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Posted on Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 at 11:10pm CDT by c6e6e972

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COMMERCE BANK Johnson Drive KS branch SUCKS!

My car was stolen last year in june(06) and so were my commerce bank checks with a whole lot of other personal property. My car was stolen at about 11 pm on friday night I called 911 right about then and then called the customer service# behind my debit card and they refused to help me or take my info ( this is my debit card that was for the same checking account that the checks in my car were for). The COP arrived at like 4 am or so and was there for about 30 - 45 minutes and by the time I went to sleep it was like 5 am or so the next day which was Saturday I woke up like 2 or 3 pm the bank was closed by then so the following Monday I called a local commerce bank # and informed them of what had happened. A month later I started getting letters from collections agencies that's I had written bad checks .. I adv them of what had happened and called the branch that I had opened my account in and then went in the to sign affidavits that these were forged signatures so they

closed that account and I opened a new account with them. Commerce bank received all info from the DA's office about the person who was caught, tried and convicted for this crime and I thought that was that and thought it was taken care of...... Recently on the 19th of this month Commerce bank did a set off charge on my checking account and took $600 from my account I had $640. in there they took $600 and I had nothing to live on ....the amount that was spent by the culprit was about $1800.00 now commerce bank wants to pursue me for the diff which is$ 1200 and they threaten legal action .. the attorney I had retained last year and paid $500 to sd he will need another $1500 to take this CASE! I am stuck and don't know what to do .... I mean that I will have to pay my attorney $1500 to recover $600 and to make sure that commerce bank dsnt try to garnish my wages or what ever they would do to get the other $1200.

I just dont know what to do I live paycheck to paycheck and cant afford this I have no Idea on how to take care of this who to go to ................ i mean I am the kind of person that don't steal from nobody I found $200 at work back in aug of last year and turned it in ....

I need help with this someone please help me

Thank you




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