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Post Office College Park,Md.

Ive read about the mail delivery problems on this site. I encourage you to

contact your congressman and to check your credit report.

View complete information at _http://www.dennisabe.com_


Attention University of Maryland off campus students and graduate students

During past 3 years the College Park Md Post Office has caused 1000+'s pieces

of 1st class mail, DMV notices, end of year financial statements, Jury Duty

Summonses, credit cards and "Final Notice" certified mail notices, mail from

university departments that were mailed to University of Maryland students and

student organizations at addresses other than mine in College Park, Md that

were either forwarded to my winter home in Florida or delivered to my home of 50

years on Norwich Road in College Park, Md 20740. Discussions between me and

employees at College Park Md Post Office addressing their delivery practices was

akin to listening to Bud Abbott and Lou Costello go through a rendering of

"Whos On First."

View _http://www.dennisabe.com_ (http://www.dennisabe.com) to see one of

the credit cards that were sent to me in Venice, Florida that was meant for a

College Park resident.

Thank you,

Dennis Abe


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