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Beware. Do not pay your Earthlink service on an annual basis. If you =

cancel your account mid year, they will not refund the unused portion. =

The excuse is that it's a discounted rate. I don't see what that has to =

do with anything. I wonder how many people they have alienated =

permanently so they could pocket an extra eighty bucks or so from each. =

An honest business would refund the unused portion. I find it very =

petty that they feel the need to keep that balance. You'd think they'd =

be embarrassed.

It used to be that dishonest companies could cheat many individuals, and =

none of them ever knew that they were part of a larger group- but with =

the internet, it will be harder and harder for them to get away with =

things like that. I see that there are many other complaints about =

Earthlink on various sites. =20

Thank you for running this forum. Making it all very public should =



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