Toshiba MW27F11C TV/VCR/DVD

Posted on Wednesday, July 4th, 2007 at 1:23am CDT by 63a39a50

Company: Toshiba MW27F11C TV/VCR/DVD

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Dear Sir/Madam:

I purchased a 27" TV/VCR/DVD from Walmart in Prince George, BC, Canada =

on November 20, 2005. I wished the Walmart notice: "STOP Need Help?" =


COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_75789# . would have been on the outside of the box instead =

of finding it inside the box after purchasing the item.

Less than 3 months after the year's warranty was up the DVD would not =

play in color. However, by unplugging it for an hour it would play in =

color for approximately eight whole minutes before reverting back to =

black & white. Toshiba Customer Service said that since the 1 year =

warranty had expired and I had not purchased additional warranty I would =

have to make good on the repairs. I asked what could have caused this =

malfunction. They said that I must have been hard on the unit. How does =

one go about creating this sort of damage?

I am angry. I paid $568.68 for a item that has hardly been used. =20

Companies should be held accountable for each and every inferior product =

that they sell. Consumers should have more recourses when they =

unwittingly purchase a faulty product.

I thought Toshiba was a respected name in electronics. I have purchased =

lesser brand names and they've lasted me for years with nary a problem. =

Absolutely will steer clear of anything Toshiba from now on.=20

Sincerely, Trudie


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960334ec, 2009-06-28, 12:00PM CDT

I had the exact same problem as you, the DVD stopped working. I on the other hand, had purchased the extended warrantee, but

1- The shop is a 1 hour drive away

2- They'll keep the tv for up to three weeks just to fix it

3- The tv is so darn heavy that it's not that easy to transport

as for toshiba being inferior, I'm afraid the problem isn't with toshiba.. all the major japanese manufacturers are now using cheap chinese parts and none of them are really designed to last longer than a couple of years...

3ec527f2, 2009-12-18, 06:21PM CST

I had exactly the same problem. DVD plays only black and white...

I am sure this is a recurring problem but they never admit it, toshiba is loosing any reputation it might have had. I Will never buy anything Toshiba again

15a06631, 2011-01-12, 12:40PM CST

Purchased a Toshiba dvd/vcr combo for my Mother from Tiger Direct. It was a birthday gift so we did not open it until almost 3 months later. Upon hooking it up we discovered a) it was not compatible with her older tv because playback MUST be done via RCA jacks regardless of the TV tuner and the coax cable connections (this was not noted in the description by Tiger or the enclosed Toshiba instructions) and b) too complicated for a 75 year old woman with its series of numerous commands just to tape a program. So I took it and gave her my Sony which was 7 years old and still perfect. Upon first use it began destroying any previously recorded tape inserted into it. Numerous calls to Toshiba service was fruitless despite my explaining that I had just opened it, Toshiba and Tiger stated warrently had expired. Finally they agreed to look at the unit if I would send it too them, pay the cost of shipping and return shipping and pay $70 bench fee. This sis not include the cost of fixing what was wrong. Since then the unit is only worse, destroying any prerecorded tape, distorting pictures from any dvd and changes and erases programing, the clock or any other preset items. I've heard Toshiba computers were junk and now I realize there ENTIRE line of products are junk. Be smart, do not buy anything Toshiba!!!

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