaks we buy at the local grocery store, the meat was not tender and it did not taste good. Since then, I've tried calling the customer support # and it always goes to I've left a message and I have not received a phone call back. I would like my money back as I've only had 2 out of the 16 steaks..but no word. Bad product & bad customer support.

371306d9, 2008-11-22, 07:19PM CST

I, too, agree with this review. I purchased a box of bacon wrapped fillet and they are all but inedible. They are tough as shoe leather and have no taste at all. It doesn't even help to use tenderizer and marinade. I will not purchase from this company again! This "fillet" is a joke!

d1e4d549, 2009-08-02, 03:11PM CDT

I totally agree. I bought from this company and have had to throw most of it away. Does anyone have a website for this company? I basically just threw away $399.00. I have no phone number either.

ba3fe0c8, 2009-11-16, 10:03AM CST

I only bought one box and have not tried the steak yet. The business card the young man left (Jason) has a toll free number 800-346-6640, fax 727-571-1961. web site [email protected] I would try this and if you need to leave a message make it sound like you want to order meat so there will be more of a chance for a return phone call. Good luck...Glad I only spent $40.00

3a61d4ce, 2010-01-24, 10:51PM CST

the driver that creepily followed me in my garage while getting my toddler out at 615 PM Selena 505 508-8788 albuquerque about a week ago Jan 15th?? 2010

3a61d4ce, 2010-01-24, 10:47PM CST

yea creepy, they came to my garage while I was getting my toddler out of car at 615 pm stating my neighbors had bought some, basically they followed me from main street as were behind me, I called my spouse outside and informed the police. Albuquerque

7213af03, 2010-04-05, 08:09AM CDT

pretty scary!!! they all look like meth heads from convict row. they all sell the meat saying today only, like its a used car sell from the 80's. and youre right no customer service at all. brown meat that is very tough. plus here in new mexico food is not taxed and whats this bit about throw me a tip. no class at all.

856f7e04, 2010-04-20, 06:57PM CDT

My husband was home for a few hours and a man who said his name cond him into buying out dated meat. My husband has a stroke and does not think as he should and was taken advantage of. This outdated meat will be thrown away and we cannot afford this. The check was made out to Larry Shapiro and I will press charges if need be as this is not right to take advantage of an ill person. Mrs Campbell in Penna

0355a882, 2010-05-13, 10:55AM CDT

I had the unfortunate oppertunity of working with these people.I worked for one day and saw how it was ran.Nothing but lies and a crummy sales pitch."The Hook"to get your interest,"the show"of low grade dog food,and "the close"get your check books ready,heres something no one can afford,and once you find out what it is,you dont want it anyway.for anyone in the Albuquerque area,their number is (505)884-4175,they are located at 3300 Princeton Dr NE,Suite S30.ask for Mike about all your complaints.

3b35d233, 2010-11-08, 07:04PM CST

Just bought some. Have not trried it yet. But researching them found the BBB gives them an 'A' rating and has no complaints. Here is the company ownership info. for those of you who could use it.

Business Contact and Profile for Great American Steak & Seafood Co.

Name: Great American Steak & Seafood Co.

Phone: (614) 868-8467

Address: 2162 Cloverleaf St E

Columbus, OH 43232-4166

Original Business Start Date: December 1992

Principal: Mr. Edger J. Kelley Jr., President

Customer Contact: Mr. Edger J. Kelley Jr., President - (614) 868-8467

Type of Business: Meat - Retail

BBB Accreditation: Great American Steak & Seafood Co. is not a BBB Accredited business.

84f8c6cf, 2011-08-26, 12:11PM CDT

I purchased some really nice ribeyes and some ground new york strip patties from these guys, and I have no complaints. They gave me a really good price, and the meat is delicious, tender, juicy, and full of flavor. I will be a repeat customer.

d001aee4, 2011-09-30, 03:40PM CDT

These fools just stopped by my house. Same story... a lady's husband down the street lost his job and couldnt accept the shipment, and they just wanted to get rid of it. They even had a prop check to show me what other customers pay. I think I am a pretty good judge of characte, so I was skeptical from the beginning. And, it would take one hell of a sales person to make me turn over my credit card on a whim (and on the street). But, I still made these meth heads open up just about every box of meat on their truck before saying, "no, I'm not going to be a customer today". Then they wouldnt even let me keep the company information printout. You know what they said as I walked away, "that's a piece of sh!t". Nive try ass clowns!

921b2fc5, 2013-10-24, 12:49PM CDT

October 24, 2013 I was scammed by the same thing. the guy is now working in the Tampa area

He drives a small pickup license number 415MXR - his phone is 8139009150.

He implied that they were Omaha steaks and also said they were 35 puonds they were only about 18 pounds. Have not tryed them yet still trying to return them he is avoiding the phone calls - the company is actually american gold label Miami.

dbbd202c, 2014-09-19, 01:50PM CDT

I agree that their sales methods are shady at best, but I had no problem at all with the product, in fact it was better than I expected. Since they have a good product at a great price, I don't understand their need to lie. Just tell your customers the truth!! I personally would buy again from them based on the product alone. And Great American Steak Co, you'd sell way more product if you advertised in the local papers what you were selling, what the price is (break it down to the price per lb)and when you plan to be in various neighborhoods. Try it. Truth sells.

351c2d67, 2014-10-17, 12:24PM CDT

Just had a driver stop by my house. Same song and dance. "Had a couple customers that cancelled, boss told me to damn near give them away to some neighbors" "in the area weekly" blah blah. So I thought, what the hack, let's see what he says.

Was extremely aggressive in the sales pitch, tried to talk his way into the house, told him he could show me on the porch. Starts pulling everything out. He's trying to sell me a whole case. Tells me they supply Logan's Roadhouse (which I'm assuming is a huge lie). Told him "I don't know you or your company. How much for one box, I may considering sampling it." would only give me a one-box price on Filet Mignon. Told him no thanks, I never buy that frozen. He started hemming and hawing, wouldn't let me get a word in, starts asking what cut I like, that he has more in the truck, trying to hand me the meat, telling me to feel it (uhm, it's a frozen steak. it feels like a frozen steak, duh). I said "no thanks, not interested".

Overall he was unpleasantly aggressive and not very presentable.

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