Price Pfister faucets ( now owned by Black and Decker)

Posted on Friday, July 6th, 2007 at 11:00am CDT by 7a672a67

Company: Price Pfister faucets ( now owned by Black and Decker)

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I bought Price Pfister faucets for the kitchen sink. I also had a new counter top made and selected a new cast iron/ enameled sink for the new faucets. ( Read lots of $$$$$ for the custom-made counter top / sink / labor and plumbing.) The faucets have NEVER worked.

When I called Price Pfister customer support, they knew of the problem and sent a replacement diverter--HOWEVER, it was NOT the right part so Lowe's kindly took are of the problem by giving me a portion of a faucet on display. Another plumbing charge and it still doesn't work. I could use the system by using the sprayer. However, the sprayer MUST be facing down in the sink because IF it is in the upright position it is supposed to be in, the entire kitchen is sprayed with water when water is turned on. It is infuriating to have be "hosed" when turning on the water, not to mention the mess and aggravation.

Is there NO CLASS ACTION suit? I am furious. I would have made completely different decisions about the sink etc, if I knew the plumbing fixtures would NOT work.

NEVER BUY PRICE PFISTER is the lesson I learned. At the same time I bought Kholer for the bathroom and NEVER a problem with it

Kathleen Lynch


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e6fedec6, 2008-02-29, 08:46PM CST

About 2-1/2 years ago I remodeled my kitchen and installed a Price Pfister single-lever removable sprayer head faucet from Home Depot. Within one month the weight of the heavy metal handle began to shut off the faucet whenever it was turned on. I contacted Price Pfister and was asked what kind of internal valve cartridge was in the product (???). I was then advised that if it was a "plastic" one that they had an improved (more expensive) "ceramic" cartridge which they would send me. The new cartridge was received, a plumber called and about $100 later (roughly the price of the faucet) things were back in order.

One year later the same problem happened. Another call. Another cartridge. Another plumber's bill. Another fixed faucet.

A few months ago, it happened again. But this time leaks started to develop inside the faucet assembly so I was sent not only a new valve cartridge but a complete removable sprayer head assembly as well. But I have stopped short of having it repaired becasue I have asked myself why such a product has to be repaired every several months. Granted, the Price Pfister people have provided these apparently expensive replacement parts free of charge but the plumber does not get compensated by them. I have invested nearly $200 in labor to repair a nearly 3-year old $100 faucet.

Why did my 30-year old Moen faucet only break once every 6-8 years and cost less than a dollar to repair at the local hardware store? I think I should have kept it.

a8b550b4, 2008-07-26, 12:08PM CDT

I have one. The thing works but the flow from the spout is very low. I can fill a coffee pot with water 3 times faster with the sprayer. There are no forien obstructions, just bad engineering. Black and Decker deserves this company! HA!

8da2b356, 2009-06-26, 11:20AM CDT

I purchased a Price Pfister wkp-5 white single lever faucet about a year ago. Six months ago water barely would come out. They send me a lot of different parts but the problem continued. A week ago I decided before I junk this junk I would ask for a complete new one. I complained to Price Pfister and got a comfirmation letter. It has been a week now and I have heard nothing back from them. NEVER EVER Buy from this company!!! WARNING! A waste of over $100.00 dollars. JUNK JUNK JUNK

3b9e4f03, 2009-07-08, 11:38AM CDT

Never had a problem with my Price Pfister faucet.

On the other hand, learn how to fix things yourself and you won't have to complain about the cost of a plumber; unless you're made of money, in which case ... stop complaining.

c598e440, 2009-12-04, 05:50PM CST

PricePfister Parisa series 534 kitchen faucet, about 1 yr old, now has intolerably low flow. Initially thought it was the hard/soft selector switch on the spray head, but it isn't. Now their tech support says it might be the diverter. Web search indicates PricePfister is known for this problem. I'm done with PricePfister junk.

1bed5438, 2009-12-28, 07:53AM CST

Price Pfister faucet set: soap dispenser has never worked - doesn't prime (pump soap) - we've learned to lift entire pump section out and let it dribble onto dishes (and countertops, etc.) - sprayer handle tends to stay in open position, spraying user (surprise!) - oh it leaks at the base sometimes, too. We've never had to replace a faucet before because it was junk - this will be the first. I wouldn't even want to enforce a warranty for this thing - I just want Price Pfister out of my life - it's that bad.

My husband does these things himself, frankly it's not worth the trouble.

I didn't realize they're owned by Black and Decker. That explains a lot.

b2d24af1, 2012-12-17, 08:32PM CST

My Price Pfister 534 leaking bad. Pulled lever and ball cap off. Tried to remove BRASS threaded retainer ring. Will not rotate. I'm pissed. Ring is very thin at the flats and deforms when rotational pressure is applied. No way to get a purchase on the retainer. What a poor design. I'll try their tech service but I can't see how the retainer will ever rotate out due to the parts being corroded or fretted together. What a mess

Jim P., 2015-04-26, 04:48PM CDT

I am having trouble rotating the faucet body in either direction. It feels as if it needs to be lubricated. I tried to spray a thin lubricant down the barrel, but no improvement. I've tried to remove the cartridge, and it;s stuck. I worry that if I apply any more force on the cartridge I'll break it. Any suggestions on removing the cartridge? I removed the retainer ring, but can't pull the cartridge up. Thanks.

Alain K., 2015-05-06, 06:18PM CDT

After 3 years my Price Pfister Parisa 324 Series cannot rotate anymore. Cannot d?sassemble the unit to lubricate the O rings. Just a piece of JUNK.

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