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Posted on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007 at 12:35pm CDT by 974f6af2

Company: Chapel Sales

Category: Stores, Shopping

I would like to list a complaint regarding Chapel Sales, Inc.

After misrepresenting themselves for a magazine subscription and

overcharging me by 30.00, they now simply refuse to acknowledge or respond to my requests for reimbursement.

After consulting with legal representation, I was instructed to call 911

if they ever return to my home, and have informed all of my neighbors to call 911 as well.

I have now made it my goal to notify every single person on my street,

as well as my neighborhood what an absolute scam this is.


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4578ee61, 2007-11-10, 03:48PM CST

I am so sorry for your unfortunate situation. I was an independent contractor for that company. As you know that there are two sides of every story. I have ran into people with the same situation while selling magazines. I can tell you that when I took my orders, I turned them in and I personally kept track of my sales. Now the truth is that most time that if a customer writes a check for the order it wont be processed. The managers will cancel the order. Now what they do with the check I don't know. We could not get any pay off of checks until the order was processed. Now what the salesmen for got to tell you that after all payments have been submitted that it takes 8 to 10 weeks for the first issue to arrive. If your reciept didn't reflect this then they were using outdated sales reciepts. If the told you that if you put up half and then you will get a bill for the remainder amount that also was a lie. Your order wont be processed until all monies are paid. Mow it is true that if you paid half in cash and check we get paid. But only if recieved cash. Now here is the otherside of the story. I fell victim to this company but as an employee. Yes it is a commission job. And I had to pay taxes on the money I made but I did it because I am a upstanding citizen. The company prays on poor, wayward, low class people with the promise of travel, money, job advancement and oh yea money. Well I was 22 years old looking for a way out. When I got to the crew It was all kosher. I got trained for a month until I made my first sales quota. After that I was on my own and at the mercy of everyone on the crew. I ignored my gut telling me that waiting on the corner at night for someone to pick us up was wrong. I kept doing it. But I did my job as professionally and ethically as I could. I explained my orders, followed up with my customers, and never tried to pull the wool over people eyes. For instance look at your reciept carefully. What did you order? Is it a magazine? If so, did you order 1yr, 3yr or 5 year subscription? If you paid $36 for ..lets say Rider (it is a car and motorcycle magazine), make sure that is what it says. Some people will say you can get a 3yr for $36 dollars. And here you are waiting for your first issues and a bill. But in fact you paid for a 1 year but got charged to a 3yr. Well while I was in the midst of this adventure I stoped making money because I started to run into customers who got jilted by the salesman before me and I couldn't or wouldnt even try to change their mind. Well I wasnt bringing in any money so I got kinda tossed to the side. Like when we came in to the hotel at night or morning, we turned in our sales and got paid $10 for every $100 we made. but if you didnt get a $100 you got $5 or nothing. Mind you we had to pay for our rooms. I had 3 girls in my room and two full size bed. In a course of a week I had no sales and no money. So all the supplies I came with ran out. My shoes had holes in them as well as my clothes. I need to go to the hospital on numerous occasions and didnt get any help in getting there. I was dehydrated, anorexic and stressed. Sometimes the only time I ate was at the houses I had made a sale at. I was raped and assulted at the hotel by my coworkers. And I couldn't get medical attention. So I snuck to the hospital and had to get a CAT scan, antibiotics and IV fluids. I got prayed on sexually by everyone. To discribe it in word, imagine a job corp campus that travels but without the right intervention or responsible adults. Drugs,alcohol, violence and sex was a big part of this business. Why didnt I leave you say. Once you join the crew it is easy but very difficult to leave. The tell you that you can leave at any time and they are suppose to pay for your ticket. Not True! They figure out everyway to make you stay from giving you money to putting you in the hospital. If it wasnt for the last person who brought from me I would not be home now I am now 30 years old and I dont regret my adventure but I do feel sorry for all those who got jilted by those people. Now the company does exist,

I know this because I bought something myself so I could have at least one sale for the day. Despite being up at 6 am and not getting to sleep until 2 am, being dropped off in who- knows- where and not ever being picked up, because the driver is on a crack binge, being raped and assulted I am glad to had seen this because I can educate the next young man or lady about what they are getting into. My advice to you is, the next time they come knocking dont buy anything just give them a sandwich or let them call home. I hadnt talked to my family the whole 6 months I was there and they didnt know where is was and neither did I. Most of the kids are on the run or think that their family is mad at them so they left without a word. If they ask for charity for some fictious cause, let them know that that doesnt exist. This was something we asked for so we could eat,get soap, toiletries, clothes and make phone calls. Once again I am so sorry about your situation. Tahnk you for you time in reading this email.

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