new KIA auto - sales misrepresentation

Posted on Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 at 6:35pm CDT by 4a362919

Company: new KIA auto - sales misrepresentation

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I recently purchased a new KIA from West Palm Beach KIA [Florida].

I am 82 years old and on occasion, not too sharp; if not trusting.

In simplicity, I was given prices for the EX 2007 series, accepted a =

price {actually later learned to be high]; but then the situation was =

twisted and I was given an LX [cheaper model] on delivery. I was so =

absorbed with the salesman's technical chatter on the advantages of KIA, =

that I did not fully note the contract, but merely the numbers. Actually =

the contract did not have a reference to the model name.

Later, I discovered that I actually received a KIA 2006, which was =

listed in the corner of the contract, not noticed. At all times I and =

my wife discussed a 2007 KIA, stating that we were trading in a 1997 =

vehicle and we were following the 10 year cycle.

I contacted Palm Beach KIA by fax and Certified letter and telephone =

calls; never receiving a response. I feel that I am now in the 'aged =

beware' category - for the first time.

I contacted KIA USA who stated that they could do nothing with the =

dealer. Stating that their KIA dealers basically do whatever they want.

ed rasko



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