AOL - impossible to close account with both us bank and aol

Posted on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 at 4:28pm CDT by 5c1ecd85

Company: AOL

Category: Internet Services

we have been charged by aol for a year for service we do not use and have tried numerous times to cancel. We finally called us bank and they were eager to resolve this with aol.? they credit our account for the last 3 months of fees aol had taken out of our account.? We closed our account to avoid (by us banks suggestions) aol to continue charging us, and so we did.? Us bank was charging us daily 7 dollars until it was resolved. reopening our account only notifying us by snail mail. we paid it off, closed the account again and thought we were done with the whole mess. about 2 weeks later, they decided to deduct more out of our account of what they had previously credited us.? So we went to us bank, asked them 2 times if this was all that was going to be deducted and 2 different employees said yes, this is the last of them and your account will be closed this was all done back in may of 2007. we received a letter again by snail mail, that our account had been reopened and 7 dollars a day on top of the deduction was negative in our account again.? So we went to the bank yesterday (now it being July 2 2007) paid their fees with anger, and said.? OK we are done now no more fees being taken out right? they checked, and agreed. but we had to go down the next day to close the account.? So today we went to us bank AGAIN to close the account, and they again said we had to pay another 21 dollars.? so at this point of the whole ordeal we have given them over 300 dollars in 3 attempts to close the account.? Now because of forth of July, we cant close the account until the 5th.? I told the branch manager that I want a letter in writing when we go in to close the account on Thursday, stating that the account will NEVER be reopened again...we shall see what happens.

what I don't understand..doesn't surprise me, but just makes me and my husband so angry is as follows:

They don't contact us of deductions to be paid and of the account being reopened ,except by snail mail, so they can get 7 dollars a day from us plus 21 dollars over the weekend (when they are closed) to pay off the account that is negative.

we close the account, they reopen it time and time again with out us being notified.

when they told us about disputing the aol problem they said we had 60 days to file. to find out we had only 30 days so we didn't meet the dead where on the paper work did it say we had 30 days.? they lady on the phone initially told both my husband and I separately that it was 60 days.?

we figured to cut our losses and close the account, but they didn't say ANYTHING about paying off what they had credited us from aol. or that they would reopen the account

WE CLOSED THE ACCOUNT IN MAY 2 TIMES THEN again yesterday and have to do it again on Thursday.

I feel so helpless as a customer and fed up and want others to know the stress and anger we have been through, so that no one else has to go through aol or us bank.

what a mess.

thank you



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